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Simple and Practical Ways to Upgrade Your Life

February 10th, 2021 | Share via:

It’s fine to feel contented with what you are, what you do, and what you have. However, what if you can be more, do more, and have more? Improving yourself and your life could make you feel fulfilled. In your quest to upgrade, you may also end up helping beyond yourself.

Pursuing a better life involves minor and major changes. Some changes don’t cost a thing while some may be considered investments. You can start by doing something as simple as avoiding social media for a day, or kick off by buying an affordable house and lot for sale.

Do you want to reap the rewards soon? Begin now by reading the following ways to upgrade your lifestyle.

Define personal style.

For ladies, you can keep staples such as white shirt, dark jeans, black dress, ballet flats, and pumps. For gentlemen, you may have white and pale blue button-down shirts, along with brown and black pants. These are the basics, but not necessarily your personal favorites.

Know the staples then spice them up.
Know the staples then spice them up.


It’s fine to dress simply if that’s what you prefer. However, this doesn’t mean you just have to settle with what you can find on department stores or ukays. Consider investing on tailored clothes especially for your pants and suits. Keep in mind that the perfect fit never goes out of style.

One less costly option is to shop for ready-to-wear (RTW) and head to the tailor afterwards. Check out to see which parts of your suit you can get tailored.

In case you want to show your personality through your fashion choices, pretend to be a stylist for a day. Browse Pinterest or Instagram for #OOTDs or #OOTNs and see what styles appeal to you the most. Read on recurring and current trends as well. Scour online shops for more ideas. If you’re still undecided, try going for a clothing subscription box.

Invest on quality and comfortable undergarments.

When it comes to underwear, it’s not the style that matters the most. Focus more on the quality and comfort.

The material is the first thing you should consider when shopping for undergarments. Choose those with more cotton content to help ensure comfort.

Find out which kind of underwear matches your personal style preferences as well. Do you love pencil skirts? If you do, thongs and seamless undergarments would be a good fit with them. For men, a set of boxer briefs is a must-have if you like something you can sport with most types, if not all, of pants.

Upgrade your bed.

Have your sweet dreams in a dreamy room.
Have your sweet dreams in a dreamy room.


Instead of wishing for a hotel staycation, make your bedroom feel like a slice of heaven itself. You don’t have to redo the interior; sometimes, improving your bed may be enough.

Consider buying new beddings and pillows. If your mattress is just a few years old but not as cushy as before, you might want to get a mattress topper.

In case you’re willing to spend more, purchase a new bed. Another option is to have a bespoke one. By opting for a custom-made bed, you can request for drawers underneath or exchange a headboard for open shelves. For optimal comfort and elegance, you might want a cushioned and tufted headboard.

Change from renter to homeowner.

Getting custom-made furniture and renovating parts of your home can help you in achieving a better life. However, you have limits as to what you can do if you’re renting or living with your parents.

While you can’t do it overnight, think about buying your own house and lot. This requires planning as you’ll need to get a loan and choose among many options. Begin the process by browsing property listings or check out Lessandra’s offers.

Imagine how much freedom you’ll have when you own your place. You can invite people without asking permission. You can style it in the way you like. This is especially helpful if there’s a hobby you want to try or if you need a home that’s conducive to your work.

Shift from commuting to driving.

Explore. Experience. Enjoy.
Explore. Experience. Enjoy.


Like a real estate property, a ride is also an investment. By driving your own car, you can avoid crowded buses and trains. You can save time by taking shortcuts unlike public utility vehicles. It’s also more relaxing when you’re going on vacation using your own car.

During the pandemic, the advantages of being a car-owner are further highlighted. You can go to the supermarkets and other establishments without worrying about the ban against PUVs. You also have less exposure to potential carriers of any deadly virus or bacteria.

Learn to travel solo.

It’s comforting to travel with your significant other, family, or friends. However, to explore requires you to step out of your comfort zone. This could mean travelling and discovering the world on your own.

Appreciate art.

One of the best things about travelling the world is seeing both natural and man-made wonders. Famous works of art are highly revered for many reasons. One of these reasons is that they can invoke something in you.

You don’t have to go abroad to see them though. Tour many of the museums here in the country. Tripzilla lists Casa Gorordo and the National Museum of Fine Arts as two museums that will spark your love for the country. Aside from the artistic works inside these places, their architecture and landscape are amazing as well. You can also look at the properties for sale on real estate websites and see the latest trends in landscaping, architecture, and interior design.

There are also art exhibitions and fairs in many parts of the country. Try attending them, too. You might want to buy an artwork you can display in your home or find an artist that can help design a piece that you like.

Showmanship is also a form of art. As such, you should watch a musical or stage play at least once in your life. Visit Click the City’s theater section to know which shows you can attend or stream online. Street dancing and float parades in various festivals in the country are also enjoyable.

Read more.

Read more and be wiser.
Read more and be wiser.


With so much free written content online, there’s no excuse for you to avoid reading. By reading news, you’ll know the current political, economic, and social situations in the country. You can also indulge yourself with a novel or a series. If you’re into a certain hobby, check out books and blogs related to it.

When it comes to books, explore different genres. Try both fiction and non-fiction. If you just want to relax, a good romance or adventure novel may be enough. If you want to know what successful people do or if you’re into history, look for biographies or memoirs.

