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Lessandra’s Ezabelle house and lot


Homebuyer’s Guide to the Different Property Types in the Philippines

April 10th, 2021 | Share via:

When searching for a house and lot, you’ve likely wondered if you can find one with a yard and with many rooms. On the other hand, you may be the single fellow who likes spending time away from home, as such, you may prefer a small residence instead.

Thankfully, there are different property types that cater to different lifestyles. If you’re unsure which one is the best for your budget and needs, take a look at the list of housing options below.

Single Detached vs Single-Attached

If you want to resell your home at a higher price later on, you should invest in a house and lot. noted that a landed property has a better appreciation rate than a condominium unit.

Now, if you look at house-and-lot offers, you’ll encounter 4 types based on whether they’re attached or detached. These types are as follows:

  • Single-detached
  • Single-attached
  • Duplex
  • Townhouse 

Each one of the said types has pros and cons. What sets them apart is how they’re linked to the neighboring house.


The single-detached home stands out for having a yard. As its name suggests, it’s not connected to a fence or neighbor’s wall. It’s the best in terms of privacy.

If you love gardening, this type of housing is advantageous for you. You can cultivate a flower or vegetable garden. You can even grow papaya or banana even on a 1-square-meter of land. Of all the types on this list, a single-detached home has the space for taking care of some vines.

Kids and pets will enjoy the yard as well. The outdoor space can serve as their play area.

With a spacious yard, you can even put up a pool or a shed. You can also construct an extension or a garage later on.

In essence, a single-detached house’s main advantage is giving you freedom on what you can do with your property.


Single-attached and single-detached homes share some similarities. Their basic difference is that the former has one or more walls erected directly to the lot’s boundary lines.

The attachment raises some safety issues though. There’s the higher risk of fire spreading into the neighbor’s house after all. To prevent this, firewalls should be constructed instead of regular walls. With a firewall, you don’t have to spend on constructing a fence.

Lessandra’s Ezabelle house and lot
Lessandra’s Ezabelle house and lot

Many single-attached homes still have yards so that give them advantages like having a space for exercising, gardening, or playing. You can also have freedom to style it. On top of that, these ones are often more affordable than their detached counterparts.


Some neighboring houses share one roof. If it’s just two houses, it’s known as duplex. A row of three or more is regarded as a townhouse.

Despite having an adjoining wall and being under one roof, a duplex still provides the privacy you would need. The rooms or areas right next to the said wall can be reserved for living room and dining area. There could be a garage as well. As for the bedroom and bathroom, they can be on the side far from the attached wall.

Some homebuyers might not be open to the idea of having an identical house right next to theirs. However, if you see the neighborhood, the similar-looking homes tend to be more relaxing to stare at.

Moreover, the community provides a nice feeling seengayoning a themed aesthetics. Also, as some subdivisions restrict additional constructions, you won’t feel the pressure of making your home more unique in terms of the exteriors.

Lessandra offers different property options including Arielle Tonwhouse
Lessandra offers different property options including Arielle Tonwhouse

To upgrade their homes, some people renovate their units to add soundproofing features. In case you’re the one living in the middle, you can brighten up your home by installing more lights and mirrors. Opt for breathable curtains, too. More importantly, the best thing you can do is have a good relationship with your neighbor.

Bungalow vs. Multi-storey

Of all the classifications of homes, the easiest to understand is the one based on the number of floors. It’s just either bungalow (having one floor) or multi-storey (having two or more floors).

When purchasing a property, consider the purpose of the purchase and the needs it needs to address. A bungalow and or multi-storey house and lot can be for you depending on your home needs. Below are some differences between the two.


The single-storey house is among the simplest. You can expect that this is a type of an affordable house and lot in the Philippines.

Without stairs, a bungalow is a safer choice for families with toddlers. It’s also the better accommodation for people with mobility issues.

A young couple may also consider a bungalow. To accommodate their growing a family in the near future, they can construct a single-storey house with a concrete slab as roof. Such temporary roof can be turned into the second floor later on.

In case you prefer buying instead of constructing, you might not have the choice to have a slab for a roof though. On the bright side, if your purchased home is in a subdivision, you can resell it or use it as collateral for a home loan. Afterwards, you can get a multi-storey house to ensure a bedroom for each of your family member.

