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Celebrating Christmas over Work: Feeling the Holiday Spirit amidst the Hustle

January 31st, 2024 | Share via:

Celebrate Christmas at home… and at work! 

Working over Christmas comes with double the pressure and challenges to some people, in terms of celebrating and finding joy amidst the demands of work. While many people are able to take the time off and fully immerse themselves in the merriment, others must continue their duties, making it important to find ways to celebrate in unconventional ways.

OFWs, retail associates, medical frontliners like doctors and nurses, police officers, and customer service representatives are just some of the people who still work during Christmas, and sometimes, it’s sad to think that they have no choice but to devote their time and holidays serving others through their jobs. 

If you are one of the many Filipinos – may it be outside or within the Philippines – who work during Christmas day, here are some tips that can help ease your holiday blues. 

1. Find joy in having a job that helps others.

As I was once a retail cashier myself, the feeling of being drained and having second thoughts of going to work the day before Christmas and Christmas day itself left me feeling blue.  With this, realize that it is important to focus on the brighter perspective, rather than focusing on missing out or feeling resentful. It’s time to appreciate the opportunity to work, serve customers, and contribute during a time when businesses may be short-staffed. This mental shift can set the tone for a more positive and fulfilling experience. 

Malls are still open, but with adjusted hours during Christmas.

2. Cherish the Christmas ‘glimmers’. 

Finding small moments to celebrate Christmas at the workplace also makes a significant difference. Decorating the workspace with small Christmas lights or small ornaments creates an atmosphere of festivity even amidst a demanding work environment. Adding cheerful music to the background can also help to set a festive ambiance and lift up the spirits of you and your workmates. 

3. Enjoy the company Christmas parties – big or small! 

Work celebrations can also be organized to ensure that everyone feels included. Celebrating a yearly Christmas party together and enjoying the holidays with colleagues are sure to make you forget all those Christmas blues. Organizing a Secret Santa or small gift exchange among your team mates brings some joy and excitement to the workplace, as the element of surprise and thoughtfulness ignites the spirit of Christmas and love during this season. 

At the workplace, learn to embrace the spirit of giving and selflessness. Surprise coworkers with heartfelt gifts or small gestures of appreciation to show gratitude for their hard work. Spread joy to others to enhance the sense of celebration, bringing a sense of warmth and positivity to the workplace this holidays. 

4. If work permits, file that vacation leave! 

To fully celebrate over Christmas, it's also important to plan time outside of work that can be dedicated to festivities. While it may not align with the traditional holiday schedule, creating designated days off where you can celebrate with loved ones can make the season feel special. Prioritizing quality time with family and friends can be even more meaningful when it is limited, as it underscores the importance and value of those relationships.

5. The date doesn’t matter. 

For those unable to celebrate on the actual day of Christmas, creating alternative celebratory moments can be just as rewarding. Plan a Christmas brunch or dinner with friends, family, or even work mates, and plot it the day before or after, where you can all come together and enjoy each other's company. The essence of Christmas lies in the shared spirit of love, joy, and togetherness rather than the specific calendar date. 

Bonus tip!

Being selfless is one, but rewarding yourself is also another. Find moments of relaxation and rejuvenation amidst the demands of work. Treat yourself to a pampering spa treatment or enjoy a quiet evening with a good book and a warm cup of tea when you arrive home. Taking care of yourself allows for a better balance between work commitments and personal celebrations, lessening the blues and stress this Christmas! 

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