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Sellers' Guide

Accredited with us? Check our latest Sellers’ Portal and get exclusive access to digital tools, presentations, and trainings to build your network and career!

Want a headstart in the real estate industry? Join our network by following the steps below. Be an accredited Lessandra seller!

Sellers' Accreditation Process

Step 1

Fill-out online accreditation form

To start your journey here in Lessandra, fill-out the Seller's Accreditation Form.

Step 2

Submit Documents Online

Submit your requirements online or to any Lessandra office Nationwide.

Step 3

Orientation & Training

As soon as your application is approved, our Recruitment Office will contact you for the schedule of your Project Orientation and Product Knowledge Seminar.

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Why Join Lessandra?

Building your career in Lessandra also comes with perks! Enjoy the following privileges of being an Accredited Lessandra Seller:

  • Competitive Sales Commission
  • Marketing and Promotional Support
  • Lessandra Network's Support
  • Exclusive Sellers' Promos and Icentives
  • Sales and Digital Trainings
  • Access to Nationwide Projects Offerings
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