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play to earn at axie infinity game


Play to Earn at Axie Infinity Game

July 29th, 2021 | Share via:

Today, video games are considered as more than just ‘games.’ Although still highly regarded and employed for their great entertainment value, many games have morphed into tools that people use for skills-development and educational purposes.

A good number of video games teach you to strategize and plan and even help explain scientific principles and engineering concepts. Because of the varied purposes of mobile games today, it is not surprising to see that the market for them across the world continues to grow almost exponentially. The axie universe is a vibrant, dynamic, and fast-growing market.

In a fairly new and extremely interesting turn of events, people are apparently not only using games for fun, entertainment, or learning; they are now using games to earn money in real life.

People have since become interested in playing Axie Infinity, a play-to-earn game created and developed by SkyMavis. The game joins the ranks of other NFT (non fungible token) games that allow players to earn currency as they play. It seems to have captivated the imagination of gaming fans like no other game has in recent times.

What is Axie Infinity?

Axie Infinity’s game-play alone provides a great degree of excitement and thrill. Adding an innovative economic design angle (through blockchain technology) where players get financial rewards for playing the game has paved the way for the platform’s huge global success.

What is Axie Infinity?
What is Axie Infinity?

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Axie Infinity takes inspiration from Tamagotchi and Pokemon games. You earn as you play the game. You breed and raise cute and loveable digital pets called axies, have them compete in battles, or sell and trade them in the marketplace, especially the rare and valuable ones, with other serious collectors for great profit. You set off on daily adventures or quests to earn Smooth Love Potion or SLP, in-game items that you sell in Uniswap or Binance markets.

Axie Infinity currently enjoys the top rank among computer games of its kind. Its axies are now regarded as chart-topping NFTs, dominating crypto space in recent months and amassing whopping sales of $200,000,000 just for the month of June, according to

According to, Axie Infinity Shards or AXS, the game’s main token, has quintupled in value from $3 to $15 in just a little over 2 weeks, putting its total market cap at a stunning $874 million. The value of each in-game SLP (Small Love Potion) token has blown-up to a $0.2 value from $0.1, also in just two weeks.

Play to Earn Game

Axie Infinity is a cryptocurrency investment that gives you the opportunity to earn money as you play an adventure-based game. In this digital world, cryptocurrencies are digital assets. Similar to other more conventional types of investments, it requires seed money or capital. It requires you to use tactical strategies and put in time and effort in order to make your investment grow.

Play to Earn Game
Play to Earn Game

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How does the game work?

To start, purchase three digital pets called axies using the digital currency ETH or Ether. ETH is the cryptocurrency used by Ethereum, the digital platform being utilized by the game. You can buy each adult pet for between 0.1 ETH and 0.2 ETH (the equivalent of $220 - $450).

Once you have your team of axies, you may earn money by doing the following:

  • Players buy and breed axies and sell them
  • Earn or farm love potions (necessary for breeding axies) and sell them
  • Have your axies compete in battles

Speculate on and trade or sell rare axies like Origins or Mystics

What about the Scholarships?

Covid-19 has added to the difficulties that have resulted in the extraordinary rise of unemployment across the world. Axie Infinity has made it possible for people to enjoy a legitimate source of revenue during these challenging times.

What about the Scholarships?
What about the Scholarships?

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A lot of people do not have the money to put down on the investment for the required number of characters. Axie Infinity, however, has made it possible for everyone to play the game through its scholarship program.

In a nutshell, the program makes it possible for axie investors to farm or rent out their axies to other players or ‘scholars’ and apply profit-sharing schemes so that everyone gets to earn money from the game.

Some investors who own axies do not have the time to play the game; instead of just ‘parking’ their axies, they can maximize their assets by agreeing to have players rent them and ‘grind’ or play them every day. This system allows people who do not have the capital necessary to get their own team of pets, to gain access to the game, play, and earn money from it. The system is far from fool-proof. However, the win-win set-up it offers has made the game a household name across the NFT space.

If you have the capital, you can invest on an axie team, learn and play the game, and generate income from playing. If you don’t have the time or interest in playing the game yourself, you have the option of finding a person to pilot or run the team for you.

This person is called your ‘scholar.’ You are his ‘sponsor’ and he plays for free. Both of you share in the income produced by playing Axie Infinity. If you are a big investor, you can buy more axies, have more scholars, and generate more income.

Some investors hire managers to manage the players or scholars. It is the manager’s job to screen the scholars, set each one up with his respective axie team, and on pre-determined intervals, harvest and disburse appropriately the tokens generated by playing the game.

The Axie Universe

A huge slice of the game’s player base is said to come from countries with high unemployment or inflation rate or from emerging and developing countries. People in these countries are using Axie Infinity as a legitimate source of income in lieu of a job or as a means to augment their income.

The Filipinos figure as among those that have a lively and zealous interest in mobile games – and they are now playing Axie Infinity with great enthusiasm. There are people who play the game for entertainment and some pocket money. There are also those who are seriously into the game to put food on the table or to pay for their children’s tuition fees.

The opportunity to mix pleasure with business - to earn money while having fun - is apparently an opportunity too good to pass up, especially in the face of current financial difficulties. For this reason alone, a lot of people now look at Axie Infinity as more than just a game-changer; they now regard it as a life-changer – and are keeping their fingers crossed that the game will not turn out to be just a flash in the pan.

