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What to Do If You Are Waiting For an Update on Your Job Interview

July 19th, 2023 | Share via:

What do you do in the waiting season of seeking your desired career path?

It is often said that waiting is one of the hardest things to do, especially in the world of reality when one is waiting for an update on a job interview. Let’s say you have just completed a couple of interviews or you are now at the point of waiting anxiously for a response. During this phase of seeking a job, how do you wait?

When waiting for a job interview, it is important to remain calm and proactive during this waiting period. Understanding how to effectively handle this situation can help you cope up with the anxiety and make a difference in your job search journey. 

If you find yourself waiting for an update on a job interview, try to take note of these things to do: 

Waiting is part of the process. 

Waiting is a natural part of the hiring process. Rather than falling into a state of restlessness, use this time to reflect on the experience you gained during the interview. Think about the strengths and weaknesses you observed, which can help you prepare for your future applications and interviews.

It is also beneficial to maintain clear communication with the employer. Inquire about the timeline for the decision-making process during and after the interview. This not only shows your interest in the position and working for the company but also ensures that you are aware of the employer's expectations.

Avoid badgering your interviewer.

Simultaneously, avoid incessant follow-ups or incessantly contacting the potential employer for updates. One follow-up email or phone call, after a reasonable amount of time has passed, is generally acceptable. However, bombarding the employer with messages may be perceived as desperate and unprofessional. 

Explore more job opportunities, send resumes to more companies. 

Seeking additional job opportunities while waiting for an update can be an excellent way to diversify your options. Do not put all your eggs in one basket; explore other job opportunities to ensure you have multiple prospects. This proactive approach will not only increase your chances of finding employment and finding that job you always wanted but also help in reducing your anxiety during the waiting period.

Expand your connections

Networking, building people connections, and expanding your professional horizon are more of the valuable steps that you can consider while waiting for an update on a job interview. Attending industry-related events, workshops, or training sessions can enable you to connect with professionals who might provide insights or leads on potential job opportunities

Continue to improve your CV or resume. 

Continuously updating your resume and cover letter is not to be forgotten, even while waiting for an update on a specific job. Tailor your documents to match the requirements of various job postings, and update your resume with your recent skills, freelance jobs if any, that would meet the qualifications of the job that you are eyeing. With this, you will stay competitive and ready to apply for new opportunities as they open. 

Look after yourself. 

In addition to all these proactive tips mentioned, the most important among all these is to take care of yourself. Self-care activities such as exercising daily, healthy eating, and getting enough sleep will have an impact your mental health and physical well-being. By taking care of yourself, you will be better equipped to handle the waiting period and any potential answers to your application, whether you will be hired or be redirected to better job opportunities. 

Remember, job interviews involve several factors outside and even beyond your control. Start with a positive mindset and accept that some aspects of the process are beyond your influence. Rather than obsessing over the outcome, focus on what you can control, such as your preparation, timeliness, and professionalism during the interview. Be faithful, hopeful, and focused on the goal and embrace the process as you navigate this waiting period with resilience and perseverance, ultimately leading to a successful outcome in your job search!