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Lessandra Sellers’ Portal Homepage


Launching a Successful Real Estate Career with the Lessandra Sellers’ Portal

October 7th, 2021 | Share via:

Keeping up with the digital world, one of the many conveniences Lessandra now offers to its partners is the Lessandra Sellers’ Portal. Following the line of seamless online innovations, the Lessandra Sellers’ Portal elevates the experience of being a Lessandra partner, making up for a promising consistent real estate career growth.

Lessandra Sellers’ Portal

Lessandra has always taken pride in providing convenience to its homeowners, right from the very first step of looking for affordable house and lots, to the final stages of moving and living in Lessandra communities. Among the first lines of innovation done are the Online Trippings, Virtual Home Tours, Online Reservation, and Online Appointments. Through the newest Lessandra Sellers’ Portal, the convenience continues to business partners and sellers, utilizing all the available internet advancements that can help each partners’ experience.

The cycle of owning an affordable house and lot in Lessandra does not just start and end in homebuyers. What makes Lessandra a top and formidable real estate developer is the great minds within the company, from the teams to the business partners keeping up its continuous success in the real estate industry.

Lessandra Sellers’ Portal Homepage
Lessandra Sellers’ Portal Homepage

The Lessandra Sellers’ Portal was created to provide the ultimate convenience for sellers nationwide. It serves as a one-stop with easy access to everything they need, from enhancing skills to access links. This web portal secures not just a thriving career in Lessandra, but also a convenient and easy one.

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Convenience in the Lessandra Sellers’ Portal

A one-stop space where work is done in just a few clicks. To access full functions of the portal, accredited sellers must for set up an account and login using their registered credentials. All the needed tools by each Lessandra Seller are available at the portal:

Seller Center

The Seller Center Exclusive Promos Section
The Seller Center Exclusive Promos Section

The Seller Center contains various information about Lessandra, equipping sellers nationwide with a platform where they can access the materials they need to accomplish tasks. Within this platform, there are also equally informative and entertaining materials keeping the motivation and competitive spirit alive for every business partner. Among the functions included in this tab are:

  • Detailed video and script guides for every process
  • List of incentives and exclusive promos all for Lessandra sellers
  • Promotional and shareable materials like videos, brochures, and flyers
  • Episodes of Lessandra Web Wednesdays available for unlimited re-watching
  • Featured top sellers and Lessandra Champions

Access Links

Redirecting links to the Lessandra official website and web portals are also available in this platform. This levels up the seamless digital experience for every seller, allowing easy navigation to the web pages they would need to cater to clients even better.

Sellers Accreditation

Through the Lessandra Sellers’ Portal, every prospective business partner can access a link to the accreditation form. A definite online convenience, as joining the Lessandra team is also as easy as a few clicks, and it can be done even from a distance, without any need for traveling point to point.

Project Details

Within the Project Details are QR codes and links to updated pricelists for each Lessandra community nationwide. This gives easy access to a rundown of the Lessandra projects sellers would like to know more about.

Project Details on Lessandra Storeys
Project Details on Lessandra Storeys

Sellers of Lessandra Storeys, Lessandra’s vertical offering, can also access detailed information about the condominium project within this tab.

Online Portal

Within the Online Portal tab are links to webpages every homebuyer and seller usually needs: Online Reservation Portal, Online Appointment System, and the Lessandra Home Loan Calculator.


With this one-stop platform, every seller can now keep up with all the events happening within Lessandra. This keeps every partner in the loop with nationwide events, updates, and sales kick-offs, making up for an inclusive work environment.

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The Lessandra Sellers’ Portal brings in much more than the needed materials. Keeping up to date with what’s going on in the company is not just the benefit of the Lessandra Sellers’ Portal. Being updated with the latest trends in the world of real estate selling is the key feature of this newest Lessandra platform.

Lessandra E-learning

As a key additional perk as a Lessandra Seller using the Sellers’ Portal, everyone can access exclusive and free training and courses. Each partner has the chance to keep enhancing their skills and learn more about navigating digital platforms as a part of the real estate industry. Some of the topics now available in the Lessandra E-learning platform are Basic Online Selling, Basic Salesmanship, Advance Digital Marketing, and more.

Sales Forum

Ease in communications is also made easier through this one-stop platform, as sellers and users can post inquiries and clarifications through the Lessandra Sales Forum tab. The opens up common discussions prompted and answered by all sellers nationwide present in the web portal.

Future upgrades

Keeping true to the fast advancements in digital platforms and the real estate industry, upgrades are already lined up for the Lessandra Sellers’ Portal. One of the things to look forward to is the Commission Update section.

Other features available in the Lessandra Sellers’ Portal are access to useful reads in the Lessandra Blogs and News section and updated addresses and contact numbers to necessary personnel.

Lessandra Innovations

Convenience not just for prospective homebuyers and current homeowners, but also for the growing Lessandra Sellers. Lessandra’s continuous innovations and upgrades levels up the home buying process and careers within the company, staying true to its series of Seamless Digital Innovations.

Lessandra is a real estate developer offering quality and affordable house and lots in the Philippines. To get to know more about the Lessandra communities nationwide, visit the Lessandra Project Listings. To get a rundown on the available affordable house and lots, visit the Lessandra House Listings. For detailed reads on tips and guides about property investing and selling, visit the Lessandra Blogs and News or Lessandra FAQs and Guides.