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June 25th, 2020 | Share via:

Finally, after decades of not writing, I am back at it again. This time, hindi na pen and paper ang hawak, hindi na para sa school campus paper, wala ng teacher na magrerevise 'pag hindi approve sa panlasa nila ang editorial and feature article mo. This time, kaharap ang laptop, patype-type na lang with matching music from your favorite spotify playlist habang nire-reminisce ang panahon na normal pa ang lahat. Aba teka, parang ang senti na yata 'no?

Hey guys, before you click the X button, please, just spare a little more time here. Kung sa vlogs nga may intro vid, dito sa first ever blog post ko, meron din.

Hello world! I'm Keren, 28, an aspiring Youtube travel/lifestyle/make-up vlogger turned into none of the above. I'm just a girl standing in front of a mirror, telling myself always, "Ui, sobrang proud ako sa'yo."

Let's get to the main point here. This is kinda personal coz I will be sharing you my journey and transformation from YOLO (You only live once) into a YAGO (You also grow old) woman.

Landed my first job in a real estate company a month after I graduated from college. Lumaking independent and malayo sa pamilya. They are in Mindoro and I'm here in Batangas. Sobrang layo 'no? 1hour travel time lang. Hehe. Whenever I received my salary back then, hindi ko alam parang laging may kung anong bumubulong sa tenga ko ng "Resorts World Manilaaaaaa". Kidding! Parang nililipad ng hangin yung sweldo ko. May bagong damit and shoes every payday, laman ng mga bagong kainan, nakakarating sa kung saan-saang lugar sa Pilipinas para maghanap ng instragrammable spots. Yung rest days at vacation leaves ko nilalaan ko talaga sa pagala at pagdiscover ng bagong DIY destination with workmates and friends. I certainly had this thing called FOMO (Fear of missing out). It triggered the inner Dora in me to travel, engage in this and that experience, oftentimes, even if i could not comfortably afford it anymore.

woman in fortune island nasugbu batangas
woman in fortune island nasugbu batangas

Ang sarap naman kasi talagang magtravel, 'di ba? Lalo pa't sobrang ganda ng Pilipinas! At totoo nga ang tsismis, kapag lumalaki na yung sweldo mo, sabay din lumalaki ang iyong mga expenses at naghahanap ka na ng ibang hangin. Naglevel-up na ang friend nyong kaladkarin. Nag-aabroad na ang mga inday! And yes, for five years, yun ang naging routine at mindset ko; travel now, pulubi later. YOLO kasi eh. 

woman in macau
woman in macau

But really,  darating talaga sa point na may bubulong uli sa tenga mo "Salamat Shopeeee", este, "Mag-ipon ka na!" Bigla ka na lang mapapaisip habang nagba-browse ng travel photos mo, "bukod sa travel memories, ano na bang naipundar ko? Yes, I am happy but deep inside parang may kulang."

Then one magical day,  I suddenly had this cravings (parang pagkain, ano?) for a home, a house I can call my own. Ayoko ng magrent kung saan-saan. Gusto ko yung akin na talaga na uuwian ko after a tiring day sa office. And since I am working in a real estate company, which I consider ofcourse as an advantage for me because mas madali na to decide which among the products in the market is the most suitable for a millennial like me.

These are the factors I consider during my home search:

  1. Peaceful, maraming trees in the area at tahimik ang community.
  2. Hindi malayo sa mall, hospital, school and other establishments.
  3. Ayoko ng bare type, gusto ko yung kumpleto na ang deliverables ng bahay para less hassle.
  4. Kailangan okay ang security services, yung nasaludo ang guards everytime makikita ka.
  5. Malinis at well-maintained ang kapaligiran.
  6. Complete amenities para kapag may occasions, we can use the clubhouse and pool area.
  7. Has enough rooms kasi mag-isa naman ako at ayoko ng madaming linisin.
  8. Lastly, yung kaya at naaayon lang sa budget ko.

plantacion meridien entrance marker
plantacion meridien entrance marker
plantacion meridienne pool
plantacion meridienne pool
plantacion meridienne basketball court
plantacion meridienne basketball court
plantacion meridienne clubhouse
plantacion meridienne clubhouse

Found my haven here in Plantacion Meridienne, Lipa, Batangas, a subdivision under Camella & Crown Asia. Lahat ng nasa checklist ko nakita ko dito. I fell in love first with the community actually, pangalawa na lang yung bahay.

Some of you guys maybe are dreaming of your first house with a big lawn so you can have a pool, a balcony, three to five rooms, then a recreational room, and another room for all your shoes, bags and clothes, a spacious living area and wide kitchen counter. And that's definitely okay. Walang masamang mangarap of a big house coz it drives us and inspires us to strive more.

In my case, since I really wanted to start something na galing sa pinagpaguran ko, hindi na mahalaga kung malaki o maliit, all that matters is "nagsimula ako." It's not deprivation. It's prioritizing yourself. It's prioritizing your future self.

woman signing contracts
woman signing contracts

During those months of paying the dowpayment, sobrang fullfilling sa pakiramdam when you were able to control your spending habits and can now set aside savings and payment for the house. Nanawa na din siguro yung nabulong sa tenga ko or baka naging bingi na lang talaga ako sa temptations.

After more than a year of self-control and restricted spending activities, I finally moved in into my new home. Her name is Cassandra.

house and woman beside trees
house and woman beside trees

So why am I sharing you this? Simply because I want you to realize as early as now the importance of having your priorities straight even on a young age. Okay lang to travel, eat outside, buy new gadgets, clothes or shoes, as long as you can afford it. But don't get trap on some bad financial decisions today because it will surely has an everlasting impact on your future. Kung hindi siguro ako nagising ng maaga, baka until now, nagrerent pa din ako and I'm still lost and unprepared about my future.

One tip I can also share with you is have courage and believe in yourself that you can. Huwag agad pangungunahan ng negative thoughts. Also, there are lots of developers in the market so make sure to do extensive research. Do not just settle because ang mura ng DP, may promong malaking discount, or may free applicance na kasama. Make sure easy-to-own ang financing at angat ang community.

Do you know guys that Vista Land has introduced another housing brand that is really perfect for millennials and young professionals? Sister company of Camella ----- it's Lessandra! Lessandra builds homes and communities na maaliwalas, at safe and secure. It provides quality homes that help elevate the lives of Filipinos. As a new housing brand under Vista Land, Lessandra has over 50 sites nationwide, proving its rapid growth of geographic reach in the country.

As a millennial, make sure na pasok sa checklist mo ang pipiliin mong bahay, just like in Lessandra. :)

☑️Easy-to-own housing

☑️Sure na Maaliwalas

☑️Accessible sa Lahat

☑️Nasa Abot Kayang Halaga

☑️Guaranteed Safe and Secure

So there you have it. Hope this helps millennials and young professionals to invest as early as you can. Yes, it's okay to have fun because indeed you only live once, but don't forget you also grow old.

Hello world! I'm Keren, a Camella/Lessandra homeowner at the age of 25. I'm just a girl standing in front of a mirror, telling myself always, "Ui, sobrang proud ako sa'yo."