If you have big lot, constructing additional floors won’t be necessary. You can just have extensions instead.

A bungalow is a delight on its own though. It’s easier to clean as you won’t have to climb up and down. It’s also easier to decorate.

Repairing its roof is more manageable, too. The same can’t be said with fixing the peak of a multistory house. That one is better left with the professionals.


One way to expand your lot is to buy the surrounding lots. However, you can have more space by raising your home to have more floors. Maximizing lot area is the main advantage of a multi-storey house.

This type of residence is highly recommended for big families. Real Living mentioned that shared spaces can be found on the first floor while private spaces are on the upper ones.

Even kids deserve their own territories.
Even kids deserve their own territories.


Climbing stairs can be draining but it can serve as an exercise. With well-planned decorations, the staircase can become a main attraction in your home.

Compared to bungalows, multi-storey homes can be sold at higher prices. Once the children grow and decide to move out, the parents can resell the property, downsize, and enjoy much of the revenue by going on trips.

But to make that happen, your property’s upkeep should be a priority. As much as possible, let a contractor inspect your home at least once a year.

Two-storey homes are ideal for single people as well as for starting families. Browse through Lessandra’s house listings to see different house models that may fit your preference. These homes are not only good for permanent residence, but you can also rake in more cash out of it if you’re looking for investments.

Near commercial districts, you may see multi-storey homes with the first floor serving as a shop or even a diner. The second floor and the upper ones are meant for residing. This is also a way of making the most out of a real estate property. However, the owner has to apply for converting a residential property into a mixed type.

If you value your relaxation though, you can get a multi-storey house on residential areas and keep them as such. Having a business downstairs increase the risk of burglary. If not criminal-minded ones, you may encounter noisy customers.

Condominium Unit

Popularly known as condo, this housing option fits young professionals and couples in the metro. Condominiums are usually situated in or near lifestyle hubs.

Bye yard, hello skies!
Bye yard, hello skies!


When it comes to condo units, you can choose among the three types of residential buildings: low-rise, mid-rise, and high-rise. The high-rise buildings accommodate the most number of residents out of them.

Low-rise and mid-rise condos are preferable if you’re scared of living in a skyscraper. Depending on the developer, condominium properties also come with amenities such as the swimming pool.

Condos are often located in the cities. Condo units can come as a studio unit, a one-bedroom unit, or a three-bedroom unit. There are some that offers a loft-type, too. Not all condo units have limited space though. As pointed out, some can be aßs spacious as 1000 square meters.

Many owners choose this type of property due to its accessibility to workplace. On top of that, one of the best things about condos is that they’re the easiest to maintain. This is especially helpful for yuppies who won’t have much free time to do household chores. You can forget the yard.

The developer and homeowners’ association are also there to look after structural problems you may encounter. If you have a house and lot, you’ll have to manage such challenges on your own or you have to hire a contractor.

Additionally, the pandemic further highlighted the importance of having a home no matter how small it is. With your own home, isolating yourself to avoid getting or spreading viruses is made more manageable.

Unlike the aforementioned types of homes, living in a condo means sharing the parking area with the other residents. But as the building has security personnel and features, you can still feel that you, your family, and your possessions are safe and secured.

Owning a condo unit near business centers can turn out to be a lucrative investment. You can lease it for instance. Due to its proximity to corporate offices, you can set a higher rental fee.

As young professionals form part of your potential tenants, you can expect them to be more dependable when it comes to paying rent and maintaining your property. If you’re still paying off your home’s mortgage, their rental fees can help you cover such monthly expenses.

Aside from long-term tenants, you can also advertise your unit for homestays. You can apply as an AirBnB host or just look for potential renters in travel groups on Facebook. These will widen your market as foreign tourists form part of your target market. Even if you’re working overseas, this can take part as OFW investment opportunities.

Contrary to the usual belief, not all condominiums are expensive. There are now property developers of affordable house and lot expanding to the vertical arena, like Lessandra, who would soon be offering affordable condominiums.

For smart property investment, you can count on Lessandra. Whether you’re a single professional, a young couple, a starting family, or a retiree, Lessandra has the property choices for you.