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Lake Pinatubo at the volcano’s crater


Hot Spots in The Face of the Next City in Tarlac

March 31st, 2021 | Share via:

Welcome to “The Face of the Next City”, Capas!

An emerging business melting pot and an established Tourism Capital of Tarlac. This is the current status of Capas, a 1st class municipality situating its residents near spaces for ventures and tons of doors for livelihood.

Up to date, Capas continues to pave its road towards being a city of Tarlac by further boosting its efforts to bump up the municipality’s economic health. Income-generating establishments and spots can be found left and right in the place, continuously providing its locals different livelihood options.

Given this, Lessandra, one of the country’s leading affordable house and lot developers, offers more than the quality Lessandra homes it has under its offerings. By forming a community in Capas, it also upgrades home investments into the next level: a property venture situated in a promisingly progressive area, where locals thrive from the surrounding opportunities.

As such, hot spots for both business and tourism builds up Capas’ progressive and agro-industrial fame all over the country. The following cited top places showcase the potential opportunities, natural beauty, historical significance, and residential spaces found in Capas.

Potential Opportunities: Upcoming New Clark City

Master Plan New Clark City in Capas
Master Plan New Clark City in Capas

Source: Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA)

One of the most anticipated on-the-rise projects in the Philippines, the New Clark City is a promising development holding tons of business possibilities not just in the Tarlac municipalities it is occupying (Capas and Bamban), but also for the whole country.

According to the BCDA, the New Clark City will be “the first in the country to address the impacts of global climate change through its environment-friendly features and measures on disaster readiness through smart technologies”. 1

The New Clark City is envisioned to be a balance of “smart and green” city, where smart innovation and technology coincide with the Capas’ nature-rich environment. This massive Central Luzon business center aims to make Capas’ green features its prime asset. This 9,000-hectare community makes Capas the house of the urban centers in Central Luzon.1

Historical Significance: Capas National Shrine and Capas Death March Monument

54-hectare Capas National Shrine
54-hectare Capas National Shrine

Source: Capas Tarlac Website

A token of history standing tall within the land of the New Clark City, the Capas National Shrine is a remarkable landmark commemorating the historical Bataan Death March that started at Mariveles, Bataan in April 1942. The Capas National Shrine marks the endpoint of the said historical event, which was formerly named Camp O’Donnell.

The 31, 000 trees surrounding the parkland represent the number of Filipinos and Americans who died during the Death March. Up to this day, the shrine signifies the heroic deeds of the soldiers turned into Prisoners-of-War (POWs) who suffered during one of Philippine History’s darkest times.

Now hailed as one of the tourist spots in Capas for its historical significance, visitors are allowed to bring a tent and use the parkland as a picnic spot.

Capas Death March Monument at MacArthur Highway
Capas Death March Monument at MacArthur Highway

Source: Virtual Tour at Facebook

The Capas Death March Monument is another landmark recognizing the endurance and heroic deeds of the Filipino and American POWs during the Death March. Located along MacArthur Highway in Capas, this memorial shrine is significant for its inverted V structure, with a sculpture of the Death March soldiers displayed in the middle.

Natural Beauty: Mt. Pinatubo and Lake Pinatubo

Worldwide Famous Mount Pinatubo
Worldwide Famous Mount Pinatubo

Source: USGS Publications

Mount Pinatubo is one of the worldwide famous spots near Capas. The 1991 eruption is the second largest terrestrial eruption2 recorded around the world. Before this three-decade ago event, there were no recorded eruptive activities from the volcano.

Lake Pinatubo at the volcano’s crater
Lake Pinatubo at the volcano’s crater

Source: Nomadic Experiences

Its massive eruption in 1991 resulted in a lake formation on its crater, now also a famous tourist spot known as Lake Pinatubo. This crater lake is visited for its enchantingly clear-blue waters. But, tourists are not advised to swim given the lake waters’ potential toxicity.

Mount Pinatubo rests on the boundaries of the provinces of Tarlac, Pampanga, and Zambales. It is heavily surrounded by dense forests and is owned by the Indigenous People Aeta, with the ownership granted in 2009.

Residential Space: Lessandra Capas

Aerial View of a Lessandra Community
Aerial View of a Lessandra Community

Lessandra Capas is one of the most promising residential developments in the province of Tarlac. The community offers affordable house and lot for sale in Capas, an ideal home address reaping in the advantages of living in a place as potentially economically progressive as the said municipality.

This subdivision in Capas is strategically located, close to commercial and recreational establishments appealing to its homeowners’ needs and wants. It is accessible via Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX) and the Clark International Airport.

A great perk for the homeowners, the community includes leisure spaces within its boundaries, such as a clubhouse, swimming pool, basketball court, and play area. This ensures its residents’ satisfaction even beyond the house and lot they have invested in.

What makes the homes more attainable in Lessandra Capas is the available online tools homebuyers can tap to reserve and secure their own property. Inquiries can be sent through the website and Facebook accounts: @LessandraOfficial and @OfficialLessandraCapas1. Through the Lessandra Youtube Channel, there are also available house tours and community tours playlists that showcase the community of Capas online.

Tours are also available at the website’s homepage, through the Lessandra Virtual Home Tours. This virtual platform allows potential homebuyers to explore their future spaces in Lessandra with simple click-and-drag navigation in the interactive platform. The Lessandra homebuyer’s online journey is made seamless given the online step-by-step process of reserving Lessandra homes.

Seamless Digital Transactions in Lessandra
Seamless Digital Transactions in Lessandra

Capas makes up an ideal location for settling in. It provides its residents a well-balanced community that perfectly caters to every need. From opportunities to pockets of great living spaces, life in Capas is worth every investors’ time and money.

Lessandra offers affordable house and lot for sale in the Philippines. To know more about Lessandra communities, just visit the Project Listings tab. You can also explore the Guides and FAQs tab for more information about Lessandra Homes!