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15 Ways to Spend an Exciting Weekend with the Family

September 1st, 2021 | Share via:

Weekends are precious for everyone, especially for working individuals. It is a time to relax and recharge from the week that passed. It is also the opportunity for us to spend quality time with ourselves and our families. To make the most out of these days, plan your weekend activities. Check on things to do on the weekend at home, especially during this time when everyone is advised to stay indoors as much as possible. To help you plan your rest days, check on this list of weekend activity ideas.

15 Weekend Activities with your Family

1. Movie marathon

Ready your snacks, turn off the lights, and turn on your TV! Watching movies or television series together can make a great family day. You can play a game then the winner gets to decide on what movie or television show to watch. You can share your thoughts and laugh about them during a meal.

2. Board games

Who doesn’t love board games? Monopoly and snakes & ladders are just some of the board games that will surely make the weekend with the family great. You can either play for prizes for the winners or consequences for the losers to add on more fun for the game.

3. Barbecue party

Outdoor family date and prepare your barbecue together with your family. You can assign each family member to a certain task and just invest in a small barbecue stove. You’ll only spend a little for the next barbecue party just for the food and the barbecue party can be part of the things to do with your family on the weekend.

Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels

4. Family cook-off

Make your chore a fun way to bring your family together! Include a family cook-off in your weekend activities. A cook-off to prepare your meals makes quite a competition but provides so much bond for the family. Split your family into two teams and assign a dish for each team to prepare. Adding a little competition to your daily chores can lead to a great fun time with your family. No need to spend more budget since you’ll be preparing your meal for that day, anyway. Washing the dishes after the meal or decluttering your home will be the consequence for the losing team.

5. Solving puzzles

Puzzles can be quite stressful when you’re solving them yourself, but it’ll be fun if you solve them as a team. 1000 pcs puzzles are quite a challenge and can be an exciting weekend activity for the family. It may take more than a weekend sometimes, but you’ll get to have a great family time with your family, and that is all that matters. Get each puzzle you solved framed so you can keep a remembrance for a great family day.

6. Plantitas in the making

Include planting and gardening in your weekend activities. Spend some time outdoors by planting flowers and adding a little more beauty to your yard. Allow your kids to get messy in the fresh soil and being in the garden. It will also be a great investment in knowledge for them to learn how to take care of plants.

7. Build a fort

With children at home, you must have a variety of weekend activity ideas to make an exciting weekend for the little ones. Every kid loves building a fort, maybe for some adults as well. Any time of the year is a good time for some indoor camping. Just prepare some blankets, add a little lighting, and handpicked foods then you got yourself a great family day.

Games and plays are part of childhood. Reminisce on the popular street games in Top 5 Street Games in the Philippines for Children.

8. A tree for all seasons

If your Christmas tree is the only tree you decorate every year, maybe you can change it every holiday season. You can change decorations - instead of Christmas balls, you can add on decorations for Valentine’s Day, Halloween, or Independence day for more themes. An artistic and fun way of spending the weekend with the family.

Spend weekends with your family in Lessandra homes.
Spend weekends with your family in Lessandra homes.

9. Learning card games

Card games are always fun when you do them with your loved ones. Uno, slapjack, and crazy eights are some of the classic card games that you can teach your kids to play. Not only that you’ll have fun, but your kids will also learn how to make strategies in the game and win.

10. Got to believe in magic

Kids will always love magic, and you can make them love you even more if you do the magic yourself. There are easy tricks that can make your kids wonder and will ask you how you did the magic tricks with just a simple sleight of hand. Teaching them magic tricks is a way to make your family day memorable.

11. Capturing every moment with a picture

Every weekend with the family is important. Live in the moment, and don’t forget to capture precious moments with your family. Put together the photos with your family members in a scrapbook or album for another family bonding moment.

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12. Build your time capsule

Another way to remember a sweet time is through time capsules. It is also a fun indoor activity.   Create one with your family and decorate the box to make it more special. Making every moment captured be part of your time capsule so you can look back on it in the future and share a moment while remembering the good old days.

13. Baking 101

If you have an oven, this is great for you. And if you don't have one, getting one will be worth it. Baking with your kids is fun and messy, especially with the part of making the dough. If you’re a starter, you can start with the DIY cakes in a mug that only needs a few ingredients. Mix them in a mug, then just bake it. The learning process will be fun as long as you’re doing it all together with your family. Include this in your regular weekend activities, and together enjoy your food creations.

14. Preparing holiday cards

For many, sending cards from your family every holiday season has been a tradition. You can make it one of the things to do on the weekend at home. It is more fun if you do it all together, and instead of making the usual formal letter with your family picture, you can put a captured candid moment of your family while making the card. A great result is guaranteed since you had fun making the card itself and will send smiles to those who’ll receive your card.

15. Car wash fun wash

Freshen your family up as you also do your task of washing the car. Your kids will have fun splashing water around - just prepare a mini tub in the garage and let dad wash not only the car but the kids as well.

An exciting weekend is just around the corner, especially if you have the weekend activities laid out. Making every weekend a family day is a sure way to make it count.

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