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Family in Lessandra Community


Lessandra: An Investment with the Best Returns

September 21st, 2020 | Share via:

A young woman in her 20’s wanting to start her own investment. A father aiming to provide his children a comfortable place to live in. An old couple looking for a retirement place.

Different people, different scenarios, but all can be addressed by the rising housing developer, Lessandra.

For the young woman wanting to venture into expanding her financial assets, a safe and profitable option is real estate investment. One can buy an affordable house and lot in Philippines at pre-selling price and benefit from its value appreciation as property value increases over time especially if it is in a viable location. Aside from value appreciation, a purchased residential development can also be a source of passive income by having it rented out to individuals or families who are into home rentals and leasing. 

                 Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

A home for the family is one of the purest and sincerest intentions a responsible father always has. As a parent, buying a house is a must as it translates to the security, protection, and comfort of loved ones. In choosing a permanent residence, one must consider its livability, as well as safety and security, among other things, as the welfare of the household is also at stake.

From being young professionals to attaining various life goals, comes aging. Along with aging is looking forward to and planning for the retirement period. Who wouldn’t want to spend time in a serene, comfortable, and maaliwalas place in their retiring days?

For people looking for a home where to spend the rest of their enjoyable days, convenience and accessibility are some factors that need to be considered along with the atmosphere. Is it near to major road networks? Is it accessible to life’s necessities such as commercial centers and hospitals? Does it provide a quality life at a reasonable cost? All these are aspects that need to be addressed before making the purchase.

At different life stages, people have different reasons for buying a house and lot. Fortunately, Lessandra, a housing brand under the country’s largest and most trusted property developer, Vista Land, is able to meet these different objectives.

Located in fast-growing and progressive communities in the country, Lessandra guarantees an ideal location that would earn an investor exponential returns over time. The affordable house and lots of Lessandra also provides an opportunity for every parent to give a secured, protected, and comfortable place for the family to live in, worry-free of the future. All Lessandra communities are maaliwalas, and are accessible to conveniences one would be needing. Even in retiring age, Lessandra is the ideal environment as it is not only livable, but is also close to nature with healthy surroundings.

An asset with great returns that can last a lifetime and be passed on to generations, Lessandra is one of the best investments you can avail for yourself, for your family, and for your retirement period.

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