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5 signs how to buy the right house and lot philippines


5 Signs You Are Choosing the Right House for You

March 4th, 2021 | Share via:

The search for your future home isn't always as simple as it seems. It’s not easy to find just the perfect house to fit your ideal location, the number of rooms you want, and other factors you consider. Sure, there are several house and lot for sale that you can check online, which could work for your family’s needs and your budget- but you can’t easily tell if it is the one. The journey to finding the house of your dream may get complicated with all the overwhelming information and emotion you may get upon checking properties from time to time.

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However, finding an affordable house and lot in the Philippines at this time is now a lot easier. With a brand like Lessandra, quality and affordable homes are now within your reach! Its line of house choices is tailored to address homebuyers’ needs and updated preferences like a nook for study or work area.

A good deal is often sealed using both logic and emotion. You check the practicality of the property like its affordability and quality, and you feel the place and surroundings on a more emotional level. Does it give you homey vibe and comfortableness as much as it gives you value and functionality? If you are unsure of the answer, here are five signs to be mindful of to know if you’re in the right place!

1. It checks the most important things on the list

Normally, we set a standard and make a list of house expectations. Often than not, the list goes over the top that sometimes it becomes unrealistic. The most important things must be identified because this will guide the homeowner whether or not it meets or suffice their needs. The right one will check these crucial factors! The property might have all the secondary priorities on the list but cuts on the primary ones like the floor area and the number of rooms. It should meet the number of bedrooms you like plus extra space for your work-study area for the new norm. It should have the space for the things and activities necessary for you.

Getting all the essential features you are looking for in a home is the major game turner. While the perfect abode is more than just the sum of its parts, it should also satisfy most of the important criteria.

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2. You Feel At Home

The residence and the building can be the most extravagant but can still feel odd to be in. It is a good sign that you are on the right property when you feel at home. The moment you get in the gates of the community, you immediately feel the embrace of its scenic view, its beautifully landscaped yards, and classic house designs. Immediately, you can feel the security of the place where you can freely live your life to the fullest without compromising your safety. The building per se accommodates your preferences and gives you a sense of coziness that it just feels like you are finally home. The internal setting fits your liking and so as the exterior with the backyard you always wanted; for your plants to grow and your pets to play around.

3. You Can See Yourself Living There

Hunting the right home is like searching for a life-long partner. The moment you step in the front door, you can already envision yourself living your life in it. You can see yourself feeling cozy in every corner of the room doing day-to-day errands and simply existing in there. You can already picture the design you want for its interior, where you are placing your furniture and other house decors you want. The idea of waking up every day in a beautiful home is exciting to imagine. You are hooked to having it as your sanctuary after a long day at work.

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4. You Can’t Stop Talking and Thinking About It

People can’t stop talking about the things that make sense to them. Upon seeing the property you are eyeing, it should give you multiple positive impressions. If you are out with friends or families, you just can’t get over the features of the building and the community as a whole, you keep on talking about it. Your new conversations cycle from how great the location is to how beneficial the community amenities are to you. You can’t wait for the day to finally say yes to the developer and reserve it!

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5. You Feel At Ease and Contented

You will be viewing a lot of potential houses for you and your family. Tendencies are, you will see one after one after one and make a comparison. It’s an endless varying choice and only one will make you stop- the place that gives you a feeling of contentment. The excitement of choosing from various models will get you overwhelmed that when you find the right property, it will feel just right and your heart will be settled. You will stop thinking about the previous ones you checked and start discussing with the officer regarding the process of reserving your future home. The enthusiasm of hopping into the next site will no longer be there because you know, you have just found the right house and lot for you.

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These are the five signs you should look out for in choosing the right property for you and your family. More than the appearance of the image you made in your head of your dream home, connect with the place, its surroundings, and the people in the neighborhood. A home is not about being in the biggest nor the most extravagant shelter, is it about you, the people you live with, and your settled hearts.

If you don’t know yet where to start, check for affordable house and lot in the Philippines or visit Your future home is probably just on the list! Check the home and project listings, and when you see it, you’ll know it's the one you’ll be starting a new chapter of your life in. You can choose to experience it personally, too. Book your site visit and check all the five signs in your future Lessandra home today!