Don’t just stop at reading, though. Understand the content, too. More importantly, relate them to your situations or the country’s. Find ways to help you get out of unfavorable situations and ways to do your part in helping your community.

Pamper yourself with a haircut, manicure, and pedicure.

Are you not in the mood for reading, travelling, or setting a personal style? Treat yourself instead. With a haircut, you can get your much-needed confidence boost. More importantly, you can relax. First-class salons are always great, but you can also opt for a home service.

Don’t just settle for a haircut; go for a manicure and pedicure as well. Mani and pedi aren’t just for girls. They’re also not just for special occasions. If you’re feeling stressed or uninspired, some nail clipping, cleaning, and coating can give you some feeling of ease.

Try homemade hair care and skincare products.

Many of the top-quality hair care and skincare products cost more than a thousand. The good news is that some of them have low-cost counterparts that you can make on your own.

For your homemade hair masks, you can grab some coconut oil, olive oil, avocadoes, and honey from the nearby supermarket. Refer to Preview’s article on what other ingredients you can buy, how to mix them and how to apply them for your tresses.

Philippine Tatler also has a list for DIY facial mask recipes for the common skin types. Some of the ingredients required are coffee, milk, and turmeric.

Cultivate ornamentals and food.

Let these living things add life to your front yard.
Let these living things add life to your front yard.


Affordable homes could seem expensive thanks to a well-planned landscape. It’s great if you can hire a landscaping professional. If you want to DIY, consider cultivating plants with blooms or showy foliage on your front yard. If you are still in the DIY mood, you can try building a pond as well. However, for that, you will surely need a pond calculator to start with, and sufficient space too.

Make the most out of your backyard or windowsills by taking care of herbs. If you have a spacious yard, you can try making a small vegetable garden. Tomatoes, cilantro, and basil are among the easiest plants you can grow and regrow.

There’s more to gardening than just boosting your home’s curb appeal. Growing your own food teaches you a different kind of independence. It will also make you realize the challenges of farming.

Master a new skill.

Countless of tutorial videos are available online. Just simply go to YouTube. You can find tips on how to cultivate certain plants among other things.

There are many free short classes as well. Go to Coursera if you want to try out classes from foreign universities and colleges without going abroad. In case you wish to get a license or certification, try a vocational course from TESDA. There are many options on their site. If you prefer reading, you can also check out bookstores for extensive guides and books on how to do things.

Learn to cook a new dish.

Delight yourself with your own dish.
Delight yourself with your own dish.


Cooking is one of the best skills you can master. Preparing your own food helps ensure that they’re clean. But more than that, you get to create a dish that suits your taste buds best.

Cooking your food is also economical in the long run. This may also be valuable in your journey to becoming fit.


After indulging yourself with both healthy and unhealthy food, let your mind and body take a break. Make it a habit to undergo some detoxification every few months or so.

Disregard the detox products you encounter online. Detoxifying is about eliminating so focus on how you can consume or spend less. Detoxifying may mean elimination but it helps you become better as it offers short-term and long-term benefits on your health and finances.

One benefit is for you to avoid more sugar and alcohol in the process. As a result, you avoid the costs that come with them and the health risks they impose on you.

During your detox day or week, whichever you prefer, avoid soft drinks and hard rinks. Stick to potable water. If you have access to raw foods, go for them as well. Try sashimi, salads and dried fruits for instance. Make sure you eat fibrous foods, too.


Unplug your devices and reconnect with yourself and with nature.
Unplug your devices and reconnect with yourself and with nature.


You also need a detox process against the toxins you’ve accumulated through your virtual encounters. How many hours do you spend browsing, posting, and interacting on social media channels? You may not notice this especially if you open your accounts during your break time or while waiting. This habit may be taking much of your energy and free time. Yet, what you usually get in return is just temporary happiness.

If you want to improve your life, don’t apply filters like what you do on your photos on social media. Let go of the idea of how perfect your life is or how others have better lives than you. The first step in doing this is unplugging yourself from the interconnected world for some hours or few days.

Instead of just avoiding Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, spend your free time by going to the park. Head to the nearest public library and indulge yourself with a great read. You can also simply stay at home and try meditation.

Recite affirmations every morning.

It’s hard to tone down those self-doubts sometimes, isn’t it? Don’t just try to ignore them; instead, devote your energy in attracting positivity. One simple trick to do this is to say affirmations every morning (or as often as you want).

There are many affirmations you can find online. You can copy them or personalize them. They can all be about telling yourself about your positive qualities or the abilities you possess. Below are affirmations you can recite:

  • I have the power to transform myself and my life for the better.
  • I have the strength to initiate and get through changes in my life.
  • I have pure intentions in my pursuit for a better me.

You can also try to relate them to your goals. For example, if you’re planning to buy a home, your affirmations could be as follows:

  • I can earn, save and pay for my own place.
  • I can find and get an affordable house and lot in the Philippines.
  • I can live in my own home soon.

More often than not, a new environment is beneficial in your journey for a better life. Thankfully, there are affordable housing options out there. Among the top choices are Lessandra homes. Browse the site for offers in your preferred locations or within your budget. If ever you need help for your housing loan or for any other questions regarding home purchase, contact a representative via call, email, or the contact form on the website.