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National Children’s Month: How Your Community Affects Children’s Rights

November 18th, 2021 | Share via:

November is considered the National Children’s Month here in the Philippines. This month is celebrated to promote children’s rights and protect them from physical or mental violence.


For historical context, the month was officially dedicated for children under Republic Act 10661 signed by former Philippine president Benigno S. Aquino III in 2015. The law was signed as a commemoration of the United Nations’ Conventions on the Rights of a Child. In the Philippines, a “child” is someone who is 0 to 18 years of age.

According to the Child and Youth Welfare Code, there are 12 children’s rights that adults must uphold. Some factors affect a child’s growth and those are the environment they grow up in and the people they interact with. As they say, “it takes a village to raise a child.” So yes, even your residence can contribute to a child’s personality.

Here are the ways your community can impact children’s rights.

1. It’s a child’s right to be born well

According to the Child Youth and Welfare Code, one or both parents must provide a safe environment and adequate health care before a child is even born. Before conceiving a baby, parents should consider living in a community that is close to pediatric centers and medical facilities so their children can have accessible medical attention before and after delivery.

2. It’s a child’s right to have a wholesome family life


One of the rights of a child is to have a family environment that is filled with love, care, and affection. As parents, it’s important to not only give them a life where they feel welcome but to make sure to choose a residence away from physical violence and other forms of mistreatment that can take a toll on their moral well-being.

3. It’s a child’s right to be contributing members of society

Children should engage in society as it is a part of their civil and political rights. The best way a child can have this is through proper guidance from you as parents so they can contribute to the betterment of their communities one day. Another way of upholding this child's right is through living in a community where children can find their best interests and own identity.

4. It’s a child’s right to have basic needs


A child has the right to a balanced diet, primary education, clothing, and a decent shelter. Providing these needs should be every parents’ primary consideration according to the law and other international organizations. If you are planning to have kids, is advisable for you to consider family planning first before having any children born into your household.

5. It’s a child’s right to have easy access to what they need

This children’s right does not solely focus on providing the basic needs, but on the atmosphere where the child will be raised. This means that your child’s needs must ALWAYS be taken care of. This way, the child can feel maaliwalas, supported, and taken care of. The good thing is some communities provide easy access to these needs.

6. Education is child rights


Filipino children should have decent primary and secondary education regardless of economic status, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, and physical abilities. Regardless of a child’s background, they should be in a community where they can choose where they want to study. Education is crucial to a child’s life so you should provide not what’s available, but what’s the best you can give.

7. Being able to play and enjoy is children’s rights


A child has the right to use their spare time for play and enjoyment. Parents must never let their children engage in economic exploitation, armed conflict, or anything that negatively affects child welfare. It’s better if you can find a community that has amenities like basketball courts, playgrounds, or anything that can be publicly used for cultural and creative activities.

8. Children should be protected from danger

Children should not be subjected to sexual abuse, psychological abuse, negligent treatment, or anything that can endanger a child. If ever they’re exposed to such environments, physical and psychological recovery. The best way to prevent such instances from happening is moving to a peaceful community and providing a safe home for them.

9. Children have the right to live in a productive environment

This simply means that it matters where a child lives. Your community can promote physical and emotional growth or the opposite. Children have the right to live in safe communities that promote desirable traits. The best community for your child’s safety are the ones that offer 24/7 protection and surveillance can so nothing can endanger them.

10. Every child born has the right to care and assistance

This means that the State should assume custody and uphold every children’s right to every child if his or her parents fail to fulfill this role. The same case goes for children who are considered orphans or were treated unfairly. Children have the right to special protection provided by the State if they experience sexual exploitation, child abuse, or child labor.

11. Good governance is children’s rights

Children have the right to be born under the presence of good governance in a country that provides fair treatment and protects children’s rights so they can be inspired to be helpful in their own country. In terms of choosing a community to live in, you can consider living in a place where the Local Government Unit serves its citizens to the maximum extent. You don’t have to get your children involved in politics, but rather let them engage towards the betterment of their community.

12. Every child has the right to freedom and peace

Children should be living in communities where they can feel that they live in a free society. Living in communities free from crime is the best way to go to uphold this right. Children enjoy roaming around peaceful neighborhoods so it’s better to live in a place where you won’t have to worry for their safety when playing outside. 

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As participation in National Children’s Month, everyone should contribute to making this country a livable place for children. And as parents, you should make sure that you make your decisions for your child’s best interests. Yes, living in a peaceful community contributes to your child’s growth, but the example you set at home makes them who they are.

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