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Siok Falls at Brgy. Mabini


Nature Sights to Uncover in the Progressive Crown City of the South

March 25th, 2021 | Share via:

A country filled with natural wonders, this is a part of the Philippines’ reputation around the world; a group of islands filled with pockets of hidden nature formations perfect for getaways, relaxation, and refreshment.

One of the cities in the country that has numerous attractions is the Koronadal City, or “Marbel”, in South Cotabato. It is also popularly dubbed as the “Crown City of the South” mainly because of its name, Koronadal. 

This place in Mindanao is one of the most ideal locations to set up a home or invest in a house and lot. Despite being relatively small, Koronadal has the qualities of a potentially progressive city. One of the major factors contributing to city capital’s promising economic growth is the number of tourist spots naturally existing in the place, adding to the locals’ spaces for relaxing breaks, and of course, generating more income for the area.

The attractions Koronadal possesses captivates every tourist, enough to make them willingly visit from afar, spend money on, and conquer thrilling hikes just to reach the peak of the beautiful nature wonders.

The round ball or “rotunda” in Koronadal
The round ball or “rotunda” in Koronadal

Source: Mindanao News

Koronadal is filled with natural resources, ranging from local products (e.g. fruits and vegetables), majestic bodies of water, to magnificent land formations. This land in South Cotabato province is definitely worth a space in future travel list, or even an option for a forever home, given the amount of beauty, adventure, and a chance for relaxation it has to offer.

Koronadal’s Top Sights

The Crown City has several attractions sought by people looking for a well-deserved break from their day-to-day life. Locals and tourists alike revel in the falls, caves, and hot springs that provide refreshing sceneries. Here are some of the must-visit attractions in the land of Koronadal worth exploring:

1. Siok Falls

Siok Waterfalls Forest Adventure, or famously termed “Siok Falls”, is a 40-feet-tall cascading water, sitting at the top of a mountain in Brgy. Mabini. As an adventure place, Siok Falls requires a bit of physical effort to reach, taking about two hours’ worth of hike. But, there is a worthy sight waiting at the end of a long and exhilarating trek, as the picturesque Siok Falls always leaves visitors in awe of its scenery.

Siok Falls at Brgy. Mabini
Siok Falls at Brgy. Mabini

Source: Philippines Travel Bucket List Facebook Page

The thrilling adventure comes in the form of exciting activities within this natural wonder, such as extreme river trekking.

2. Supon Falls

This amazing destination spot is also an adventure place often visited by locals and tourists. The Supon Falls is 20-feet tall, significantly shorter than Siok Falls, but still a beautiful, exciting, and relaxing getaway given the refreshing and calming sight it beholds. Reaching this natural wonder takes about an hour long of hiking.

3. Cadidang Caves

Still located in Brgy. San Jose, the Cadidang Cave in the Roxas mountain ranges is one of the yet-to-be-famous nature attractions in Koronadal. The cave is composed of three chambers which lead to narrow and dark tunnels, leaving the attraction still wholly unexplored. Like other famous caves in the country, the Cadidang Cave has amazing stalactites and stalagmites formations that enchant the handful of tourists visiting it.

Inside the Cadidang Cave
Inside the Cadidang Cave

Source: Tourists Haven Blogspot

4. Mambukal Hot Sulphur Spring Resort

This famous destination is one of the must-visit getaways for individuals and groups looking for a haven within the Crown City. The hot springs provide a calming and resting sanctuary, a well-deserved relaxing experience during vacation breaks.

Mambukal Hot Sulphur Spring
Mambukal Hot Sulphur Spring

Source: Mambukal Hot Sulphur Spring Resort Facebook Page

The whole spring resort is surrounded by trees or greeneries, emitting the ambiance of a hidden spot of peace and tranquility in the middle of a city. Given the destination’s name, the whole place of the Mambukal Spring has a sulfur smell, proving the natural make-up of springs.

5. Millenium Falls

Whereas Siok and Supon Falls require hiking to reach the sight of waterfalls, Millenium Falls does not require any physically-demanding effort to reach the place. The attraction is reachable via motorcycle. The majestic, rain-like scenery of Millenium Falls is hidden by a large rock and is one of the most visited in Brgy. Cacub.

Rain-like Waters in Millenium Falls
Rain-like Waters in Millenium Falls

Source: Hitchhiker.sox in Facebook

Millenium Falls is among the attractions in Koronadal that has zero-to-none human intervention, making it a definite natural attractions. The clear pool of water at the foot of the falls is ideal for swimming, bordered by large rocks.

The Promising Life in Koronadal, South Cotabato

Boasting in the beauty of the numerous nature spots, Koronadal proves to be an ideal place for peaceful and healthy living. The mentioned tourist destinations paint a dreamed life in a city surrounded by easily-accessible pockets of haven getaways.

More than the Crown City’s natural beauty, it is identified as the “Agri-industrial Center of the Province of South Cotabato”1. This shows that together with the guaranteed naturally healthy environment, there are also tons of livelihood opportunities for the current and future residents.

Within its borders, people of different ethnicities and religious backgrounds live harmoniously, adding points to the inclusivity of the Koronadal community.

As Koronadal is one of the prime cities in Mindanao, Lessandra2 homes and communities are present in this thriving city, providing affordable house and lots in the middle of a progressive and maaliwalas area.

Lessandra’s offerings of quality house and lots for sale in Koronadal is a great investment deal, given the potential economic boost caused by the several existing tourist spots.

A shot of Lessandra community
A shot of Lessandra community

Imagine living in a quality home and neighborhood that already has promises of opportunities and recreational spaces. This is the life waiting in the community of Lessandra Prima Koronadal in Brgy. San Isidro—a convenient and healthy home surrounded by a balance of progress, opportunity, and nature.

The attractions and wonders of a place are an advantage. Not just in terms of beauty, but also in the livelihood and economic growth of the area. With the number of natural resources Koronadal has to offer, life in the Crown City of the South is definitely one worth seeking.

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