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in demand tech skills you need to get a job during the pandemic


In-Demand Tech Skills You Need to Get a Job During the Pandemic

August 23rd, 2021 | Share via:

Being in isolation has had many consequences. For those of whom working from home isn’t an option, difficult times are ahead. In the same way, as companies were not able to lean on their whole workforce, moving forward was a challenge. Consequently, organizations need to change how they operate and plan new strategies to survive.

For workers, losing a job can be overwhelming. However, being in isolation also means that you have plenty of time. With this in mind, it's important to note that many people use their time to learn new skills. As a result, they can get back on track and stay relevant.

Photo by Soumil Kumar from Pexels

Given these points, a big question comes up: What skills should you learn to increase your opportunities and get a job during the pandemic? To answer that question, we have to take a look at what employers are looking for in their new hires. Being aware of employers' requirements will not only allow you to get a new job but also excel during these hard times.

Here's a list of some in-demand tech skills you need in your toolkit to get hired these days.

UX/UI Design

During the pandemic, customers started to use more digital channels to buy things and have in-home entertainment. For that reason, the demand for visually appealing websites, applications, and products has increased. Attractive products can capture customers' attention. With that, companies can attract new customers and increase their sales.

UX/UI designers are capable of designing products and services that can meet customers' expectations. As organizations need to meet customers' needs, they have started to hire more candidates with UX/UI design skills.

In the same way, today's customers are more concerned about how products make them feel. A product with just a pretty look won't do it. It is the experience they have that makes customers feel engaged. UX/UI Designers not only help organizations move forward but also remain competitive.

At Springboard, you can learn enterprise-level skills to become a UX/UI designer and get hired during the pandemic. The online self-paced courses are perfect-fit for isolation, as you can learn from home.

You can create a flexible schedule that fits your needs however, be aware that you'll need to spend 20 hours per week, to complete the course within 6 months. Additionally, as dealing with expenses can be tough, Springboard offers several financing options to its students.     


Python has become a popular programming language among tech talents around the world because Python allows professionals to create sophisticated programs that can make their jobs easier. In the same way, Python is exceptional to deal with data as it enables developers to interpret, analyze, and visualize data efficiently.

Data is becoming the most valuable resource for companies. Given that, learning Python programming skills will not only increase your job opportunities but will also help you become a must-have for employers. Data scientists often use Python to implement machine learning algorithms in their projects. As a result, companies can make better data-driven decisions to beat the competition. 

If learning how to code is on your to-do list, you can learn Python programming at Kenzie Academy. The company offers software engineering courses that can help you get back on track during these tough times. In only 24 weeks, you'll learn core computer science concepts to become a skilled coder.

Also, it's vital to point out that Kenzie Academy's graduates earn, on average, $48,000 per year. You'll be able to start a new career and change your lifestyle. Like Springboard, Kenzie Academy provides its students with financing options like upfront payment discounts to deal with expenses. 


Because of the increasing demand for websites, JavaScript has become a must-have for tech talent during the pandemic. This is because JavaScript allows developers to build not only client-side applications but also server-side ones. As a result, companies can collect information easily and use it to improve their services.

Furthermore, companies need to hire web developers with JavaScript skills to build dynamic websites that can attract more customers. During the pandemic, most users visited websites to buy products or contract services. For that reason, having a site that meets customers' needs is a must.

JavaScript is one of the pillars of web development, together with HTML and CSS. Any self-respecting web developer should know the basics of this language and be familiar with concepts like arrays, booleans, and functions. 

Learning JavaScript could be your entry point into a career as a web developer, which is a rapidly growing field. According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, openings for web developer and web designer positions are projected to grow by 8 percent by 2029. This growth is described as “much faster than average.”

Learning JavaScript programming skills will put you in the line of sight of every employer these days. In that case, if you need to get a job in the tech field, learning JavaScript programming skills is an advantage. App Academy is a recognized company that offers many courses in web development, including JavaScript skills which you can learn through hands-on projects. 

App Academy also trains its students to build web applications using other programming languages like React and Ruby on Rails. You'll become a skilled web developer able to meet any employers' demands.    

Cloud Computing

As shown above, data has become essential to create insights that help companies excel. Nowadays, companies are more concerned with how data is stored. Using cloud computing services, companies can reduce costs as they would no longer need physical structures to store information.

On the other hand, organizations need to keep their data secure. For that reason, the demand for Cybersecurity Specialists has increased. Additionally, more companies have started to move to the cloud. Consequently, learning cloud computing skills will help you increase your job opportunities. 

Being unemployed can be frustrating and overwhelming. However, by learning one of these in-demand skills, you will overcome this tough situation. These skills will not only help you get hired but will also help you course through future challenges.  

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