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Tips If You Are Working From Home with Children

September 6th, 2023 | Share via:

Tips If You Are Working From Home with Children

Working from home can be a blessing for many parents, allowing them to balance their professional and personal lives more seamlessly while also having more family time. But, when children are in the mix, it can be challenging to maintain productivity and focus. If you are a parent that works from home with children, you might need a hand through these practical tips:

Talk to your children gently.

You might want to organize a quick orientation with your kiddos and talk to them about establishing clear boundaries. Explain to your children that during working hours, you need uninterrupted time to concentrate on your job. Set up a designated workspace that is separate from their play areas to create a physical boundary as well. Communicate with them well about your work commitments. Explain in age-appropriate terms what you need to accomplish, and why it is important. Encourage their cooperation by involving them in small, designated tasks to contribute to the household chores or any small activity that they can do at home.

Maintain a work routine at home.

Another tip that you can do is to maintain a consistent routine. Children thrive on structure, so stick to a daily schedule that includes designated work hours for you and a designated time for play or study time with them. Establishing and modeling a routine for the kids creates predictability and helps children understand when they can expect your undivided attention.

Let technology work.

Wisely take advantage of technology in getting your kids occupied while you are on duty. Utilize educational apps and online resources to engage your children in fun and interactive learning activities. This will help keep them occupied and still getting educational, giving you some uninterrupted work time.

Don’t forget to take breaks.

Schedule regular breaks throughout the day for both yourself and your children. Taking breaks together can strengthen your bond and provide an opportunity for quality time, one of the great advantages when working from home. Engage in activities that energize both you and your children, such as going outside for fresh air or playing a quick game.

Schedule a nap time for the kids.

You may also establish a quiet time or nap time for your little kids. This can help you to focus on important tasks without disruptions, as well as letting your children rest. Set up a cozy and enticing space in their bedroom to get them tucked in the middle of the warm afternoon.

Get creative with distractions.

More distractions, more chances of getting the children busy within your work hours! Prepare a box filled with various engaging toys, games, and activities that your children can explore independently while you work. Rotating these distractions will help maintain their interest and keep them entertained while you are on your WFH shift.

Seek a little help.

You might be too shy to do this, but it really helps when you seek support from a reliable family member if possible. Having someone available to help supervise and entertain your children, even for a few hours a day, can significantly alleviate your workload and provide dedicated time for focused work.

Working from home with children requires careful planning, clear communication, and flexibility. As a working mom or dad, it can be overwhelming taking care of the kids. So, it is also essential to be kind and patient with yourself. Balancing work and parenting responsibilities is no easy feat, and it's important to recognize that some days may be more difficult than others. Remember to practice self-care and give yourself permission to take breaks or ask for help when needed.