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Homemade Delicacies: Discovering the Best Food Havens in Calamba!

October 22nd, 2020 | Share via:

Calamba City is famous for different reasons -its rich historical background and being the resort capital of the Philippines among them. Tourists love this city in South Luzon, making it a venue for celebrations, company team building activities, and quick weekend getaways.

Being a part of a country with diverse food selections and a wide taste palette, Calamba is rich in culinary history and gastronomical feast. The homemade foods and dishes served in restaurants in Calamba keep up with appealing food presentations, while never losing the classic taste from recipes passed down through generations.

Here are some of Calamba’s hidden food havens you will surely fall in love with:

1. Aviles The Original Bulalo

Since 1965, Aviles Restaurant has been serving all-time favorite Filipino cuisines at a reasonable price. Their most sought after dish, Bulalo, is famous for its fall-off-the-bone meat and rich broth. The said dish paved the way for the restaurant to be well recognized locally.  It also gained popularity from patrons and food aficionados.

Aviles The Original Bulalo

National Highway, Real, Calamba City

2. RSM Lutong Bahay

Another favorite is the RSM Lutong Bahay. With its wide menu selection of classic Filipino dishes and homey ambiance, RSM is the go-to place of families for their significant occasions such as the homecoming of OFW family members, graduations, birthday celebrations, and the like.

RSM Lutong Bahay

Bacnotan Road, Real, Calamba, Laguna

3. Lutong Pilipino ni Aling Ely

Back in 1993, Lutong Pilipino ni Aling Ely began in a kubo (nipa hut), serving their humble Lechon and Chicharon. They are the first to offer Lechon in Calamba. Today, this 27-year old restaurant serves what locals and tourists hail as the “best Lechon in town”. Its façade looks like a typical karinderya serving a wide variety of Filipino cuisine. Without a doubt, you will feel at home as you eat a platter of their incredibly delicious Lechon.

Lutong Pilipino in Aling Ely

National Highway, Halang, Calamba City

4. Mommy’s Garden Café

Decorated with plants and trees, Mommy’s Garden Café is a favorite among titas and mommies that are looking for a place to breathe and relax. Known for its natural setting, serene ambiance, yummy food, and accommodating staff, this one-of-a-kind garden café is the perfect spot to enjoy Filipino delicacies such as Biko and Halo-halo, while listening to the calming sounds of nature.

Mommy’s Garden Café

Bucal Bypass Road Calamba City

5. Tita Sally’s Restaurant

Situated in the busy swimming district of Pansol, Calamba, Tita Sally’s Restaurant is a delightful place to enjoy delectable Filipino dishes. They are notable for their Crispy Pata and seafood dishes such as Ginataang Kuhol, and Buttered Tahong. If you are adventurous enough, you can give their unique dish, Adobong Palaka sa Bawang, a try.

Tita Sally’s Restaurant

National Highway, Pansol, Calamba City

Life in Calamba is truly a colorful one, with an abundance of appetizing homemade recipes to explore and discover. Proving to be a beautiful place rich in everything, Calamba is a perfect place worthwhile of turning your frequent visits into constant and permanent living.

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Upgrade your lifestyle! Visits in these food havens can be as often as you want when you choose Calamba as your next home investment.