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Simple Family Activities To Be More Connected

February 9th, 2022 | Share via:

Some people dedicate lot of their time trying to earn and save for their family. They tend to give a lot of effort to their work in which they believe that could help them sustain their family needs, but we need to realize that aside from earning money we need to make time for our family for us to let them feel that we are always there for them no matter how busy we may become.

Spending even a little of your time could be a lot appreciated by your children and could even be one of their memorable experiences as a part of your family. You can consider lots of activities for you to enjoy with the whole family.

Family bonding doesn't need you to spend money, it is somehow designed to be free or if then, with a very low-cost. You just need some time, attention and happiness for you to enjoy it.

Get your list ready! Check out these following activities that may help you in having some bonding moments with your family but remember to not feel too much pressure, you can do this activities one at a time or even once a week, it depends on how much you wanted to spend time with your family. So sit back, relax and read these following suggestions.

Here are some activities that you can consider in order for you to have some fun with your whole family:

1. Cook Together

This may sound so simple but you may not expect how fun this could be when you do it together with the whole family. Children enjoy decorating things same as they enjoy dressing up their toys or even coloring their books. You can try to do some baking where in you will give your children the opportunity to design their own cupcakes! How fun is that to hear right? Create your own icings and let them enjoy the coloring of the cakes! Just make sure you keep them away from hot objects.

You can also try cooking while you ask them for help like bringing the wooden spoon or any light materials that you think they can handle to carry. Enjoy it and you will be surprise on how everyone in your family would be so happy with you cooking bonding.

2. Sing Karaoke

This is a very simple activity! Open up your television or even a phone will do and search karaoke songs on YouTube and you're good to go. Take turns on who would perform and cheer for each other you can also try dressing up as a performer and surely it will bring lots of laughter with the whole family!

Try teaming up! You can sing duet songs, you can also have a singing contest for your children to add some thrill, it will be like your own family concert! You can also dance with the music to make it more fun. You can also try to consider doing singing contests like The Singing bee turn off or cover the monitor and let them finish some specific lines of the song. How fun is that to hear right?

3. Read Together

Reading isn't as simple as you may think, this as well is a good quiet family activity. You can stretch out nice blankets outside if the weather is good, or if it's cold, curl up some blankets by the fire place with some hot chocolate. You can each read your own books or read one story out loud. Take turns and you will find it as a peaceful and happy family bonding.

4. Play with your children

There are a lot of things that both children and adult can enjoy. Prepare some games and enjoy each moment with your family. You can play hide and seek this can be played both indoors or outdoors, how fun it could be for the kids to find their own parents in the game! As we adults had lots of memories in playing this game, help your children as well build a great memories too!

Play card games or board game as well, find out who in your family has a competitive streak! There are lots of classic games that you can play such as monopoly, jengga and life and etc.

You can also play charades! This is a very classic family game. a very fun bonding in which surely your kids would ask to play it over and over again!

5. Do gardening together

Gardening doesn't necessarily mean that you need to do the chores type of gardening you can plant cute little plants with your kids and enjoy the fun together. This could simply be planting flowers or vegetable as this could give excitement to the kids when watching the plants grow and they would even take care of it each day by watering and watching it. Every activity is totally up to you just make sure that you will enjoy every dirt that you would get in this activity.

Prepare a bucket, soil and your gardening tools. Invite everyone from your family member to join you and enjoy each others company as you make your garden beautiful and greener.

Being with your family isn't just about being complete or being able to give them there needs, we also have the needs to enjoy and have fun each others company so it is very important that sometimes we give time in order for us to feel more connected. You do not need to make it grand, yet you just need to make it simple and light and surely everyone will enjoy it.

Every family found happiness in their homes and for a starting family you can consider Lessandra Home Series to enjoy those said activities. It offers an affordable yet quality house and lot perfect for a starting family. 

Always remember that having a good relationship with your family is a very important recipe. It makes everyone feel comfortable and love. There would be no hesitation to tell what others feel because they feel the trust that everyone shows during your bonding moments.  So get ready, set your date and have some fun activities with your love ones!