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10 Ways to a Fun and Meaningful Celebration

December 24th, 2020 | Share via:

In what felt like centuries ago, Christmas celebrations weren’t complete without gatherings. This year, however, get-togethers are discouraged to lessen the risk of spreading covid-19.

Thankfully, there are still ways to bond with your loved ones and build new connections without going out of your house and lot. These ways are as follows:

1. Catch up via group video chats.

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve used—or at least heard about—the Zoom app. While it’s been widely tapped for virtual classes, meetings and interviews, it can also be used for video-calling with your relatives and friends. Messenger and Skype can accommodate group video chats as well. Additionally, when creating engaging video content, having the best video ideas is key.

Stay connected.
Stay connected.


2. Watch together while being apart.

Thanks to video-streaming platforms, you can stay at home and still enjoy a holiday flick or any of this year’s MMFF entries. You can make it more fun by sync-watching with family members and buddies from afar. Aside from movies, you can tune in to virtual masses or online concerts, too.

Make sure that majority of your gang agrees with the choice of what to watch. Keep in mind to try out sync-watching services, too, before the holidays.

3. Sing along in a virtual videoke session.

Much like lumpia, videoke is a staple of any Filipino gathering. But with the possibility of transmitting the dreaded virus, sharing a mic won’t be ideal for this year’s parties. What you can do instead is set up a group video call and turn on that karaoke microphone.

To make it more entertaining, play a game of guess-that-tune. Besides singing, you can also showcase a dance performance or watch the kids in your clan do so.

Be mindful of your noise level though

4. Surprise your loved ones with gifts you’ve ordered online.

For the first time, presents may be better than presence.
For the first time, presents may be better than presence.


Some of the important people in your life might not be tech-savvy. Video-calling might be challenging for them. To show you still care, you can order a gift online and have it delivered to them.

You can also surprise those you are staying with and video-calling with. Take advantage of year-end sales in online shops. You can’t go wrong with giving toys for kids. If you’re unsure what to order for teens and adults, you can offer gift cards or load their e-wallets instead.

See the ideals gifts for your loved ones in Paskong Pinoy: Ideal Gifts to Give This 2020

5. Send a dish or two.

Do you have a pal who just bought or moved into a new house and lot? Delight him or her with a homemade meal, whether you cooked it yourself or ordered from solo entrepreneurs. Send a greeting card along if you can.

If you opt to order from solo entrepreneurs, choose among those that are located near your recipients. Check out Facebook to look for them. Make sure they also provide deliveries and accept online payments.

6. Share treats with delivery people.

Deliverymen are likely the people you’ve interacted the most if you haven’t gone out that much since March. This holiday season, many of them may still work. If you’re expecting a package this month, don’t forget to share your blessings with the delivery guy.

You can offer a bag of grocery or give angpao for instance. Wrap a tumbler or a pouch in case you want to present something more long-lasting.

When accepting deliveries during the holidays, keep donning that face mask and sanitize your hands. Afterwards, wash your hands and throw away the packaging materials properly.

7. Make your neighbors smile.

If you’re looking for a house and lot for sale, it’s highly recommended to read about what the community around it is like. After all, a neighborhood filled with friendly and respectful people helps make staying at home more tolerable.

As a way of giving back and sharing the joy of the holidays to your current neighbors, greet them from your windows, terrace or yard. Save the handshakes and hugs for the future when there’s no more pandemic. Sport a Santa hat or a reindeer headband along.

You can also set up decorations on your yard and entrance for your family and neighbors to behold. You can turn on some merry tunes, too.

With a Christmas signage, you can greet neighbors 24/7.
With a Christmas signage, you can greet neighbors 24/7.


8. Design and play a virtual bingo game with your gang.

Video-chatting apps once again comes into play in this way of bonding with your buddies. Before you plan a game of bingo, keep in mind that gambling may put you behind bars in the country. As such, avoid takings bets and offering monetary prizes. However, you can have fun by coming up with your own theme and mechanics for your bingo game.

Some ideas for your bingo game include replacing the numbers with names of food or fictional characters. Recruit the kids and kids-at-heart in your clan to plan the game and determine prizes.

9. Enjoy a virtual scavenger hunt.

Be a game master by making a list of challenges for a virtual scavenger hunt. Each of the task should be something that a youngster can do in his or her house and lot. These tasks may include finding a childhood pic of parents or a worn-out clothing in the household.

This doesn’t have to be for kids alone. If you have friends or if there are adults in your family who want to join the fun, then plan harder challenges for them.

10. Give thanks.

It may have been a tough year, but it’s still another year filled with experiences. Furthermore, don’t forget the reason for this season: the birth of Jesus. Whether alone or with your loved ones, utter a prayer thanking the Lord for the blessings you’ve received all throughout the year.

Cherish the reason for this season.
Cherish the reason for this season.


It’s always fun to celebrate the holidays with the people dearest to you. However, the covid-19 pandemic makes it challenging to do so. But even without this health crisis, there’ll also come a time when you have to live your own life. Having your own home is among the key steps in doing so.

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