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Pots and planters aren’t enough; give your leafy buddies platforms.


Interior Design Trends to Try this 2021

February 23rd, 2021 | Share via:

Being a homeowner grants you freedom to style your own place. It can be as plain as you want. But if you like to make it as comfy as possible, paying attention to the interior is a must.

Moreover, personally designing it lets you transform your house and lot into a conducive space for your work, hobbies, and studies. You can also ensure it to be a safe place, especially if you have kids or pets.

With affordable homes on the market, you’re a step closer to owning your first home and styling it the way you need and want. To give you ideas on how to decorate it, get to know the latest trends in home interior.

An Entryway that Excites or Entertains

Make your entrance more inviting.
Make your entrance more inviting.


With an eye-catching entrance, you and your guests already have something to talk about even before going inside. To achieve this, you can paint your door with a bold color. Another option is to replace it with a door and frame that have more striking designs.

However, a daring door design isn’t recommended if your house exterior is mostly minimalist. What you can do instead is to set up a decorative planter or two beside the doorway. Fill it with bushy plants or blooms, whichever you prefer.

A pair of outdoor statues or sculptures is an option as well. You may also consider structures that can serve both as decors and seats.

If you’re not into a grand entrance, you might want to add geometric wall sconces beside the doorway instead. Placing a doormat with a funny message is also a less subtle yet fun way of livening up your entryway.

With or without holidays, you may hang a wreath in your front door. It doesn’t have to be made from flowers, leaves, and twigs. You can try out a wreath bearing small succulents. For the DIY-lover in you, you can also make your own using ribbons, threads and fabrics.

Rattan Furniture for Relaxation

Brace for the breeze while sitting on your airy rattan seat.
Brace for the breeze while sitting on your airy rattan seat.


Rattan chairs and tables are reminiscent of your days in beaches and spas. Instead of going on a vacation, why not turn your own home into a mini-paradise? If you don’t have a pool or a tub, perhaps an inflatable one may be enough. Place a rattan lounger next to it for the getaway right in your yard.

A rattan living room set can suit your deck, it’s not just for outdoor living spaces. If you’re aiming for a countryside vibe in your living room, you might want to put rattan seats and coffee table. Add some cushions and throw pillows along.

A rattan rocking chair is also worth having if you’re living with seniors or if you just find the seat enjoyable. For corners, you might want to hang an indoor swing featuring rattan design.

Match all this furniture with handwoven baskets. Aside from displaying and storing fruits, vegetables and flowers, these baskets can serve as plant holders. There are also baskets meant for laundry and footwear.

Creative Organizers for Clutter Control

Living with less is fantastic but so is living with many products you enjoy and pay for. During the height of the community quarantine, you might have accumulated items from frequent online shopping. Manage those by giving away what you don’t actually want and need. For the rest, keep them in nifty organizers.

Have organizers for your closet, vanity table, bathroom sink, and kitchen counters as these are among the cluttered areas in a house. A wall shelf is also worth installing.

If your work desk has drawers, you can keep your paper and other supplies therein. For things you frequently use though, desk organizers are necessary. These can include pen holders and file organizers.

Don’t just get more things, more organizers, and more storage spaces, though. Declutter constantly and practices some cleaning hacks, too.

Edible Garden for the Wannabe Grower and Gourmet in You

Potted herbs and veggies can look and taste delightful.
Potted herbs and veggies can look and taste delightful.


Succulents and blooms will always be loved. However, the same can’t be said about the ornamentals that became the craze in the past months.

Even so, the plantito and plantita trend remains advantageous. If you’re among those who joined last year, you can still put your gardening skills to good use as cultivating herbs, veggies and fruits is gaining interest.

The idea of growing your own food sources isn’t exactly new. It has been considered in the ‘80s and ‘90s. However, this became highly appreciated when stay-at-home orders made it hard to buy groceries. Thankfully, long-time growers are very welcoming to gardening newbies. They share which plants give food the soonest, and how to take care of them. Tomato, eggplant, and sweet potato are the usual recommendations.

When you’re looking for an affordable house and lot for sale, don’t just focus on the interior. Think of the outdoor space where you can set up a mini garden where you can plant leafy vegetables like snow cabbage a.k.a. pechay.

But even if your lot doesn’t have much of free space, you can try vertical gardening. This is suitable for cultivating creeping or climbing vegetables. Examples include cucumber, squash, and string beans.

An indoor garden is fine as well. You can put your herbs, spices, and veggies in small pots, after all. Then, place those potted food sources on the windowsill or under your lights at home. Pepper, garlic, onion, shallot, and ginger are among those you can grow indoors.

 Plant Stands that Stand Out

Pots and planters aren’t enough; give your leafy buddies platforms.
Pots and planters aren’t enough; give your leafy buddies platforms.


It’s no longer just about the pots or planters. Even sizable foliage no longer seems appealing to many plant collectors. These days, the battle is on the plant stand or rack.

There is beauty in having a series of small or plain-looking ornamentals. Have them in uniform pots. Afterwards, line them up near a wall, walkway or window. To highlight them, display them on an elaborate plant stand.

