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Welcoming the New Year Head-on!

January 4th, 2021 | Share via:

We’ve entered the new year, and yet, not everyone has already got plans on how to start this year with all the hung-up from last year.  It would probably be great to start with a travel plan with all the traveling postponed due to the pandemic, however, with the still ongoing restrictions, albeit more relaxed, this remains a little more challenging. With this at hand, why not start your year’s activities in safe comforts?  Though it may be different, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s unenjoyable. If you are still undecided on what activities to gear your year with, here are some suggestions you can try. 

1. Upgrade Home Furnishings.

Photo by Kara Eads on Unsplash

To welcome the new year, many individuals and families go through their home stuff to declutter and see which ones are still good to be retained and which ones need to be replaced already, either because it is no longer usable or does not fit the house theme any longer. When upgrading your home furnishings, choose a shop that can offer all home’s necessities with various types and designs that would fit your budget and the aesthetics of your house and lot. One good store you could pay a visit is AllHome. With its various offerings from decorations to furniture, housewares and even appliances, it surely lives up to its tagline of being “a one-stop for your home”. They also offer online shopping and item delivery, so there is no need for you to leave your place to purchase your desired items.

2. Cook Delectable Dishes.

Photo by Gor Davtyan on Unsplash

Whip up new dishes for you and your family. Learn new delectable dishes from cooking shows and websites and enjoy the process of discovering new items for your new menu. Compliment the recipes with the freshest ingredients for appetizing meals for lunch, dinner, or snack time! Same as with shopping for home furniture, you can also buy your grocery items and meal ingredients online. Visit AllDay supermarket website and buy your items conveniently, lessening the risk of being exposed to unwanted circumstances.

3. Catch up over Coffee.

Image Source: Coffee Project

Coffee is best for any time of the day, especially when you want to just relax and catch up with friends and family. A coffee shop that can satisfy your cravings for that coffee experience, partnered with superb pastries, is Coffee Project. Indulge in the best coffee in town and enjoy the instagrammable interiors of Coffee Project. Each store has interiors you would surely love to either take a photo or have your picture at. Aside from serving your favorite coffee, delicious pastries and meals, visually entertaining interiors, a plus point to this coffee chain is having more than enough space between tables. Even before the pandemic, Coffee Project offers its patrons a space to enjoy a private conversation, a meeting, or even a quiet time on your own, without being bothered by the neighboring tables.  If you prefer to enjoy your coffee time at home, you may also order online from Coffee Project for a standard delivery fee.

4. Up Your Greens.

Image Source: Green Centrale PH

In addition to providing aesthetics in a home, indoor plants help reduce stress levels and improve mood according to studies. As with upgrading of home furnishings, it is also a good time to improve your house and lot’s aesthetics and atmosphere by adding plants in it. This year, start your gardening on your lawn, backyard, or even inside your home and be part of the plantito and plantita communities. You may also bond with your spouse and children in cultivating greenery that will surely bring a fresh and relaxing ambience. For a variety of house plants, head over to Green Centrale and pick the ones you want the most for your abode.

5. Explore Investments.

The last days and first days of the year is one of the best time to evaluate your current assets and investments as you already have the full account of your expenses and gains of the previous year. Assess the current standing of your finances and explore possible investments such as properties. Investing in properties such as in house and lot is one of the best ways to build your financial portfolio, especially as it can serve as a source of income stream. In choosing a residential property to invest in, choose a quality yet affordable house and lot to maximize your investment, partner with a trusted developer like Lessandra, a housing brand from the most trusted developer in the country, Vista Land, to ensure that you will get your money’s worth. You can explore the available, affordable house and lot for sale at Lessandra website and can even get a virtual tour of the house models without leaving the comfort of your own home.

Welcome the year with a relaxed mind, healthy body, better home, closer relationships, and stronger financial standing. Gear up and face 2021 head on!