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Safety is Key:
A Homebuyer’s Guide to a Disaster-safe Home

November 26th, 2020 | Share via:

Home catastrophes are unavoidable. No matter how confident one feels about their household, a person can never be completely at ease, as disasters can happen anytime. Thus, acknowledging and being knowledgeable of potential adversities can be beneficial when planning to purchase a house and lot.

Becoming a prepared homeowner is the key to protecting a home. Foreseeing what unfavorable scenarios a house may encounter can help identify what actions can be taken. This provides an added level of security and finer life.

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Here are some disasters a homebuyer can expect and how each possibly damaging event can be dealt with.


A typhoon is a natural calamity every structure should be ready for. This can bring strong winds and heavy rains, which can strike damage to property. 

  • Watch out for floods. When searching for a house and lot for sale, it can be a wise decision to check if the area has little to zero history of flooding.

    It is important to take note, however, that floods can happen rapidly, and every area that experiences rainfall is still susceptible to the surge of water. Analyze areas in the house that can bring in rainwater (e.g. doors, vents, and windows). When in the process of building the home interior, place appliances in spots that are less prone to be reached by floodwater.
  • Choose a typhoon-proof abode. A residence that can shelter you from a storm does not necessarily equate to an expensive real estate investment. There are affordable homes that are built to last and can withstand strong winds and heavy downpour.

    It is crucial that the materials used during construction are high quality and are less likely to get damaged after a typhoon has passed. It matters that the house components can easily be rehabilitated in case typhoon damages occur.


Another natural disaster to be weary of is an earthquake. Not only are earthquakes highly damaging, but earthquakes can take place anytime without any warning signs. Therefore, being equipped is a must.

  • Assess the vulnerabilities of the house. Closely work with construction engineers while in the process of building a house and ensure that earthquake-related issues can be mitigated.

    Certainly, not everyone can afford to meticulously check every construction progress. If, for example, one is looking for a ready-to-move-in and affordable house and lot, home developers can verify how well the structure can endure earthquakes.
  • Check objects at home that can be unstable during earthquakes. During an earthquake, personal possessions and appliances are affected by the shaking. Make sure that small and fragile objects are not prone to falling. Apart from avoiding the cost of repurchasing the same set of items, safety inside the home is also not compromised.

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  • Conduct structure checks routinely. Another great way to be protected from possible damages from an earthquake is to ensure that the house does not have existing impairments on its foundation. Look for wall cracks that can likely be fatal during aftershocks. Identifying the weak points of the house and repairing them immediately are helpful ways to be ready for an earthquake.


An addition to the dangers a property owner can face is a home fire. It also happens to be catastrophic when not paid enough attention to. Seeing a house being burned to the ground is probably one of the hardest things to imagine. Luckily there are ways to avoid this casualty.

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  • Make use of fire prevention tools. Thanks to technology, detecting early signs of fire is now possible. Installing a smoke detector in the ceilings is an advantageous move as you can immediately be aware of fire starters. It also helps to have a fire extinguisher available in case a small fire ignites.
  • Ensure electrical wirings are not damaged. When looking for a house and lot for sale, it is worth investigating that the property to be purchased does not have any faulty electrical wirings. The same applies for the appliances to be used at home. Safety is assured when electrical wires are intact and working properly.
  • Have a fire exit. It is best to have an escape in case a fire ensues. Make sure that windows can easily be opened and that window bars can seamlessly be unscrewed from the inside during emergencies.

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Last on the list is robbery. It is terrifying to think that a stranger can break into a house. Unfortunately, burglary is just like the other catastrophes, there is no way of telling when and if it will happen. Listed are ways to hopefully stop thieves from breaking in.

  • Look for a secured house location. When possible, search for areas that provide 24/7 security. Belonging to a safe neighborhood lessens the worries of a felony. Also, knowing that neighbors can look after one another helps an individual feel more secure. It counts to be a part of a maaliwalas community.
  • Place a security system. Another thing a homebuyer can do before moving into a new house is to install his or her own security system. It saves to have surveillance cameras built in for an added level of safety. Having fences and a gate can also be beneficial. Implementing this kind of setup at home can decrease the likelihood of crime.

Seeing all these precautions for disasters brought by typhoons, earthquakes, fires, and robberies can be intimidating. They take extra effort and can be very costly.

When it comes to safety and security, however, one should not think twice about doing what’s best for any given situation. If a person ignores the possibility of disasters from occurring, it can just bring in more problems and leave more appalling effects. Acting on these as early as possible can be beneficial in the long run.

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