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By Weeks and Modules: Learning through Web Wednesdays!

May 17th, 2020 | Share via:

As a majority of the population became quarantined in their own homes, Lessandra immediately acknowledged and recognized the upcoming challenges as the entire Luzon, and some of Visayas and Mindanao, were placed under the Enhanced Community Quarantine.

Lessandra Web Wednesdays was created to bridge the gap when transactions shifted online. Every Wednesday, all of the marketing staff, sellers, and other officers of Lessandra gather virtually to learn, adapt, and soon, conquer the online world of real estate! 

From online real estate investing, to virtual assemblies, Lessandra Web Wednesdays became more than effective in situating all of the Lessandra staff in the online world. What made all the adjustments easier was overcoming this challenge together, as almost all of Lessandra sales offices abruptly transformed into Social Media Accounts and websites.

And true to its goal, despite the inevitable uncertainties brought by online transactions, more reservations came pouring in after Lessandra Web Wednesdays’ first session on April 1. 

how to sell real estate property online
how to sell real estate property online