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Quezon Province: Unique Places and Natural Attractions

April 23rd, 2021 | Share via:

Formerly called Tayabas, the Quezon province in Region IV-A or CALABARZON is the largest land in Luzon, and the sixth largest in the whole country. More than the vastness of its scope, Quezon is a home of some of the most-visited places in the country, and, the best home for each of its locals.

The province of Quezon thrives in agriculture and boats on the numerous natural attractions within its borders. A good portion of the ever-famous Sierra Madre mountain range can be found in the area, with the range’s “three-peaked volcano complex”1, Mount Banahaw, located within the province’s borders.

Mount Banahaw
Photo source: Philippine News Agency

Given the large scope of Quezon, several must-see attractions are waiting to be visited and appreciated by non-residents. Here are some of the travel destinations worth visiting in Luzon’s largest land.

Spots worth exploring

Given its large land area, there are numerous stops to be explored in the province of Quezon. From roads to natural attractions, Quezon is a home of unique places that deserve a stopover whenever passing through the province. As a land filled with interesting sights - road trips, island hopping, and tourist activities can be enjoyed in Quezon.

Kamay ni Hesus

One of the most-visited places in Quezon is the Kamay ni Hesus pilgrimage site. Given that the Philippines is a Catholic-dominated country, the sacred ground of Kamay ni Hesus has a lot of visitors. It occupies five hectares and has lots of facilities that can be explored by devotees and newcomers.

Jesus Christ statue in Kamay Ni Hesus Healing Church
Photo source: Asia News

Exploring the shrine, some of the famous sights within the grounds are: (1) Via Dolorosa Grotto, the most famous spot in the pilgrimage site, as the 300-step stairs leads to the huge statue of Jesus Christ; (2) Noah’s Ark, a replica of the biblical boat where visitors can go inside to pray and meditate; (3) Sea of Galilee, a fish pond near Noah’s ark, where people can overlook through the installed wooden pathway.

Old Zigzag Road or “Bitukang Manok Road”

Careful thrills is what motorists and travelers should expect when passing by this old road. From its name “bitukang manok” or “chicken intestine”, this highway is tagged as a passable yet dangerous road by the Department of Public Works and Highways.

Bitukang Manok Road
Photo source: Manila Bulletin

This zigzag road is one of the highways bridging Quezon and Bicol and is a part of the Pan-Philippine Highway or AH26. Travelers continue to pass by Bitukang Manok because, despite its steepness, it offers a majestic view going up. Also, the road has a similarity to Baguio’s famous Kennon Road, as its sharp curves prove to be thrilling for visitors, and myths and stories never fail to pique everyone’s curiosity.

One of the interesting myths attached to the place is the locals’ belief that the road is haunted during nighttime. This stems from the recorded high number of accidents when the road was still underdeveloped.

Atimonan Zigzag Park

A great stopover while passing through the Bitukang Manok Road is the Atimonan Zigzag Park within the Quezon Protected Landscape. Given that the park is in the southern part of the Sierra Madre mountain range, tourists have to drive uphill to reach the majestic view the park offers.

Inside the Atimonan Zigzag Park
Photo source: Wikipedia

Going to this part of the Quezon Protected Landscape is a great experience for tourists to be one with nature as they get to feel the cool air while passing through trees. Some activities can be done within the landscape: bird watching, hiking, and trekking.

Visiting Atimonan Zigzag Park is free of charge. It has food hubs and pasalubong or souvenir centers within for tourists to enjoy.

Islands and Caves

As Quezon is the sixth largest land in the country, the province is home to majestic beaches and natural formations like caves.

Cagbalete Island
Photo source: Harv

Located at the east of the mainland, in the town of Mauban, the Cagbalete Island is one of the most visited beaches in the province, as it attracted tourists with its white sand and clear waters, usually added with the usually bluish clear skies on good weather days. Cagbalete Island is deemed like a paradise especially during low tide, where the white sand of the beach can be clearly seen.

Borawan Island
Photo source: Borawan Island Resort

Where Cagbalete Island boasts its wide flat expanse, the Borawan Island in Padre Burgos, Lipata, Quezon hails rock formations at the shore, further showcasing the beauty of the place’s scenery. The name of the island gives a hint of the sight to be expected by visitors, as Borawan is a mixture of the famous spots in the country: Boracay and Palawan.

Kuwebang Lampas
Photo source: Miked’s Travel PH

Another famous natural attraction is the Kuwebang Lampas, a cave located in Pagbilao near Padre Burgos. As implied by its name, the cave is like a tunnel or arch situated in a deep part of the waters, where tourists, wearing a vest, can swim through the cave to reach the other side.

Stopover of a lifetime

As a home of unique places and natural sights, the Quezon Province also proves to be a great home every Filipino should consider for their permanent settlement. The residences in Quezon make up for the greatest stopover one can ever make: securing future homes.

In Brgy. Isabang, Tayabas City, the community of Lessandra Quezon offers a quality and affordable house and lot, a wise investment choice especially for young professionals, starting couples, starting families, and retirees. The affordable homes built within the community ensure a safe and secured life.

Aerial shot of Lessandra communities

The investors, the homeowners, also get to enjoy more spaces outside their own Lessandra home, as there are leisure and recreational spaces built for each resident’s wants and needs. There is a clubhouse for milestone celebrations. There is also a playground and basketball court for free time bonding with loved ones.

This community of affordable house and lots in Quezon is also strategically situated to be close to establishments catering to homeowners’ needs: malls, schools, and churches. Moreover, the guaranteed satisfaction of living in Lessandra Quezon also comes with its notable proximity to the famous places in the province.

Investing in a subdivision of affordable house and lots, residents revel in all the advantages of not just owning the best Lessandra homes, but also in getting to experience the holistic life Quezon Province has to offer.

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