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Read This to Feel More Confident Using Body Language

June 16th, 2023 | Share via:

Never underestimate the importance of body language! 

Ursula once said, “Never underestimate the importance of body language!” The infamous villain from The Little Mermaid has never been wrong in saying this, and you should know that body language is an important factor in unleashing your confidence. 

Confidence is not just about what you speak, but it’s also how you present yourself while you speak. Body language plays an important part in reflecting one’s confidence level. Being aware of your body language is one essential skill, but is it enough? Utilizing and mastering body language is what makes the difference in how confident you come across to others. Let us look at some practical tips on how to feel more confident and how to maximize body language. 

Be Receptive! 

You must realize the importance of maintaining an open posture while communicating or talking with others. Maintaining an open posture means keeping your arms uncrossed, shoulders relaxed, and chest open. When we close ourselves off by crossing our arms or legs, it signals to others that we are uncomfortable with the situation or with the person. Open body language, on the other hand, indicates that you are receptive, approachable, and comfortable.

Maintain eye-contact.

The great Al Pacino once said in his movie, Scarface, “The eyes chico, they never lie!”  

Indeed, eye contact plays an essential role when it comes to the aspect of body language. Eye contact shows that you are actively listening and sincerely engaged in a conversation. Making eye contact helps with building and maintaining a rapport with the person you are communicating with. Moreover, it shows that you have confidence in yourself, in what you say, and in how you show genuineness when interacting with others. 

Maximize hand gestures.

Hand gestures help convey your message more effectively. Hand gestures can facilitate the understanding of your message, emphasize key points, and create a visual image of what you are saying. However, it is important not to go overboard with your hand gestures, as it can become distracting to the listener. Maximizing hand gestures can be applicable when public speaking or whenever you are facing a crowd. Practice maximizing your hand gestures, while also making it natural and not overpowering. 

Great posture as a confidence boost. 

Paying attention to your posture is important as it directly reflects your confidence level. Good posture includes standing straight and tall, with shoulders back, and feet firmly planted on the ground. Slouching, on the other hand, can indicate low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence.

Mirroring your partner. 

You can also try this technique: mirroring the body language of the other person. This tip can help establish a connection with the person you are talking to. When you mirror someone's body language, you create a sense of trust and comfort. This can help establish a bond, which in turn helps in communicating one’s message, leading to a confident delivery.

Never forget to smile. 

Smiling is one of the simplest ways to display confidence. Smiling is almost the easiest body language to master. Smiling helps to maintain a positive energy and makes you appear friendlier and approachable. A smile can enhance the audience's experience and make them feel more relaxed when interacting with you. 

On your next interaction with someone, make sure to incorporate the right amount of body language to convey the right message and have a lasting, positive impact to the people you meet. 

Remember the most important tip when it comes to confidence though: be yourself!