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Four Factors That Influence Property Value Appreciation

February 19th, 2021 | Share via:

Assets are valuables that people acquire for various reasons like its functionality or benefits. One of the most sought-after is a house and lot. Unlike other assets, its value appreciates over time. The real estate industry has it as its leading valuable property type with the most market demand. Amidst the ongoing pandemic, many families are still eyeing to purchase a house and lot, searching for affordable homes in the country.

Lessandra House and Lot For Sale Community
Lessandra House and Lot For Sale Community

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The reasons for this could be for a primary home to secure their family in a healthy and clean community, or an investment to build up for a future income stream. It can be an asset to source out financial security in the future. It is a money-making possession anchoring on its value appreciation and its possibility to be sold in the market at a higher price. 

Whichever the reason is, one common ground every buyer looks into is the property’s current value and growth potential. Investors are particular in evaluating and benchmarking which property is marketable and can be sold at a higher price in the current market and the projected future.

There are several points to consider in determining which house and lot for sale will give you the maximum returns through its value appreciation. Understanding each factor will lead you to the best deal for your hard-earned money today, which you can leverage for future earnings.

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1. Strategic Location

In choosing a property, particularly a house and lot in the Philippines, its location plays a vital role in determining its marketability and value.  A house situated in a good spot bears a greater weight for a potential price increase than that of in less favorable sites.

What determines a good location?

For one, it has accessibility to the local developments and economic opportunities. Housing projects in or near the city and highly developed areas signify higher standards of living, higher employment chances, better facilities, and more business and investment opportunities to grab on. The metropolis is one concrete example of this logic. However, it has its downsides like congested traffic and stressful crowded environment which highly impacts buyer’s shifting preferences. Many investors are shifting into finding an alternative that will give them as many opportunities but with cleaner air to breathe and wider greenery to relax at and appreciate. A maaliwalas community in a developing town sounds more enticing to a lot of buyers, especially now with the ongoing pandemic and health crisis in the country. Also, a good location corresponds to a safe neighborhood where crimes are relatively lower, and homeowners are participative and collective in ensuring peace in the community.

There are several places next to Metro Manila that are economically promising like Bulacan, Calamba, Cebu,  Pampanga, Tarlac, and Tanza just to name a few.

2. Convenience to Homeowner’s Needs

Related to location, a property’s conveniences influence its value appreciation. Your house and lot that are near desirable spots are likely to appreciate higher than those that are not. Infrastructures like malls, grocery shops, hospitals, government facilities, and modes of transportations like an international airport positively affect the price appreciation of a property. Also, being near tourist spots and known natural wonders of the local makes your asset more desirable for investment and future business ventures.

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3. Home Design and Style

A house design greatly affects the value of a property. Evaluate whether or not the design of your house ages beautifully- classic. Now, modern designs are prevalent in the product offerings of several developers as their way of adapting to the current house design trend. However, the loophole in following a trend is that it is constantly changing. One after another, homeowners redesign or renovate, which is costly and affects property durability with a lot of fixing going on. This certain situation can result in either property getting less desirable or potential buyers skeptical in purchasing it. On the other hand, classic designs of homes can never get out of style as the name suggests. It has features that have been tested over time and remain aesthetically pleasing for home buyers. In this perspective, houses with up-to-date trendy designs also appreciate in value but at a lower rate than classic houses that are loved by people for ages.

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4. Developer’s Background

Property value is highly influenced by the developer’s reputation. It is important to understand how a respectable and trusted brand gives investors the confidence to purchase from them. According to several studies, brand image and reputation has positive effects on brand satisfaction and trust thus, product marketability is high. Choosing which developer to avail of is most likely one of the most challenging decisions to make. Some buyers overlook the importance of the other three factors mentioned above for cheaper prices. There is also a negative notion circulating, that it is impossible to get the best of both worlds- good location and affordable house and lot property choices. Well, there is that one brand that makes this happen for everyone and that is Lessandra. It offers quality and affordable homes for every Filipino family. Its projects are strategically located in the most promising places nationwide, giving its investors the conveniences and accessibility to all their other needs and wants plus, a healthy lifestyle away from the crowded metro.

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These are just four among several factors every aspiring homeowner should have a better understanding of to choose a property with the highest potential for price growth. After all, people invest today to reap a bounty of gains in the future. Failing to pick the right asset will defeat the very intent of the investment. Do an ample amount of research on real estate, housing projects, and developers. Gain confidence in your information gathering and only then, should you decide on your choice.

For starters, check Lessandra’s blog articles for more insightful content concerning house ownership in general. Find your next investment only in a reputable brand like Lessandra. Visit for more project listing and house details.