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Set Your Mood: Start a Happy Day

March 2nd, 2022 | Share via:

Mornings are one of the most important part of the day. It is where you start all the activities that you needed to accomplish all through out. It is important to have a good morning to brighten up not just your mood but everyone around you as it would give you enough energy to be more dedicated on your daily tasks.

Being happy and bright doesn't just lift your own mood but it also radiates to everyone around you. It makes everything you do feels light and you would not notice that time goes by so fast. Doing your specific works does not just require physical efforts but also it is important to have a good emotional and mental balance so you can work well and you would not feel a lot of burden on your tasks. It is important to know that working in a bad mod would make you feel tired, unmotivated and in worse you would not be able to complete what you needed to accomplish on that day.

There are a lot of things that you can consider for you to set up your mood. A lot of activities are available, which are free of expense, yet you just need to stretch out a little bit! Below are what you can do to set up your mood and start a productive day.

1.  Do Morning Stretches

We sometimes wake up feeling our body so heavy. We feel our back aching and our neck having tensions as we went from a long sleep. If we just continue our day without stretching it might makes us feel tired first thing in the morning and would affect our whole day.

Stretching can help us relieve all those tensions or pains from sleeping the night before, it as well help us prepare our body and help increase our blood flow. Morning stretches doe not require you to do it on a yoga mat, you can just simple make your bed and start doing your stretches right away. Open up your smart phones and search up in YouTube for morning stretches guide.

Do it and will surely make your day lighter and brighter! Be energized and set your mood up!

2.  Grab Your Food

A lot of us skip our breakfast but we might not know that it is the most important meal of the day! It gives us the energy that we needed to start a happy morning! It breaks our overnight fasting as we are from a long sleep. It also boost our energy levels and alertness while also providing other essential nutrients to our body, and of course with a full stomach nothing much can ruin our day.

It is hard to focus on your work when you feel hungry, and as we all know, we sometimes get out of our mood when we are starving. So grab your food, prepare your breakfast and brighten up your mood to be more productive!

3. Play Some Music

Nothing can beat music when we feel down! Music is our best companion when we wanted to be alone yet wanted to feel better. Scientifically speaking, when we hear melodies our body release dopamine, which is known as the feel-good hormone, in which it activates our brain's pleasure and reward system.

It gives our mental state a positive and immediate impact. Fast tempos can psychologically and physiologically arouse us, helping energize us for the day. So turn on your speakers while preparing your breakfast, play some music when you are in the shower or ever you can grab your air pods or head phones while you are on the way to your appointments. Feel happy! Play some music and have a good mood through out your day.

4. Meditate

Meditation is commonly used for stress reduction and relaxation. Meditation is considered a type of mind-body complementary medicine. Meditation can produce a deep state of relaxation and a tranquil mind. There are lots of available online platforms now that you can use in order for you to start meditating. You can search up in the internet to learn how to start doing it or you can also easily went to your phone search us in Play Store or App Store some online applications that you can conveniently use as a guide in doing it.

5. Get Enough Sleep

Doing all those discussed activities would be hard to achieve when you do not get enough sleep. Having a little sleeping time can affect your mood the next morning as you might feel headaches, tiredness and low energy. It is important to have a good sleep so the next morning you can be ready to do all the tasks that you prepare to achieve. Enough sleep also gives us the right energy that we needed for a day.

Being in a good mood is not a requirement to make your day but having it makes all of your activities more lighter and brighter. It does give a big impact to you as you go to your day to day tasks. It is important to consider setting up your mood to help you achieve your daily goals.

​There are still lots of things that you can consider to make up your day but what are discussed can be of help for you to have a good one. One thing as well that you consider is strolling around in a good and Aliwalas community because beautiful environment can also brighten up our day. Consider as well cleaning up your homes because a good home can really lift up our mood. You can check out Lessandra Home Series when you are looking for something to consider as a new home.

​Again, what are given are just some things that you can do set up your mood, at the end of the day it is still you who decides on what emotion should you project but what is important is know what are the things that best help you in order for you to achieve the things that you wanna do through your whole day.