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What It’s Like Living in A Small Space

October 19th, 2023 | Share via:

Living in a small home is more fulfilling than you think. 

Living in a small space is undeniably a challenging and a rewarding milestone. While it may initially seem limiting, there are numerous advantages to living in a smaller space. In an economy like the Philippines where one should hustle and thrive more to earn more, some people and even families resort to living in a simple or small-spaced house to make way for other expenses. Why don’t we take a quick glimpse of what it’s like living in a small space and delve into the various aspects and good points of such a lifestyle.

A small home means a limited space. 

One given factor when living in a small space – like an apartment, a condo, or a single-house unit - is the limited physical room available. This obvious aspect though, in worst case scenarios, may sometimes lead to feelings of claustrophobia and make it difficult to move around freely. But on the flipside, a small home encourages you to be more organized and efficient in your daily lives. It forces you to evaluate your belongings and prioritize what is truly necessary, leading to a streamlined and clutter-free environment at home. 

You can puzzle out and get creative. 

Another aspect of living in a small space is the need for creative storage solutions. You’d be forced to unleash your creativity and organization skills to wisely maximize the small space of your home, since you have limited storage space, it becomes important to maximize every inch available. This can lead you to think outside the box – literally and figuratively - and utilize creative storage solutions such as under-bed storage, hanging racks, or multifunctional furniture. As a result, living in a small space pushes you to become more resourceful and develop a keen eye for optimizing space.

Going minimalist is the only choice. 

Living in a small space also encourages a minimalist mindset. When space is scarce, you’ll be compelled to analyze your material possessions, home accessories, and even your furniture and appliances, and embrace a simpler way of life. This can be liberating, as you can learn to value experiences with simplicity over material possessions, in contrast to living in a mansion up in Beverly Hills. The minimalist and simple lifestyle allows a person to focus on what truly matters, leading to a more intentional and fulfilling existence.

Be closer to your loved ones or being alone and not lonely. 

When living in a small home, some might think that it gets sad when you’re alone, or chaotic when living with other people. But looking beyond, living in a small space cultivates a sense of coziness and intimacy. The small scale creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that fosters a sense of closeness with loved ones. It becomes easier to establish strong connections – both with your loved ones and with yourself, and cherish the quality time together, as the proximity encourages shared experiences and interactions.

Financial advantages. 

In addition to the internal advantages of a smaller space, the financial benefits cannot be overlooked as well. Smaller homes generally come with lower rent or mortgage payments, reducing financial stress and allowing for more flexibility in budget allocation. This financial freedom can be used to pursue personal goals, travels, or invest in other areas and aspects of life

You have more room to explore outside. 

Living in a small space also encourages you to spend more time outdoors and explore more of your surroundings. When indoor space is limited, a person will naturally seek outdoor spaces for recreation and relaxation. This can lead to a greater appreciation for nature, increased physical activity, and a more balanced lifestyle.

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