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The Pride of Batangas: Taste, Celebrate, Live

October 7th, 2021 | Share via:

Let’s celebrate and taste the beauty of Batangas. Welcome to the Land of Magigiting.

Batangas, a province in South Luzon, is not only blessed with beautiful and breathtaking natural resources but also for having its varied and enormous food selections and its gorgeous and world-class festival. One of the popular products of the Batangas Province is the famous Kapeng Barako, which is known for its strong taste and aroma, from which it got its name. One sip of this coffee is enough to make you awake. This kind of coffee is generally distributed in almost every market in Batangas Province and mostly denoted consumed plain and warm.

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Next in the list of famous Batangas products is the all-time favorite comfort food of the Batanguenos, the Lomi. A noodle soup that is usually served hot with sliced onions, fried garlic, meatballs, and chicharon. Some used pupor, a crispy chicharon made with pork fat, to make it extra special. This dish is created using thick and rich in flavor broth, best  partnered and mixed with soy sauce and lime.

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Aside from its delightful food, Batangas is also famous for its local product, Balisong. It is a kind of knife with two handles, and it comes in different sizes. Not getting this item a souvenir or not trying the special Lomi and Kapreng Barako is like missing out on your journey when you’re in Batangas.

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Another pride of Batangas Province is the Sublian Festival in Batangas City. It is popular and attracts more tourists every year because of its entertaining sets of activities. Sublian Festival is celebrated every 23rd day of July, yet the activities last for two weeks. Different talents and arts are showcased by various private companies, local government units, and public and private schools of the city. In that two weeks, you will see the rich culture of Batangas City.

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Aside from its well-known local products and vibrant culture, Batangas City is abundant with resorts and tourist attractions such as the Monte Maria Shrine and Verde Island.

In addition, the city is continuously seen as one of the fastest-growing economies in the country. Opportunities abound in Batangas City with the presence of several private companies and establishments in the city.

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Batangas City is consistently being recognized all over the world. In 2010, Batangas City was awarded as the “Most Honest and Transparent City in its Dealings and the Most Supportive City to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises” of the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) Policy Center, the US Agency for International Development (USAID), and the German Technical Cooperation Agency (GTZ), according to the official website of Batangas City.

In the year 2020, the city of Batangas was hailed as the World Most Lovable City by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)’s with the campaign “We Love Cities”.

These recognitions simply show how good the local government of Batangas City is, one of the reasons why Batangas City attracts investors, businessmen, and private individuals to put up their businesses here. The term Eto Batangueno Disiplinado is highly shown by its people by producing talents and professionals here in the Philippines.

There is no question why most people in the nearby cities and municipalities, and even the people in Metro Manila, want to live here in the green city of Batangas - the people, the food, the product, the festivities, and the place itself.

Indeed, you are in the best place. Batangas City is a safe and greener place for you and your family. In this thriving city is a community that would welcome you home – the Lessandra Azienda Batangas. Located at Brgy. Tinga Labac, Batangas City, Lessandra Azienda will give you comfort and peace of mind with its safe, secured, maaliwalas, and affordable house and lots.

Lessandra Azienda Batangas Community
Lessandra Azienda Batangas Community

Lessandra Azienda Batangas is situated in an ideal location, accessible to the main roads and bypass roads, such as the Startoll-Pinamucan Bypass Road. TheStartoll-Pinamucan Bypass Road will soon connect the different barangays in the city. Moreover, it is only 10 minutes away from Batangas City-San Pascual- Bauan Bypass Road, which is connecting the cities and the nearby municipalities.

If you are going to the Metro Manila Area, you may take the STAR Tollway, which is only eight minutes away from Lessandra Azienda Batangas.

A home experience like no other, this is what Lessandra Azienda Batangas offers its homeowners and residents with the comfort, convenience, and tranquility of the community. Feel the breeze when you step out and marvel at the terrain of mountains without leaving your home environment. Convenience is not compromised when you live in the affordable house and lots of Lessandra Aziena as it is only minutes away from shopping centers and daily necessities.

The green city of Batangas, alongside the ongoing and booming infrastructure projects, will surely drive more investors to the city. This, coupled with Batangas City’s tourist attractions, make Lessandra Azienda ideal not only for permanent residence but also for business and income opportunities such as home rentals. This is one of the best investments for young professionals as well as for starting families.

Lessandra Azienda Batangas is a safe and secured community with its 24/7 roving and stationary guards. Community amenities and recreational spaces are also available for use and enjoyment of the residents.

Nothing beats living in a place where you can find great people, food, products, culture. Lessandra Azienda is a perfect home and real estate investment. In Lessandra, you can easily look forward to great mornings and beautiful days. Choose the best real estate investment with Lessandra’s affordable house and lots in Batangas City.

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