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New Normal in 2021: The Convenience of Online Buying

March 25th, 2021 | Share via:

Purchasing online has now become a normal activity everyone does. Since the pandemic last year, people had limited access to malls and physical shops due to the preventive measures imposed by the government. As a way to help the country fight against the unwanted spread of the Corona Virus, stores were closed, cities and municipalities were under community quarantine and everyone was in isolation in their respective homes. As a way for businesses to survive and thrive amidst the crisis that resulted from the quarantine, some innovated to be able to deliver their customers’ needs. Many utilized social media platforms to offer their products and services online.

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On the other hand, consumers actively look for businesses they can tap who can provide their needs without leaving the comfort of their homes during the height of the pandemic. The majority engaged themselves online and start buying their essentials and other needs from various online stores and platforms. Every purchase made was just a matter of a tap to add to cart and check out. People became comfortable using mobile apps like FoodPanda, Grab, and Lalamove, just to name a few in their day-to-day life.

The occurrence of the pandemic has impacted the global online shopping market size, increasing to nearly 4 trillion in 2020 as per Insider’s eCommerce trend and growth statistic report. It is expected to boost more users as many have seen and appreciated the conveniences of online buying. Nobody knows when the pandemic is ending but this will certainly not hinder people to go on with their lives and adapt to the new normal.

Here are the four advantages of online buying that makes it more preferable and more convenient to do on a day-to-day basis.

1. Doable at home

Shopping has never been as cozy as sitting in your spacious living area while scrolling through e-shops’ product catalogs. There is no need for you to go out of your house, dress up, and hop in a long and stressful ride to the malls. Online stores, through their websites and mobile apps, give their users the convenience to access their offerings anytime. It gives potential buyers the flexibility to choose when and where they want to purchase a product while staying at home. This kind of convenience appeals to the market especially now that Covid cases in some urban areas fluctuate. It gives people a safer option to do the shopping and eliminates chances of physical interaction with people aside from their family at home.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

2. Time- Saving

Buying necessities and other needs can be time-consuming when done in physical stores.  Normally, shoppers have to go from one store to another to complete all the items in the shopping list. Also, there are purchases that will really require time, sometimes, almost a day that some have to take a day off to attend to it. One concrete example is when looking for an affordable house and lot for sale. Traditionally, clients visit the project site to check the vicinity and the house models. With real estate developers innovating and maximizing online platforms like official websites, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, clients can save time and just do it online. This doesn’t only save time and effort for the client but also some cash as spending is inevitable for the fare and food when shopping in malls.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

3. Hassle-Free and Seamless

Purchasing using digital platforms is hassle-free. Buyers can skip the long traffic and the stressful travel. This convenience can be better experienced, especially for property purchases like an affordable house and lot in the Philippines. Not everyone, especially OFW investors, have the privilege to give time, travel, and be physically present to check each project development and see if it fits their needs.  To avoid client inconvenience, housing brands like Lessandra established innovative efforts, making seamless transactions available for every aspiring homeowner. Clients can easily inquire about the house and lot offerings, set appointment for office and site visit, and make reservation online through Lessandra Online Appointment. It’s hassle-free for buyers as they don’t have to queue for hours and wait for a personnel to entertain them. All they have to do is to go online, set an appointment for their intended visit or they can also opt to stay at home, and have their inquiry or reservation done virtually. This way, they can go on with their purchase of their Lessandra home, the soonest.

Photo from Lessandra

4. Easy Shop Comparison

It is normal for buyers to search for several stores offering the same product to compare and choose which one is better. Online shopping makes that task a lot easier as product details are just a click away for checking. One concrete example is when choosing a house and lot  to purchase. An established brand like Lessandra, extends efforts in the digital sphere to stay connected and accessible to every Filipino family aspiring to own a house and lot. It offers various site tours of its communities which clients can easily scroll and choose from. It also has its own downloadable Lessandra AR3D, a mobile application that serves as the virtual showroom of its house models, for ios and android users. It also features important house details clients often look into in order to choose which house better suits them and their lifestyle. Digital platforms help consumers to easily compare and choose the best deal for them.

Online buying surely makes life a lot easier. Each advantage may weigh more than the other to different individuals but the bottom line is it’s beneficial in this era.  It helps facilitate busy and fast-phasing lifestyle of people in the modern world. The conveniences it gives to everyone are true and relevant- it’s worth the hype. Now, the digital world has become another venue for people to make their goals in the real world happen- just a single click and it makes a difference.