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how to create more space in your home


Effective Ways to Create Space in Your Home

October 28th, 2021 | Share via:

Do you have limited space in your home that you constantly feel like everything is cluttered? Small spaces don’t necessarily need to restrict your movement and comfort at home. With organization and decorating skills, limited space can still be roomy.

Here are 16 effective tips on how to create more space in your home:

1. Make the place look larger through mirrors

How to make a small room look bigger? Use of mirrors is the answer! Aesthetically-pleasing mirrors not only add as design in your home but can also make your spaces appear larger. Install large mirrors on your empty wall and you will notice that the room starts to appear huge. No wonder it became a trend in the fast-growing Facebook group called Home Buddies

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2. Picking the right furniture

When decorating small living spaces, it’s best to pick furniture pieces that are sleek and not bulky. Create space by choosing the furniture that would fit your room and your home. Having huge furniture pieces in small spaces will only emphasize a narrow space. The furniture has to be unobtrusive and to occupy as little space as possible or at least to create this impression.

3. Use Minimalist Furniture

Worry not! Minimalist furniture doesn’t have to be expensive there are online stores selling second-hand pieces of minimalist furniture that would perfectly fit small space living.

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For minimalist design ideas, read Maximalist vs Minimalist Interior Design.

4. Utilize wall space with high shelving unit

Putting up high shelves around the top of your ceiling can help you utilize the room area and create space. Not only that, but it will also make your home look more organized. Just make sure to put books and some decorative pieces to make it look livelier!

5. Hidden Storage Space

Utilizing a hidden storage space is just one of the ways on how to make your room look bigger. The idea of this is to use spaces that aren’t widely used, like the space under your bed or the space above a cabinet. Or better yet, turn your bed into hidden storage space! Many woodworkers are customizing beds that are utilized for storage.

6. MORE storage space

Use the space behind your doors to store shoes, hang towels, and other items. You can use an over-the-door shoe rack. Many online shops are offering inexpensive organizers that are perfect for small spaces.

7. Use Your Walls

Sure, they're great for hanging pictures, but in a small space, they should be used for much more. Hang blankets, towels, and other items on hooks. Though the goal is to create space, make sure it is still pleasing to the eyes by keeping it organized when you hang the items behind doors.

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8. Invest in a multi-use furniture

Another tip on how to create space in your home is by Investing in some furniture pieces that have multiple uses. For example, purchase a coffee table that comes with storage drawers. Or a sofa that can turn into a bed too. Make your room look bigger by saving a ton of space. Why let three separate pieces occupy so much of the floor space when one multi-use piece of furniture can do the job?

9. Mount your Household Items

One way on how to make a small room look bigger is by mounting household items. For more organized and not space-consuming electronics, mount them on your wall. You’d be surprised at how much space that television takes up! This also applies to some furniture, by mounting your furniture on the walls instead of letting sit on the floor you allow the room to feel more spacious. A few terrific options include a wall-mounted desk, dining table, or console tables as well as the forever popular open shelves.

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10. Paint is a huge factor

In making an illusion for your area to look more spacious, remember that paint is everything! Use certain colors can make your room look bigger. Go with soft tones like off-white, blues, and greens, and always remember that brighter rooms feel bigger and more inviting.

11. Avoid Clutter!

Stay clutter-free. Storing boxes just because you think they’re cute just takes up space on your limited home space. It’s okay to be sentimental but don’t let pretty packaging consume more space in your home than it’s supposed to. Stopping something before it begins is the easiest way to make sure it never happens. This applies to clutter and hoarding clutter.

12. Make a new room

Create space by turning one room into two with the help of some curtains or room dividers, you can also use this technique when you want to divide the dining area and living room. This is perfect too if you have children who share a room. You can strategically use your furniture as a divider, get folding screens or create a shelf wall.

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13. Utilize pegboards.

Organize with pegboards. It is a great way to maximize the storage capacity throughout your home. These multipurpose panels can help you get organized in the kitchen, bedrooms, living spaces, and more. Install one small container and s-hooks to keep your items stored.

14. A pull-down desk

Install a customized pull-down desk to do your work on. It is easily collapsible and looks great both in use or folded up! If you want one in addition to your home, you can watch a tutorial on YouTube on how to create one for your home.

15. Find the perfect Side table

Store necessities next to your couch, find a side table that either has pull-out drawers or space to put some items in.

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16. Stick to a 'One In, One Out' Policy

This idea isn’t about owning a certain number of possessions but keeping that number roughly stable over time. You can always add items you truly need ​but don’t buy anything you don’t need unless you love it enough to donate something you already own to make room for the new item.

Color techniques, furniture arrangement, mirror placement, and creative lighting design can fool the eye and make interiors seem much more spacious than they really are. But more than making it pleasing to the eyes, creating more space would also make your personal space homey. Don’t sacrifice functionality when deciding which items or home furniture to go for.  There are several practical ways on how to create space in your home. Maximize your home space and you’d be surprised how satisfying your home will turn into.

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