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Starting a Career in Real Estate with The ViCon: Business Opportunities Summit

October 14th, 2021 | Share via:

Having a stable job is one of the top goals nowadays, given how hard the pandemic hit everyone. A lot of Filipinos spend their time finding more ways to earn, ways to survive the new normal. Next to the health sector, the economy was also greatly affected, with job loss being one of the evident effects.

In the safety of their own spaces, Filipinos find their way to get through the obstacles by being resourceful. To compensate for job loss, pursuing careers online has been the top alternative of many. More so as there are several freelancing jobs available on various sites and platforms. Many also resorted to starting online businesses, utilizing shopping websites and social media platforms to keep income coming.  

Before, coming across opportunities to earn big from afar seem close to impossible. But, through these evolving online platforms, there are certainly more ways to earn at home that are yet to be discovered, like pursuing online career opportunities in the real estate industry.

The Power of Real Estate Careers

Real estate often has the reputation of being a great choice for investment, especially when it comes to the residential sector. Investing in a primary home or a rental place is a definite step closer to future security, something each person deserves. Certainly, residential real estate is an ideal venture for most, as it is a common part of most people’s life goals.

The ViCon: Business Opportunities Summit (BOSS)
The ViCon: Business Opportunities Summit (BOSS)

The power of real estate does not just stop in changing the lives of home buyers and investors. Beyond the facet of home buying and property investing, there is also the side of real estate as a competitive industry when it comes to booming careers, one filled with growth and success.

Common knowledge for investors, residential real estate only appreciates in value. Alongside this appreciation is the guaranteed career growth for the people earning in this industry. Real estate agents and real estate brokers earn much more than money. They also revel in the independence forged by a career in this industry, as they hold their own time and earn through the effort they put into their work.

In the Philippines, it is not hard to score a compelling career in real estate, especially in powerful residential real estate companies. Careers abound in the housing sectors, as opportunities ranging from building dream homes, selling, to property management are available. Within the Villar Group of Companies alone, countless opportunities are open for aspiring partners, given the group’s formidable line of subsidiary real estate companies.

Securing Real Estate Opportunities with The ViCon

Amplified through another segment of the country’s largest virtual property expo, The ViCon, scoring real estate jobs are now just a few taps away from every aspiring Filipino looking for ways to earn and grow their career.

The ViCon started as a grand property expo, a successful two-day event that ran from July 24-25, 2021, attended by potential buyers looking for property buying tips, and of course, the best residential real estate match for them.

Continuing with the practice of gathering the big names in the industry, the Villar Group orchestrated another grand event for the current and prospective partners. The ViCon: Business Opportunities Summit, is filled with career opportunities from the country’s leading real estate companies, learnings from the industry’s experts, and additional excitements such as concerts and prizes.

Exciting prizes perfect for an online Real Estate job starter pack
Exciting prizes perfect for an online Real Estate job starter pack

This upcoming event to be held on October 15, 2021, leads with the remarkable line “Own your EDGE”, guaranteeing effective ways for current and aspiring sellers, brokers, and referral partners to earn, dominate, grow, and evolve in their real estate job. Success stories from real estate broker, sales agents, property consultants over the years are also included in the event, showcasing the growth and success of being a Villar Group real estate agent.

Secure your EDGE by joining The ViCon: Business Opportunities Summit! To register, just click here.

Joining the real estate partners are experts tackling different helpful topics on growing careers online: Digital Marketer and Content Creator Carlo Ople on “Effective Digital Audience Engagement”; E-commerce dvocate Janette Toral on “Maximizing the Digital Platform in Real Estate Marketing”; and Human Shelter Realty COO Chris Suarez on “Transitioning to the New Normal, Journey of a Realtor and Vlogger”. These topics open up avenues to which lead to new learnings such as real estate agent responsibilities, scoring international sales, to navigating online platforms and generating leads.

Attendees can also look forward to one of the program highlights in The ViCon, hearing words of motivation and wisdom from Villar Group’s formidable leader, and The Dean of the Philippine Real Estate Industry, Mr. Manuel B. Villar.

Moreover, by just attending, the audience has the chance to win prizes sponsored by Villar Group’s line of retail brands. These prices serve as a starter pack for their career in real estate, and their professional journey with Villar Group’s real estate companies.

The theme for this upcoming expo is in line with the changing needs of Filipinos today—various talks about the effective ways to grab opportunities and earn even from a great distance. Joined by the country’s top affordable house and lot developer, Lessandra, and more leading real estate brands from the Villar Group, the current and aspiring partners can look forward to a day filled with nothing but growth and tangible success of their careers.

With the help of the series of innovations under the Villar Group, online careers in Real Estate are made more possible. This bridges the gaps of restricted travel, ensuring more ways to earn amidst the pandemic. The ViCon opens opportunities to invest in a career where success and growth are guaranteed.

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