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Malvar Batangas and Its Instagrammable Food Places

October 7th, 2021 | Share via:

Malvar, Batangas can be considered as the Next Lipa City. Being one of the fast-developing cities in Batangas, Malvar is establishing its name as one of the most booming places in the South with the help of the countless establishments in the area giving, residents reasons to fall in love with the municipality even more.

The Municipality of Malvar sits just right next to Lipa City. Tourists visiting Lipa City should also take a peek at the beautiful town of Malvar, Batangas. The gate towards the municipality of Malvar is always open for people who like to explore Batangas Province, which is known for having numerous recreational places and establishments that will surely make people visit the place over and over again.

Malvar Batangas at a glance

When heading to a place for the first time, what do you consider first? What things do you check first before visiting the town you’re going to?

Malvar is no different from the other big cities. The list of services, commodities, and features big cities have, Malvar also offers.

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Among these are notable restaurants that should not be missed. Everywhere you look, every corner, multiple restaurants will make it hard for you to choose which cuisine you would have for the day.

There are also shopping areas that will make you buy some kinds of stuff that are out of your shopping list and tourist attractions if you like to unwind and have a stress-free day with just nature all over the place.

Most people nowadays, especially the young generation, like aesthetically pleasing places, be it tourist spots or food hubs. Restaurants, in particular, that have appealing offers not only in the dish they serve but also in the ambiance and interiors of the place, are easily flocked. Instagrammable, as we call it.  These are places that can be featured as content on social media like Facebook and Instagram, which can garner likes and engagement.

Here in Malvar, you won’t run out of such hangouts. will see a lot of coffee shops, milk tea shops, and restaurants that would not only fill your hunger with mouth-watering food but also satisfy your eyes with its extraordinary interior designs.

When you visit Malvar, do not leave without digging in in the popular food hubs. The relaxing ambiance and unique design and interior of each would make your trip more worthwhile. You’re in for a treat with the different food offerings and the cozy and relaxing atmosphere. These food places will capture your heart and your social media followers.

Top 3 Instagrammable restaurants in Malvar, Batangas

1. Mouse Hole

Ranking as one of the instagrammable restaurants in Malvar is this newly opened Cheese Bar and Restaurant in Malvar, Batangas is capturing every young generation’s attention. Outside, it looks like a mouse hole where Jerry from the animated series ‘Tom and Jerry’ lives. For friends and colleagues, this is their perfect place to hang out. They offer a variety of foods and drinks that is perfect for your taste buds.

Photo from Lipa Status Facebook Page

2. Busan PH Malvar

Inspired by the hit-Korean zombie movie Train to Busan, Busan PH Malvar is now one of the popular restaurants and instagrammable places in Malvar, Batangas. For those who love Korean dramas, Korean movies, Korean-pop music, and anything Korean, this is a must-visit! From afternoon until night, this restaurant is filled with millennials and their circle of friends. Taking that it’s inspired by a Korean film, it is not surprising that this restaurant offers different Korean street foods which include Tteokkbokki (Spicy Rice Cake), Ramyeon, Mandu (Dumpling), Japchae (Korean Glass Noodles), Bibimbap, Kimbap, and Fish Cake.

Photo source: When in Manila

3. Big Tummy Food House

Art and food? Big Tummy Food House proves the two mix well! Rounding up the top 3 instagrammable restaurants is the trending restaurant, not only in Malvar Batangas but also in social media, the Big Tummy Food House. Its interior would make you feel as if you’re inside a comic strip. The comic-inspired snack bar serves their patrons a variety of milk tea flavors aside from afternoon snacks such as burgers, hotdog buns, fries, and ice scramble! These treats would surely take you back to good old times.

Here’s a trivia on the comic-strip design of Big Tummy House - the interior was designed by Paul Erick Danao, a 17-year old high school student!

Photo source: Big Tummy Food House Facebook Page

Ideal location for home and real estate investments

Batangas boasts not only of beaches and resorts. In the municipality of Malvar, countless establishments are flourishing, making it an ideal location not only for business opportunities but also for home and property investments.

A trusted real estate developer offering not only quality but also affordable house and lots in Malvar, Batangas is Lessandra. Present in more than 40 communities nationwide, the maaliwalas homes of Lessandra can be availed in Malvar, Batangas.

A great family home awaits in Lessandra communities
A great family home awaits in Lessandra communities

Lessandra Malvar’s quality, maaliwalas, and affordable house and lots are complemented by the round-the-clock security to assure the safety and peace of mind of its residents. A holistic lifestyle is also provided with its community amenities and open spaces.

Located in the progressive locality of Malvar, Batangas, Lessandra Malvar is an ideal real estate investment as it is accessible not only to establishments but also to major road networks and tourist attractions, opening business opportunities and lucrative returns in terms of property value appreciation.

Progressive and vibrant yet with a serene environment – this is what Malvar, Batangas offers the locals and tourists alike. Visit Malvar Batangas and check out for yourself what this place has to offer.

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