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Finding an Ideal Home in Malvar, Batangas

August 19th, 2021 | Share via:

Living in an affordable house and lot close to the workplace and unwinding spots has a lot of advantages. Imagine needing less time on the road, and having more personal time. It is one of the ultimate goals of most Filipinos—a life in a wise investment like an affordable house and lot situated in a prime location. Everything is within easy-reach implying less expenses and less travel time to work or school.

A few kilometers from Metro Manila stands the municipality of Malvar in Batangas, one of the provinces in the CALABARZON region. It is one of the municipalities in the Philippines that has a huge potential for economic progress. Malvar is one of the best places for a stable future, as it offers more than a lot of conveniences for its residents.

Living in an Accessible Place

Similar to its neighboring areas in like Sto. Tomas, Tanauan City, and Lipa City, Malvar benefits from its great connectivity as it is close to the bustling Metro with as fast as less than an hour travel.

STAR Tollway near Malvar, Batangas exit
STAR Tollway near Malvar, Batangas exit

Photo source: Wikipedia

Through the convenience of the STAR Tollway and other major highways, Malvar is a strategic place to reside without risking having a great distance from opportunities. Residents in the area revel in the conveniences of living in a prime location. The municipality of Malvar boasts in the livelihood opportunities present in local and neighboring provinces like Cavite and Laguna, while being nestled in a healthy and peaceful environment brought by the bountiful natural resources within the place.

What makes Malvar the best home location?

History and Progress

Malvar's history dates back beyond the Spanish era, when 10 datus relocated to the province of Batangas. Malvar was originally named "Luta" and was a part of then municipality, now Lipa City. Malvar officially became a municipality after the country's independence from the Spanish forces, and was named after the late General Miguel Malvar, a significant name in Philippine History who was born in the province of Batangas.

Since officially becoming a municipality, Malvar's total population continued to rise as it became one of the hottest spots when it comes to a place filled with opportunities. While Malvar's population density increased, the percentage of the municipality's below poverty line decreased, signifying a positive economic growth and a potentially progressive life for the Malvar's residents, testifying to its highly ideal and prime location.

Great Opportunities in Malvar

Malvar is a great location where progress meets the beauty of a peaceful life. With the nine rural and six urban barangays Malvar is composed of, residents revel in the well-balanced and progressive environment of the municipality. More than the natural resources in Malvar, there are also tons of opportunities provided by the industries present in the place.

A community of companies in different industries, the LIMA Technology Center provides locals of Malvar opportunities to grow careers and livelihood, without sacrificing hours for traveling great distances. This technology hub, coupled with the locational advantage of Malvar, implies a promising economic and industrial growth for the municipality, making it a place perfect for a stable and secured life.

In addition, the Malvar municipality is surrounded by the commercial centers present in its neighboring towns and cities. Its proximity to Metro Manila proves to be advantageous, as the easy travel caused by STAR Tollway and South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) allows residents to be much closer to the country capital’s growth opportunities.

Local Attractions

More than the opportunities, Malvar also prides itself in recreational spaces that entice not just the locals, but also those from beyond the Batangas province. Like the popular beach getaway San Juan, there are a variety of tourist spots in Malvar that increases the beauty and appeal to the place. The different recreational spaces in Malvar also adds to the satisfaction of the residents living in the municipality. There are lots of spots within the town where they can unwind and celebrate after tiring days.

Calejon Falls

Calejon Falls in Malvar, Batangas
Calejon Falls in Malvar, Batangas

Photo source: Motorcycle Philippines

The most famous site in the locality Malvar is the Calejon Falls, specifically located in Sitio Calejon. The tourist spot is popular because of its fresh, crystal clear waters. It is also known as the Balete River, one of the three river systems present in Malvar. The Calejon Falls is 9-feet of flowing clear water, where visitors can take a swim at the landing basin of the falls. The water in the falls is also a source of drinking water for the residents of Malvar. What entices tourists more to visit this paradise-like place in Malvar is the Our Lady of Lourdes statue waiting after their 300-step hike to the falls.

Metro Manila Turf Race Track

Metro Manila Turf Race Track or Metro Turf is a great recreational space located in Malvar and Tanauan City. A 45-hectare space, the Metro Turf is one of the famous sites in the country for horseracing enthusiasts, intending to invite not just local tourists, but also foreign ones. More than the site, the ever-beautiful Mt. Makiling can be seen from this tourist spot, adding a majestic sight to the vibrant energy within Metro Turf.

Sa Manggahan

Sa Manggahan Event Place
Sa Manggahan Event Place

Source: Sa Manggahan Facebook Page

Sa Manggahan is a privately-owned local mango farm in Malvar, Batangas near MetroTurf that also serves as an exclusive event place. This local attraction offers an intimate atmosphere where residents prefer to celebrate their major life milestones like weddings and parties.

Well-rounded Life

In addition to the numerous work opportunities and local attractions in the municipality of Malvar, a great well-rounded life can also be expected within the place. The whole municipality aims to preserve and promote a healthy environment, instilling local policies that advocate for a cleaner and much more comfortable home space. A perfect permanent home for the best life, there are a number of reputable establishments within Malvar that caters to each necessity and luxury of the residents—wide choices on malls and shopping centers, schools like Batangas State University, hospitals, and churches.

Living in an Ideal Home Place

Lessandra Malvar in Barangay Santiago, Malvar, Batangas
Lessandra Malvar in Barangay Santiago, Malvar, Batangas

An ideal home place can be found in the community of Lessandra Malvar at Barangay Santiago. A subdivision filled with quality and affordable house and lots, Lessandra Malvar offers a safe and secured space with recreational spaces for a holistic life for its homeowners. Amenities like a clubhouse, basketball court, and playground can be enjoyed by the residents living within the community.

More than the quality of life within the neighborhood, homeowners also get to enjoy all the upsides of life in Malvar, Batangas, truly leading a well-rounded and settled life where every need and every luxury is within reach. From the opportunities provided by the nearby technology hubs, to the relaxing tourist spots, the life in Lessandra Malvar and in Malvar, Batangas is a great move and a wise choice for a home investment.

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