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Lessandra Property Investors’ Night: Why You Should Invest in Real Estate Now

November 18th, 2021 | Share via:

A night for property investors. Going beyond the purpose of residential properties as primary homes, there are tons of investment opportunities and growth in real estate, with rental properties as a leading example. This is one of the evident upsides of real estate investing, as there is more to the venture aside from providing the comfort of having an own space.

On November 5, 2021, affordable house and lot developer Lessandra held a Facebook Live webinar, attended by a global audience. Titled “Why You Should Invest in Real Estate Now”, this Lessandra Property Investors’ Night delved deeper into the reasons why prospective investors should start investing in real estate as early as now.

Lessandra Property Investors’ Night Webinar Invite
Lessandra Property Investors’ Night Webinar Invite

The event featured architect and self-made entrepreneur Charmaine de Leon of Ready2Adult PH. Ready2AdultPH is a YouTube channel with about 100,000 subscribers and approximately 55,000 members in its Facebook Community version. With the topic, “Why You Should Invest in Real Estate Now,” De Leon’s discussion involved an informative financial and entrepreneurial take on real estate investing, providing a different set of perspectives and considerations for the prospective investors.

In addition, the webinar also highlighted the investment growth opportunities waiting in Lessandra. From the latest offerings to flexible payment schemes and deals, starting a worthwhile real estate investment can be swift, fast, and easy in Lessandra.

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Growth Opportunities in Real Estate Investing

“It’s not money down the drain.” One of the most worrisome situations in life is losing hard-earned money, realizing some time the “could-have-been” after an unnecessary spending spree, or diving into risky opportunities and losing greatly. Buying a property is one way of investing. While naturally, there are risks involved when it comes to any type of investment, real estate proves to be among the safest, with tons of returns real estate investors get to enjoy.

Pros of Real Estate Investments

As there are vital factors to consider when owning real estate investments, there would be pros and cons when doing property ventures, whether it may be residential or commercial real estate. One of the reasons why investing as early as now in real estate is its classification as a “more stable form of investment” when taking into account the other types of investors can explore.

Pre-selling and ready-for-occupancy affordable house and lots of one of the country's best real estate developers, Lessandra
Pre-selling and ready-for-occupancy affordable house and lots of one of the country's best real estate developers, Lessandra

This stability is one way to solidify a stable future, creating a more comfortable life for investors, whether they may be using the property as a primary home, or as a business venture. The pros also included property’s growth potential, increasing value, and its potential as a means for passive income.

Understandably, the cons surface through the varying preferences and livelihood conditions of each investor, as these factors greatly influence how ideal an investment property would be for them and their family.

Real Estate Investing Strategies

Investing is often simply viewed as a way to grow money, but not often are there readily accessible guides and strategies on how to reach the maximum growth and returns one can have when handling real estate investments. Age doesn’t matter when it comes to investing, especially in real estate. More importantly, it is even encouraged to do investments young, as there is a lot of potential taking into account the availability of time and energy.

A shot from Lessandra Property Investors’ Webinar
A shot from Lessandra Property Investors’ Webinar

Given the many types of real estate properties, there are tons of tried and tested strategies one can explore. Each property investment strategy takes advantage of the basic knowledge when it comes to real estate. Starting with the varying prices of different investment properties like pre-selling and ready-for-occupancy units, one prime example of a great strategy is by turning a real estate venture into a rental property, generating additional money from the rental income.

The discussion also included financial knowledge and preparation in real estate investing, all leading to a property’s appealing returns of investment for future property investors around the world. Investing in real estate properties, especially in the Philippines, is one of the ideal strategies for investors. The country continues to grow and progress, proving to be an ideal home and property investment location, with all the upsides to be experienced from Luzon to Mindanao.

For a detailed guide on how to buy a house and lot in the Philippines, visit Lessandra FAQs and Guides.

Lessandra as an ideal investment in the Philippines

Lessandra communities in prime locations nationwide
Lessandra communities in prime locations nationwide

Real Estate investors from around the world witnessed Lessandra’s wide reach all over the country, with its presentation of communities located in prime and highly progressive areas. This nationwide scope in highly progressive areas implies the opportunities to be enjoyed by future homeowners, a great potential to lead a satisfied and worry-free life. The proximity to business districts and melting pot of industries guarantee a locational advantage of property value increases, one of the real estate investment pros mentioned by de Leon.

More than that, considering the varying preferences of each real estate investor, Lessandra’s offerings continue to grow, from affordable house and lots to condominiums. These offerings cater to the wide real estate market showing interest in Lessandra’s affordable and quality properties, a wise property choice from anywhere in the country.

In terms of reachability, Lessandra’s wide scope also transcends to the availability of its inquiry accommodations from outside the Philippines. The various online platforms launched benefit prospective investors from around the world, allowing them to acquire a Lessandra affordable house and lot or condominium despite the great distance.

With all the great upsides of real estate investing, plus the ideal options for property ventures in the Philippines, now is the best time to invest in real estate.

Watch the full video of the webinar on Lessandra’s official Facebook Page, @Lessandra, or click here.

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