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Cute and Adorable Pets to Have at Home

April 23rd, 2021 | Share via:

Pets are considered as families. According to the survey conducted on more than 27,000 online consumers by Growth from Knowledge (GFK), an AI-powered intelligence platform and consulting service for the consumer products industry globally, 57% or the majority of the consumers own a pet. Globally, more and more household include at least one pet in their family. Pet ownership sky-rocketed in population as more families consider these domesticated animals for home companions. Owning a pet is also linked to several health benefits, including lower blood level and a decrease in stress levels, just to name a few. The benefits of having pets go beyond physical health as it also boosts the mood, making pet owners happier than in the absence of their fur friend. Living with pets at home is a joyous experience.

Most owners consider their pet to be their “fur-baby”, suggesting it to be the youngest member of the family that requires extra care and love. Like their owners, pets have specific needs that have to be provided for them. As part of responsible ownership, the household should know their capacity, such as their house space, before taking in additional fur housemates.

Here is a list of the best pets to have at home, even with limited space.

1. Small Breed Dogs

Photo from Perfect Dog Breeds

Dogs are the most popular pets globally. They are reported to be the most dominant home pets preferred by most households in the US, Brazil, and China just to name a few. The liking of this four-legged furry friend is also massive in the Philippines. Filipino families are mostly animal lovers and make an extra effort to own and raise one.

For homes with limited areas, the most ideal breed to get is miniature and toy dogs. One of the most common breeds in the country is the affectionate, happy, outgoing house dog, Shih Tzu. Unlike what its name suggests, these “little lions”, are tamed, highly trainable, and are one of the sweetest lap dogs.

Another small dog breed ideal in limited spaces is the pug. They require lesser grooming and are very adaptable to their owner’s lifestyle. Pugs have distinct features that they are most known for; wrinkled short face and curled tail. Like Shih Tzu, they are lap dogs but with extra playfulness and stubbornness.

If you’re up for a little adventure with easygoing pals, these dog breeds would make the best companions for you- even in a tiny home.

2. Cats

Photo from Pixabay

The second most common of pets are cats. These felines have their own way of capturing the hearts of pet lovers. They are relatively low maintenance compared to dogs but require as much love and care. Cats are effortlessly charming and mischievous, too. They are hunters by nature, which would leave you not worrying about pests and rats at home.

Cats have their own way to preoccupy themselves, like taking over your workspace or your personal space, softly pawing you for some affection – none that would make cat owners mad about because cats are adorable just like that. They are also extremely photogenic, no pictures with them on can probably go wrong.

Cats love having their personal space too. You will never have to worry about seeing sad eyes when you leave them. They can easily just turn their back on you and find the perfect spot at home to nap.

The most popular cat breeds in the country are Persians. Their adorable thick fur coating is so soft; pet owners would fall in love with them immediately. If you are looking for cats that shed less, you can opt for other breeds like our own local cats that are equally as smart and wise!

3. Hamsters

Photo from PetMD

Hamsters make an excellent pet, especially for animal lovers who don’t have the time to always be physically present at home. They don't require much attention for so long as they are provided with clean water and food and an extra exercising wheel to enjoy endless running in their cage.

Although these pets need less attention from owners, their cage is a different matter. It will require constant cleaning as their bedding easily smells from their urine and poop.

All in all, this adorable tiny hamster makes a cute companion at home.

4. Hedgehogs

Photo from Network for Animals

One uncommon yet interesting pet some animal lovers consider owning is a hedgehog. It has a distinct spiny coat which makes them look dangerous but they are tamed and approachable. The most common hedgehog is the African pygmy. It is also the smallest of its kind and one that is available for pet trade. Owning a hedgehog is quite a huge responsibility as these creatures are nocturnal hence, feeding and providing their vitamin intake will be at night time or sleeping time.

Taking good care of them may be tiring, but having a pet companion like them can be a great experience too. They are active, entertaining, and most of all, unique!

 5. Sugar Gliders

Photo from Elite Daily

Sugar gliders are tiny marsupial animals that also make cute pets at home. They have a squirrel-like gray fur with some black marking and a gliding membrane that helps them travel among trees. They are playful and social pets, hence, the need for a spacious spot for them to room around and climb on like they naturally do in the wild.  These small creatures are delicate and require a particular diet. They also need constant bonding with owners and ideally with other pets of their kind.

Sugar Gliders are very communicative, too. They make noises to express their feelings like when they are upset, hungry, and frightened, just to name a few.  Owning one or two will make an awesome experience for every pet lover out there.

 6. Rabbits

Photo from the Mercury News

Bunnies, like dogs, require a lot of attention and care. This cute and cuddly pet is best for households with extra space at home that they can turn into a bunny condo or shelter. Rabbits need a space of their own but not too secluded from others, especially from their owners. They are affectionate pets, but some may have the hardest time adapting to their environment and warming up to their owners. It will take time and patience until bunnies get rid of their aloofness toward others. But once they do, they can be the most hyper and active hopping pets at home you’d ever have.

These are just some of the best pets to have at home. All are equally adorable with their own set of needs. Having a pet in your own house and lot always makes a good idea but not when unprepared or less informed of the corresponding responsibilities. Pets like humans need a healthy diet, a space of their own, and physical maintenance. Aside from assessing if you have the capacity to provide and give them time to make sure they are living their best life with you at home, make sure that the community you are living in is pet-friendly, like the Lessandra communities. Lessandra communities not only offer quality and affordable house and lots but also maaliwalas neighborhoods where families can enjoy living even with their adorable buddies.

To care for your fur babies does not require extravagant homes. Remember that even with affordable homes, you can shower them with affection. What’s more important is to know your desired pets’ characteristics to effectively care for them.

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