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Summer Activities to Enjoy at Home

February 23rd, 2022 | Share via:

Summer is just around the corner - the summer season brings out the appetency of going out and going on a vacation. During these bizarre times, most of us are looking for alternative ways to spend summer vacation that will keep us on the budget.

As this season brings out - creating good memories and capturing the moments during the vacation that we can share or tell stories to our friends besides traveling or going out. 

Here are some fun and enthralling ideas to do that will keep you entertained during summer to keep you within your budget. 

 1. Acquire New Knowledge

As we make this summer a little different, there are still more things left to experience. This time you can do a broader range of activities to try as we have enough time during summer - there could be activities you wanted to try for so long - but you always set them aside as you could not give them time because of your busy schedule during the weekdays. Trying new things and getting out of your comfort zone like creating content, writing, learning new lessons, playing an instrument, or doing arts and crafts always ends up as a fun memory.

2. Whomp-Up a New Recipe

The best time to be creative - if you've never cooked before or just wanted to try a new recipe to pump up your daily meals. One of the best things about summer is treating yourself to some good food that will not cost you much that you can create at home. Make fruity drinks like smoothies and juices to beat the heat during the hot weather - or one of the exciting meal parts of the day called "Meryenda" or snack time in the afternoon. Try to make some twists to Pinoy Meryenda like Banana Cue, Turon, Halo-Halo, Mais Con Yelo, and many more.

3. Learn a New Language

Most of us are engaged in binge-watching Korean drama, Chinese drama, or Thai drama series - as we continuously binge-watch in all these drama series, despite the challenge of reading the subtitles while visualizing the emotions through their actions. We could take this as a motivation to learn the language itself. Learning a new language involves listening, speaking, reading, and writing their alphabet. You can enroll yourself in a language school if you want to take it to another level - but you could also learn for free - there are websites, applications, or podcasts that offer free lessons for you.

4. Backyard Yoga 

Outdoor yoga could benefit your health and mind - besides making you align with nature and breathe fresher air - it also helps you with your inner strength and stability. It's easy to get stuck in a routine. But trying something new could also create a new practice for you. Doing outdoor yoga might be out of your comfort zone as you always do your practice alone in the four corners of your room - but this opens up entirely a new interpretation of your yoga exercise. - Getting soaked up under the morning sun while exercising is one of the vitamins our body needs.

5. Start a Podcast 

Creating a podcast could be out of your tranquility - but summertime is a time for exploration as we take some time off of school or work to try new things aside from doing the same thing over and over again during summer. Starting a podcast could be one of your undiscovered talents - as you explore the world, this could also be the best time to explore yourself. Talk about topics that you enjoyed the most, express your feelings and emotions, and what you learned from your experiences that you think could also help others - you can also teach lessons that you've developed or cultivated.

6. Take Long Walks

Going for a long walk as soon as you wake up in the morning or during evening hours to avoid the direct sunlight in the afternoon is the best time for exercise during the hot summer weather. Morning walks can help boost your energy before you start your day - while your evening walks can help clear your mind after a long day - just a reminder to stay hydrated and still prioritize your health. Only take what you can in a day, do not pressure yourself to take a long mile just because it is the goal you set for yourself. Enjoy your walks with your dog, a friend, or your family. Take stops if you can because rest is a must.

7. Create a DIY Project

For over a year - many of us have spent more time at home than we've ever thought of because of the pandemic - you don't have to be an expert in doing crafts to try a DIY project. All you need is extra time and a few supplies that you can also find at home to make one. If you are already fond of doing a DIY project - this is the best time for you to think of coming up with a new idea. You could also sell these Do-It-Your-Self projects online - like a succulent terrarium for the plant Tito's and Tita's, painted lamp jars, and trash to treasure craft like turning an empty can into a flower vessel, and many more.

Summer days - are long like everything was on pause and yet happening - at the same time. Here are some activity ideas that you can enjoy alone or with your family and friends during this upcoming summer season. 

Summer is not just all about having the time to travel, wander outside or visit beaches, resorts, and tourist spots all over the place. It is also the time to reflect, enjoy the season of hot summer breeze, steal extra time of freedom - growth, self re-evaluation - and most especially create memories with your loved ones as you cherish and celebrate the beautiful summer season.