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How to Plan a Vacation on a Budget

November 23rd, 2023 | Share via:

How to Plan a Vacation on a Budget

The beauty of Coron, Palawan, Philippines! 

Any kind of season is travel season, and planning one is truly an exciting endeavor to begin with! But sadly, sometimes, the problem of having a limited budget may discourage you to push through with your travel plans. Yet, here’s to remind you that it doesn't mean that you have to compromise on having a memorable and enjoyable trip. With proper planning and the right strategies, you can still plan and push through that vacation on a budget that works for you. Here’s a quick outline on how to plan a vacation that is not only affordable but also unforgettable! 

Make a realistic budget. 

First on the list on your budget-friendly vacation planning is setting a realistic budget for your trip. Determine how much you can comfortably afford to spend on accommodation, transportation, meals, and activities. Be sure to include any extra expenses or contingencies such as souvenirs or emergency funds in your budget list. 

For your accommodation, you can start researching and comparing different destinations and carefully consider accommodations based on affordability and comfort of amenities. Look for places that offer both affordable accommodation options and a lower cost of living. Consider lesser-known tourist destinations or off-peak seasons to find better deals on their accommodations and attractions. For a given fact, accommodation costs is the most significant portion of your vacation budget. To save money, consider staying in budget accommodations such as hostels or vacation rentals. Websites like Airbnb’s offer affordable lodging options, often with kitchen facilities, allowing you to save on meals by cooking instead of eating out for every meal.

Plan out 10 steps ahead! 

What does this mean? Planning ahead! This is another effective cost-saving measure – planning your vacation in advance. Early booking of flights, accommodations, and other activities can more likely give you access to discounted rates. Furthermore, planning ahead, approximately 2 to 3 months before your trip allows you to keep track of any special offers or promotions that may be available so you can plan more and save more at the same time! 

Under planning ahead is also taking your transportation expenses to consideration. Think of alternative options such as driving or taking a bus or a boat instead of flying. If flying is necessary, try to book your tickets during weekdays or odd hours like during midnights or early dawn, as these are usually the least expensive times to fly.

Set a spending limit during the trip. 

While on vacation, it's essential to be mindful of your daily expenses. Set a daily spending limit and stick to it. Look for inexpensive or free activities and attractions in the area you're visiting. Local parks, museums, and walking tours are great options that provide enriching experiences without breaking the bank, as they often come with free entrances and no fees. 

Dining and meal costs can be counted under your daily expenses, so for you to save on dining costs, consider eating at local establishments or trying out their local street food! Avoid eating at touristy areas or high-end restaurants as they tend to charge higher prices. There are a lot of under-the-radar food spots that offer budget-friendly yet satisfying gastronomic eats, so you might as well opt for these kinds of food spots. You can also pack snacks or sandwiches for your day trips to avoid getting hungry and spending on unnecessary food expenses along the way. 

Utilize technology! 

During planning and at the moment of your vacation, be sure to utilize websites and apps that offer discounts, coupons, or cashback promos! These can help you save money on attractions, meals, and even shopping. Researching and comparing prices before making any purchases is key to finding the best deals on these kinds of apps. 

Be flexible. 

Traveling also entails maintaining flexibility especially when you are on a budget. Being open to changing your destination or travel dates can provide better opportunities for savings. Keep an eye out for last-minute deals or package offers that might suddenly become available during your trip. 

What are you waiting for? Push through with that vacation now!