For a unique stand, you can go to a welding shop and ask for a custom-made plant stand. One of the main advantages here is that the platform is bound to suit the space you allot for your plants. You can also opt for arches and pick the color for the coating.

If you prefer a wooden stand, try to look for a furniture-making shop near you. In case there’s none, search for a carpenter instead.

If you don’t want to shell out much cash for a plant stand, consider old stools and benches. Low or slender side tables are also great.

Partitions for Privacy

Use a divider to avoid dividing your attention to many things.
Use a divider to avoid dividing your attention to many things.


Open-floor plans are becoming less favorable recently. Before 2020, they’re liked because the interconnected rooms seemed more spacious.  The lack of obstacles was also seen as helpful for those with playful toddlers.

However, as the majority of Filipinos stayed at home for months, many realized the value of privacy between members in the household. Many realized that it’s not easy to work or study when there are kids running around or family members talking nearby.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a house with plenty of rooms. Due to budget and space constraints, even constructing a new room isn’t feasible for many.

Thankfully, dividers exist. In the office, partitions are vital in helping each employee focus on their work. At home, some dividers are often used as backdrop for a stylish corner.

Now, these are sought for providing some privacy between areas in the house. These won’t completely block the noise you can hear. However, it will reduce the distractions within your line of vision. If your work involves videocalls, those partitions can also prevent others from seeing much of your home or loved ones.  

Furthermore, partitions are useful for creating a space for self-love. In this space, you can focus on yourself. You can keep gadgets off-limits here so you can pay less attention to distractions and expectations.

Dividers don’t have to be like those foldable ones. You can also use a console table or a shelf to separate areas especially if still need to oversee kids or pets in the adjacent room or area.

The Trio of Trendy Colors: Yellow, Gray, and Blue

Let this sunny-looking seat make you feel less sluggish.
Let this sunny-looking seat make you feel less sluggish.


After Pantone revealed the colors of the year, many products in yellow and gray shades are hyped in online stores.

If you want to extend it to your interior, consider painting a portion of a wall with such colors. Just a part though. It may feel too hot and too bright if it’s all yellow. On the other hand, it may seem too depressing if the walls are all gray.

Another less risky way of following the trend is having yellow cushioned seats or throw pillows. Beddings with sunflower designs are attractive, too.

As for gray, it’s only advisable for accents and not main attractions in your interior. Perhaps, display a silver or metallic sculpture in your living room.

Before Illuminating and Ultimate Gray, Pantone named Classic Blue as the color of the year for 2020. When this was announced, news about an emerging pandemic was still minimal. However, it became advantageous for homeowners who filled their houses in shades of blue. As staying at home most of the time is still recommended, keeping this trendy color in mind remains beneficial.

Blue is a cool and calming color. Remind yourself of sandy beaches thanks to a rattan chair in a room with blue walls.

Elements for More Sun and Sky Exposure

Hello, outside world!
Hello, outside world!


When choosing among affordable homes, observe their windows. Take into account how much sunlight that can enter in your would-be home.

These days, there’s a growing preference for more natural light over artificial lights in the house. When you’re stuck at home for a long time, sunlight and view of the sky are likely among the first things you wish to experience again.

With skylights and big windows, you don’t have to dream of going out all the time. If your housing options don’t have these, you may think about renovations. But in case these go against the overall aesthetics of your home, focus on the window treatments instead.

Drop the heavy and elaborate curtains. Go curtainless. If not, hang sheer ones. This way, you won’t feel like your windows are too bare.

Generation Gaps No More with GrandMillennial Style

Velvet is back.
Velvet is back.


Interior design trends come and go. One of the recent and well-loved comebacks is the styles from the generation of today’s grandparents. Grandmas and millennials meet in the so-called grandmillennial interior trend.

The obsession with floral prints is an indication of this mashup style. You can look for stick-on wallpaper or wall stickers for these prints. Floral embroidery patterns in sheer curtains are lovely and in style, too.

Plaids are returning along as well. Consider these for throw pillowcases, table cloths, and runners. If you don’t like to hide your shiny dining table, try woven placemats and coasters with plaids.

Have you visited a senior’s house and noticed those pleated chairs, tables, and curtains? With skirted sinks, you can incorporate those pleats, plaids, or floral prints into your millennial home.

Don’t forget velvets, too. Silk’s gloss and smoothness are pleasant but it’s also nice to mix and match fabrics of different textures. Aside from pillowcases, velvety throw blanket is a comfy addition to your couch.

The grandmillennial trend isn’t all about fabrics. It puts the spotlight back on brass things, too. If you haven’t decided what to add in your entryway, perhaps a brass doorknob with an intricate design is the one you’re looking for. For double doors, a pair of brass knockers could impress your visitors.

Antique shops are a must-visit place if you’re into the grandmillennial style. If you want to shop for brand new finishing materials with antiquated vibes, take a look at what AllHome offers.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to follow all trends. Pick which ones suit your taste the most. You can also blend them. The choice is all yours, unless you have yet to buy your own house.  

The good news is affordable house and lot in the Philippines are not that hard to find. Browse Lessandra homes to discover the housing options available near you.