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Check out the house’s conditions before striking a deal.


9 Key Steps in Buying Your First House

December 7th, 2020 | Share via:

Buying a house and lot for the first time is no easy feat. Sometimes, it requires making compromises as to what you want to what you need and can afford. You also have to deal with paperwork.

The good news is that you can consult professionals all throughout the process. But even so, you may feel confused as to which initial steps you have to take. With the following guide though, purchasing a home becomes more manageable. 

Buying a house involves more than just choosing designs and handing money.
Buying a house involves more than just choosing designs and handing money.


Determine what you need in a home

Instead of looking for affordable homes right away, you should first take into account what your ideal home is and where it should be. Location should be your #1 consideration. It should be near your workplace or business.

Next, determine your preferred number of rooms and the size of the house, especially if you’re going to move-in with your family. You should also envision the kind of community you want to live in.

Location will matter once you start living in the house and decide to sell it later on.
Location will matter once you start living in the house and decide to sell it later on.


Weigh on your financing options

Go to your bank and inquire about housing loans. You can also search about how to get a loan from PAG-IBIG. You don’t have to apply right away. Just take notes about your financing options so you can have ideas about how much you can afford for a home.

 Prepare the down payment

Even when you have financing options, you still need to prepare money for the down payment. For this, you might have to tap your savings.

Browse real estate websites

Looking for a house and lot for sale is made easy thanks to reliable and trustworthy real estate websites such as the following:

  • Presello. Presello is no rookie in real estate products. They have more than a decade of selling experience spanning over corporate management, marketing, training, consultation, sales strategy, and marketing of real estate products.  Presello is popular not only because of their services but also because of their impressive house video tours and informative podcasts that are definitely helpful to property buyers and investors.
  • Pinnacle Real Estate Consulting Services, Inc. offers services, particularly in real estate asset management and brokerage, real estate closing and advisory services, and non-performing loan asset management. Whether you are a buyer or real estate lender, Pinnacle can offer you their services as they cater to different types of properties – agriculture, commercial, industrial, mixed use, and residential – all over the Philippines.
  • Top Realty. If you are looking for properties other than a house and lot, such as hotels or even beach properties, you may want to check Top Realty’s website. Aside from the different types of property they offer, they also feature virtual tours of the house listings on their website.
  • Real PH has been in the business for 20 years. Part of their offerings include residential properties - for sale, for rent, and even foreclosed ones. They also feature commercial space  from office spaces for sale to co-working spaces, events venue, meeting rooms, and serviced office spaces

Once you have narrowed down your search to your preferred location and developer, you can make a list of properties that have the qualities you need and want for a house.

Consult realtors, agents and/or brokers

Once you have the list, you can reach out to the realtors, agents, or brokers managing those properties. You can request for more photos and inquire about the properties’ features. You can ask them about the down payment and financing options as well.


You can further reduce your list as you talk to brokers or agents. Then, when you have around five properties left, you can request to visit and inspect them.

Check out the house’s conditions before striking a deal.
Check out the house’s conditions before striking a deal.


Hire a general contractor when you’re going to visit the property. You can focus on the aesthetics when you assess the house. Meanwhile, your contractor will evaluate the roofing, flooring, and plumbing conditions. You can refer to both your contractor and agent for placement of appliances and lighting.


After inspection, plan another meeting with your agent. Through this meeting, negotiate an affordable house and lot. If possible, bring someone who is adept at price negotiation or someone who already has experience in buying properties.

Discuss before you make the deal.
Discuss before you make the deal.


Deal with paperwork

When it comes to the deed of sale, it’s better to hire a lawyer to help you with it. For other documents, your broker or agent may assist you in getting them. Refer to them for taxes as well.

For a convenient and hassle-free home purchase, choose a trustworthy developer.

Close the deal and get ready for moving in

Once the deed of sale has been signed, you can now prepare for moving into your own house. Shop for furniture, appliances, beddings, cooking wares, and dining wares. Pack your clothes, shoes, bags, personal care supplies, and other essentials. You can check out Real Living to discover interior decorating and organizing tips for your first home.

A house and lot is a major purchase. With the above guide, you can commit fewer mistakes and have a worthwhile investment.

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