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Buyer's Guide

Welcome to the aliwalas community of Lessandra!
Follow these steps to start your angat journey in the Lessandra community!

Step 1

Project Presentation

Know all details about Lessandra! In contact with the Property Consultant or a Lessandra Online Partner, you will be oriented with all the details about the Lessandra project you are interested in. This includes the overview of the specific Lessandra project, all the available Lessandra house models, the amenities you will enjoy, and the financing options.

Step 2

Property Visit

A first hand experience of the aliwalas and angat community! Together with an accredited Lessandra seller, you can visit the Lessandra property for a better appreciation of the location, amenities, road networks, landmarks, and the conveniences near the specific Lessandra community. You can opt to do an Online House Tour in the Lessandra AR3D app available in the Google Playstore, or in the Lessandra Home Tour playlist in the Lessandra Online Youtube Channel. You can also access Online Site Tours with the Lessandra Online Youtube Channel!

Step 3

Reservation Application

Once you’ve chosen the Lessandra home and the specific Lessandra community you want to live in, you can proceed to filling out your reservation forms in the Lessandra office, and pay through the cashier.

If you prefer online reservations, your Property Consultant or a Lessandra Online Partner will do the holding of your unit on the Lessandra Online Reservation Seller's Portal, you will be receiving an email from Lessandra with regards to the details of your reservation and a payment link. Your online reservation of the property will be formalized once the reservation fee is paid through Lessandra’s online payment partners, plus submission of required administrative documents online.

Step 4

Marketing and Administrative Briefing

Now that you’ve reserved your property, there will be a briefing by a Lessandra Marketing Officer, and Administrative Accounts Officers through video call.

This briefing will cover discussion of Lessandra reservation process, documentary requirements, step-by-step process prior to move-in or house turnover, housing and administrative policies, and the timeline.

Step 5

Submission of Requirements

Now that the briefing is done, you will be given 30 days upon reservation to submit the necessary documents (as required) for the purchase. Requirements may vary depending on employment status (if locally employed, self-employed, or OFW) and payment scheme. The Lessandra property is already reserved under your name! You’re now closer to living an aliwalas life in Lessandra!

Step 6

Move-In / Turnover of Property

Once the house construction is done, and provided all finances are settled, the Lessandra property will be available on a date specified in the Reservation Agreement. Prior to your move-in, together with Lessandra, the house and lot developer, a joint inspection of the unit will be conducted to confirm that all commitments are delivered!

Welcome to your new life and new community! Surely with your new home, Angat Ka Dito sa Lessandra!

Remember to ALWAYS keep in touch with your Lessandra Marketing Officer.  

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