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Gigantes Islands


The Best of Life in Iloilo

May 14th, 2021 | Share via:

Living in a paradise-like place is, without a doubt, one of the top life goals everyone has. It is a place where every person is free of worries and where stress does not rule the day. It is also a place with a balanced environment—one filled with nature for healthier well-being while being close to livelihood opportunities.

Located on the island of Panay, Iloilo is one of the most successful and progressive provinces in the country, with its provincial capital, Iloilo City, hailed as the Regional Center of Western Visayas. Typical for a place in the Philippines, there are numerous nature sights scattered within the province. More than this, Iloilo also boasts as an ideal place to live in, from its heritage sites, vibrant culture, and welcoming locals.

Like most provinces, Iloilo has compelling upsides that paint a paradise-like place to settle down for the future. The planned communities and subdivisions present within the provincial borders offer more than just quality house and lots. The home spaces also promise a quality life in a place as nature-rich and progressive as Iloilo.

Picturesque Facades

City of Mansions. This is one of the monikers attached to Iloilo City. There are a lot of preserved mansions built during the 19th century. The rise in the number of mansions was caused by the city’s history of being the “trading hub and center of economy” during the peak of the Sugar Industry, garnering the recognition of being the second most important city in the country before World War II.1

Lizares Mansion
Lizares Mansion

Photo source: Wikipedia

The Lizares Mansion captivates tourists’ attention with its pristine, sparkling white façade. This famous structure was designed by “Andres Luna de San Pedro, the son of the famous Filipino painter, Juan Luna”.2 In 2015, the mansion was restored to maintain its Beaux-Arts Style, an architecture making use of grandiosity, formal design, and symmetry.

Currently, the Lizares Mansion is one of the buildings in the Angelicum School Iloilo, with the living room converted by the Dominican priests as a chapel.

Ledesma House or “Eagle House”
Ledesma House or “Eagle House”

Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

One of the most prominent mansions in the province of Iloilo is the Ledesma House, also known as the “Eagle House”, located in Jaro, Iloilo City. The mansion exhibits a vintage façade, its lopsided balcony caused by a previous attempt to dig a “treasure” buried in front of the mansion. Most of the parts of the house are made of cement. Its details in and out are also testaments of its age, with the stained and chipped cement carvings present in the walls and columns.

Molo Mansion
Molo Mansion

Photo source: Molo Mansion Facebook Page

Molo Mansion is one of the restored ancestral houses turned into a famous heritage structure in Iloilo. The mansion was built in 1926, and after its restoration, it was opened to the public. This architectural piece, similar to the heritage sites within Iloilo, is known for its rich details inside and outside. Unlike the Ledesma House, the Molo Mansion showcases its richness in detail through hardwood carvings and wood rosettes.

Majestic Islands

Island Hopping. One of the best natural attractions Iloilo has to offer is the numerous islands that boast in white sand and clear waters. What makes the islands in Iloilo ideal to visit is its less popular yet just as beautiful beach scenery.

Gigantes Islands
Gigantes Islands

Photo source: Panay Island Website

More than the white sand and clear waters, there are also rock formations and mysterious caves to be enjoyed in the remote islands of Gigantes located in the northeastern of Iloilo province. There are lots of options visitors can enjoy in this group of islands: rock climbing for a 360 view of all the islands, visiting the old lighthouse, and relishing in the fresh seafood available.

Sandbar in Concepcion Islands
Sandbar in Concepcion Islands

Photo source: Sandbar Island Beach Concepcion Iloilo Facebook Page

Another must-visit group of islands in the province of Iloilo is the Concepcion Islands. More than the white sand and clear waters, this group of islands offers majestic scenes that always, without a doubt, leave tourists in awe. In the Concepcion Islands, there are numerous unique natural sceneries such as the steep volcanic cone of Mount Pan De Azucar or “Sugarloaf” Mountain, and the sandbar in the Bulubadiangan Island, which appears during low tide.

Home Environment

The City of Love. More than the sights to behold in Iloilo, its reputation also greatly contributes to the charm of the place as an ideal home environment. The locals’ natural warm, loving, and soft-spoken nature makes up an inviting option for a perfect place to settle down.

In July 2020, Iloilo was dubbed by Rappler as the “Wakanda of the Philippines”, a reference to the fictional technologically advanced country created by Marvel Comics, because of its admirable urgent response to the rising coronavirus cases within the province. At that time, Iloilo became one of the most “safe” places to live within the country.

Lessandra Homes and Communities
Lessandra Homes and Communities

As an ideal option for future home space, in the municipality of Oton is a community of affordable houses and lots, the Lessandra Grove - a safe and secured neighborhood which is one of the best areas to live in the province of Iloilo. The community offers quality and affordable house and lots for sale in Iloilo, a great home investment option for Filipinos to consider.

The subdivision of Lessandra Grove is located within the master-planned community of Vista City Iloilo. More than its great deal of affordable house and lot offerings, the neighborhood also prides itself on the amenities that provide a chance for a holistic life for homeowners: community services and utility center, football field, clubhouse, swimming pool, basketball court, mini gardens, and playground. Also, given its promising location in a master-planned project, there are shuttle services, nearby malls, schools, and churches that make life in Lessandra Grove easy and worry-free.

A promising life is what awaits in the province of Iloilo. The picturesque sceneries, comfortable home environment, and safe and secured spaces make up a compelling choice for a future home. No doubt, the best of life can be experienced within this City of Love.

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