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WFH Setup to Remain In the Philippines; Helps Ease Traffic and Commute Issues

September 27th, 2023 | Share via:

Are you in favor of letting the WFH setup remain in the Philippines?

The worsening traffic situation in the Philippines has become a major concern for the commuters and businesses. It affects one’s productivity, causes stress and frustration, and wastes precious hours on the road. In light of this issue, the concept of working from home, or WFH, has emerged as a potential solution to ease traffic congestion and issues brought about by commuting on a daily basis. This type of work setup started during the pandemic, and is still practiced in some companies until now.

As we discuss how the WFH set up affects the daily transportation challenges, here are some thoughts that shed light on the consideration of maintaining or scrapping the WFH set up in the Philippines. 

Employees working from home = less cars; less traffic

To begin with, WFH can significantly reduce the number of vehicles on the road, especially during peak hours. With fewer people commuting to their workplaces, traffic congestion will undeniably be alleviated. This would lead to quicker travel times, reduced fuel consumption, and lower carbon emissions, thus promoting a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly daily lifestyle.

WFH lets you work in comfort. 

Moreover, WFH provides several benefits to both employees and employers. For employees, not having to drive or commute for long hours means more time for rest, personal activities, and family bonding. Some employees can attest that they achieve a better work-life balance, which ultimately leads to higher levels of job satisfaction and overall well-being. On the other hand, employers may also witness increased employee productivity and reduced absenteeism, as WFH eliminates the fatigue and stress caused by long commutes.

The WFH setup helped promote inclusivity. 

The WFH setup has serendipitously promoted inclusivity in the work force as time went by. To some extent, it allowed individuals with physical disabilities, chronic illnesses, or limited mobility to participate equally in job opportunities. By eliminating the need for daily commuting, WFH setups opened doors for these individuals, enabling them to contribute effectively to the economy and pursue their careers on an equal playing field.

Cons of the WFH Setup 

On the other hand, it is also important to acknowledge that WFH also presents challenges. One of the major obstacles is the lack of proper infrastructure and technology to support remote work. The government and private companies must invest in robust internet connectivity, reliable power supply, and secure digital platforms to ensure seamless communication and smooth workflow. More so, training programs and policies should be implemented to help workers adapt to the virtual work environment and develop the necessary skills needed in this kind of setup. 

Another challenge lies in measuring productivity and monitoring employee performance. Traditional methods of monitoring, such as physical presence or direct supervision, may not be applicable in a WFH setup. Employers and employees should collaborate to establish performance evaluation mechanisms that focus on outcomes rather than hours worked, ensuring that productivity is not compromised in a remote work environment.

The Real Essence of Working from Home 

Having your own home is truly the real essence of working from home. It provides a comfortable and familiar environment that boosts your work productivity and helps aid a better work-life balance. Working from the comfort of your own space eliminates the need for long commutes, which saves both time and money, while also helping in eradicating traffic problems in your own little ways. Sometimes, there are distractions and interruptions that can happen in an on-site work set up, but in contrary to having your own home, you have the freedom to create a personalized workspace that suits your needs, while also allowing you to focus more on your family and taking care of your home. 

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