How and where do you download the game?

Despite the fame of the game, Axie Infinity is just a new game in the market, and as the time of writing, it is still on its Alpha Version.

You can install Axie Infinity on your Windows PC or MacOS device by downloading the installer from their official website at

If you’re playing on a mobile smartphone, the game application is not yet published on the official app stores—Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS.

However, the developers have uploaded the mobile app version of the game on their servers, and on Apple’s TestFlight platform.

Here are the detailed instructions on how to download the game and start playing on your device.

Only download Axie Infinity from official sources!

Before we proceed, here’s a quick piece of advice from the Level Dash to gamers.

Make sure to only download the game clients from their official sources, such as download links provided in

How and where do you download Axie Infinity
How and where do you download Axie Infinity

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Beware of scammers and hackers and DO NOT download any Axie Infinity game client from unofficial third-party websites.

Otherwise your account will be at risk of getting compromised—the least that you want is to not secure your hard-earned investment!

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about how to download Axie Infinity!

How to Download Axie Infinity on Android

To install the Axie Infinity mobile app for your Android device, follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Play Now” on the upper right menu.
  3. Click on the “Android” button
  4. Confirm the prompt by clicking on “Open” or “Install”
  5. Axie Infinity game client should now be installed on your device. Enjoy!

How to Download Axie Infinity on iOS

The iOS version of Axie Infinity is not yet published on the App Store. It is only available via a TestFlight invitation.

TestFlight is Apple’s platform that allows iOS developers to distribute the game to a limited amount of beta testers.

To play Axie Infinity on your iOS device as a beta tester, do the following steps:

  1. Go to the official website at
  2. Click “Play Now” on the upper right menu.
  3. Click on the “iOS” button.
  4. Apply as a TestFlight tester.
  5. If you are accepted, install the TestFlight app from the App Store.
  6. Install Axie Infinity from the TestFlight app.

How to Download Axie Infinity for Windows

To install Axie Infinity on a Windows PC:

  1. Download the Windows installer from the official website using this link:
  2. Extract the ZIP file and open the setup to install the game.
  3. Once complete, you should now be able to login to the Mavis Hub game client and play Axie Infinity.

How to Download Axie Infinity for MacOS

To install Axie Infinity on a MacOS device:

  1. Download the MacOS installer from the official website using this link:
  2. Open the DMG file and move the Mavis Hub game client to your Applications folder.
  3. Once done, you should now be able to open the game client and login to the game.

How much Axie Infinity cost in Peso?

Axie Infinity was first released in 2018 and it skyrocketed in fame in the early months of 2021. And as its popularity rose, gaming and online communities turned to Axie Infinity as a source of income.

Starting this game isn’t as easy as downloading it. You and your team must be competitive in developing your digital pets even from the start.

While the Axies seem cute, the price isn't. The game is free to download and play but you’ll need a team of three Axies if you want any hope of winning! On the average, this could cost around 50,000 to 70,000 Pesos! It is really expensive if you consider it as just a game. However, it wasn’t as expensive before. In 2020, the price of an Axie was as low as $5 or roughly at 250 pesos!

You don’t have to shave off this ample amount just to start playing and earning from Axie. For example, you can find sponsors who are willing to fund your playtime and give a share of the profit in return for their sponsorship.

Axies are available at the official Axie Infinity marketplace, which you can find by visiting Exploring around the market, you’ll find that some Axies are for sale. In order to buy them though, you’ll first need the digital currency called Ether (ETH).

In 2020, the price of an Axie was as low as $5 or roughly at 250 pesos!
In 2020, the price of an Axie was as low as $5 or roughly at 250 pesos!

Image Source:

The cheapest price of an Axie, as of writing, is 0.052 ETH or $125.11. And since you need three Axies in order to build a team, that will cost you around $375 (18K PHP) to build a team of Axies and start the game. However, these low-cost Axies or also called floor-level Axies aren’t competitive enough. If you want to have an advantage, buy the high-level tier Axies which, again, could cost you around 50,000 to 70,000 Pesos for a team.

The value of Axies in the marketplace varies on the Axie’s breed, capabilities, and the current USD conversion of Ethereum, which you will use to pay for these Axies.

How can you earn from playing Axie Infinity?

On average, a player can earn 150 SLPs per day. How lucrative is this game? Apparently, there are players of Axie Infinity who earn around 20,000 to 50,000 Pesos over a month of playing it. The value will also depend on the current market price of SLP tokens, your ability, and the amount of effort you put into the game. From an average of $0.03 (1.4 PHP) per SLP in July 2020, the value increased to $0.36 (17 PHP) per token last May 2021. And at this time of writing, the SLP price per token has gone down to $0.13 (6 PHP).

According to Axie, there are more than 250,000 daily active users. Aside from breeding the Axies, the players need to complete missions to allow them to continue playing. 

Many people in different countries invested in this game, the Philippines being part of the biggest markets. Some quit their job to focus on this game while others saw it as a side hustle. All in all, it provided opportunities not present in other mobile games, allowing players to earn through NFTS and cryptocurrencies.

The cost of an Axie item is no joke. Crypto games are taken with seriousness today. So, if you think Axie NFTS is worth venturing into, you might as well give time and dedication so that the money you spent won’t go to waste.

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