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couple inside lessandra community

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A home with great, healthy returns

July 4th, 2020 | Share via:

Never has the idea of owning a home been as crucial as it is today.

While everyone sees a house as an absolute necessity, a home is more importantly a well-meaning investment on your health, safety and security, as well as your future. It shouldn’t just provide a roof over your head and generate healthy returns. A home should also be a sanctuary where you can feel safe and be in control. It should serve as your protection against COVID-19, which has disrupted every system in place, jolted many out of their comfort zones, and brought almost all activities inside the house—from work, education, to dining and even entertainment.

couple jogging inside lessandra community
couple jogging inside lessandra community

Lessandra provides a safe space, where freedom and security exist.

Shifting preferences

Thus today, considerations are starting to change and preferences are shifting. Greater appreciation for a house and lot (H&L), in particular, is largely being seen as the pandemic underscored the need for more spaces, more flexibility and stronger sense of security.

“Even before the pandemic, end-users have been buying H&L units due to the demand for greater space. Sea-based overseas Filipino workers are among those who look for bigger open space for their families and this is one H&L feature that homebuyers continue to look for. One residential option that unit owners in Metro Manila have been considering since the lockdown and pandemic is an H&L unit outside the hustle and bustle of the capital region,” explained Colliers Philippines senior research manager Joey Roi Bondoc.

“As you go outside of Metro Manila, the demand for horizontal or H&L projects increases. The demand is primarily end-user driven. The decentralization of economic opportunities outside of Metro Manila has also contributed to H&L development. Hence, there are greater opportunities in key urban areas such as Cavite, Bulacan, Pampanga, Tarlac, Nueva Ecija, Laguna and Batangas,” Bondoc further said.

couple inside lessandra community
couple inside lessandra community

Lessandra offers affordable, quality house and lot that fits perfectly in the new normal.

Meeting your needs

Finding a home that could give you enough room to breathe and be safe should not be too difficult. In key areas, you will find a Lessandra community that will offer you an affordable, quality house and lot that will meet your needs in this pandemic—enough open spaces, fresh air, as well as proximity to major thoroughfares and modern day necessities.

Lessandra communities, spread across 40 different locations, are known to offer a neighborhood that is “maaliwalas,” a Tagalog word that connotes “bright, spacious and well-ventilated.” Having enough of such open areas could readily provide peace of mind and a sense of being safe in this era that sees spaces and social distancing as crucial in helping flatten the curve.

Strategic location and proximity to major and access roads, key establishments and institutions could further heighten the residents’ peace of mind, knowing that essentials will be conveniently accessible from their homes. And, given the country’s experience of a lockdown, it is reassuring to know that whatever you may need is just right outside your neighborhood.

More importantly, investing in a house and lot within Lessandra communities will give you full control and flexibility to carve spaces that could suit your present needs. For instance, you may designate an area where you can disinfect bags and shoes before you enter the family room. You can set up an isolation area or carve a space where kids can do their online learning. An unused corner can be your new office or home gym, while the garden can double as your play area.

In having your own house and space, the possibilities can truly be endless.

lessandra dining interior
lessandra dining interior

Quality moments with family await at Lessandra homes.

Worthwhile investment

It thus makes sense to invest in a home within a Lessandra community, especially amid the pandemic and the lockdown that has ensued. The gains that can be had from having that sense of safety and security as well as peace of mind will far outweigh the cost and perhaps, even your hesitation to invest at a time when economies are taking a hit from this health crisis.

Check out your future home via the Lessandra Augmented Reality 3D (AR3D) App and the online site tours uploaded on the Lessandra Official YouTube channel. Its latest innovation, the Lessandra Virtual Home Tour is a rendered, interactive Lessandra community that will allow users to explore and step inside Lessandra’s model houses. Meanwhile, the Lessandra Online Reservation Portal makes it easier for you to choose the house and community you want to live in, as well as make that reservation. With just a few clicks, your new home is within your reach.

As more Filipinos search for fresher spaces outside the cities, Lessandra ensures that finding a safe space, where freedom and security exists, is still possible.

And indeed, if there’s one thing the pandemic has made many realize is that space is valuable—moreso the numerous benefits that go with having it. Investing in a house and lot, in a space you can call your own is truly a worthwhile investment that you and your family, and even the generations after, can enjoy.

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