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Lessandra’s “Ka-date” on Valentine’s

February 14th, 2020 | Share via:

Joining the love-filled atmosphere during the month of February, Lessandra decided to create a Valentine’s video to give a take on one possible definition of love. Grounded by the inspiration to tap the unexplored topics during Valentine’s Day, a video about self love was made.

Featured in Lessandra’s “Ka-date” video is a man in his late 20s living in his own house. As the video progresses, the young man seems to be preparing for a scheduled Special Day, which a lot can relate to during the month of February. Going to nearby establishments, getting a new haircut, buying food, redecorating and cleaning the house, the man was definitely preparing for a date with a special someone, representing the hectic and panicky situations that normally happen before going on a date.

lessandra ka date calling his mom
lessandra ka date calling his mom

Turns out, the man wasn’t getting ready for a date. All the prepping and grooming was, certainly, to appreciate someone—himself. This is an idea that hasn’t been explored quite often—all the trouble of preparing for a date, not just in February, can also be appreciated alone.

The story in Lessandra’s “Ka-date” video proves that Valentine’s Day isn’t just for the people in a romantic relationship. Valentine’s Day is for everybody⁠, for everyone who knows how to give and receive love.