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Explore Irosin: The Springs Resort Capital of Bicol

November 18th, 2021 | Share via:

Calamba, Laguna is known to many as the “Hot Spring Capital of the Philippines” because it is the best destination for hot spring resorts in the country. But did you know that there is another place in southern Luzon where numerous hot spring resorts can be found? It is in Irosin, a municipality located in the province of Sorsogon.

Irosin is the only inland town in Sorsogon. It sits on a valley floor surrounded by mountains making it a home to numerous rivers, creeks, and streams that trek down from the mountains to the valley floor. Aside from these bodies of water, Irosin has many potential tourist spots varying from natural parks, heritage sites, and caves and tunnels so magnificent you’ll think that you’re in a movie.

Irosin sits at the bottom of Bulusan Volcano, one of the most active volcanoes in the country. Irosin is now poised to claim the title of the springs resort capital not just of the province of Sorsogon, but of the entire Bicol Region because of its hot springs.

Here are some of the hot spring resorts you’ll jump on for your next getaway.

Aramaro Resort

Aramaro Resort is formerly known as Mateo Hot and Cold Springs Resort or San Benon. It is an Irosin hot spring that has three functional flowing pools – a pool with lukewarm water, a pool with warm water, and a kiddie-sized pool for children. Other features include a hot Jacuzzi and a giant dreamcatcher that emerges as a hallmark of the town.


Vi-da Guest Resort

Vi-da Guest Resort is a child-friendly Irosin hot spring. It features huge animal statues, slides, and three lukewarm pools including a kiddie pool. It also has other facilities including cottages for your own space and a function hall. This Japanese-themed resort has cuisines from both Japan and the Philippines that all members of the family will love.

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Nature Hot Spring Resort

Nature Hot Spring Resort has three swimming pools, cottages, reception halls, and a cafe. It offers family rooms, as well as standard air-conditioned rooms. It also offers fully air-conditioned rooms with an exclusive mini pool for more privacy. Body massage is available upon request.

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401K Resort

401K Resort offers a magnificent view of Bulusan Volcano. It has three lukewarm pools, nipa cottages, a basketball court, a conference hall, and several air-conditioned rooms. What is unique about this Irosin hot spring is that you can experience a nice kawa hot bath. If you have kids, they will definitely love the slides in the kiddie pool.

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Tropical Hot Spring Paradise

Tropical Hot Spring Paradise is a 2.9-hectare nature-themed resort surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and coconut trees. It has three free-flowing swimming pools and cottages. The place may be rented for private gatherings with family and friends. But if you want to have fun all night, they have cottages with karaoke you can use.


Health Benefits of Hot Springs

Hot springs are popular travel destinations. More than just a place to relax, soaking in a hot spring can have great benefits for your health, too.

Therapeutic benefits of hot spring bathing:

  1. Reduces stress and promotes sleep
    Irosin hot spring can help you de-stress by relaxing tense muscles. Bathing in a hot spring also helps people get better sleep. The science behind this is the same as why people are encouraged to have a hot shower before going to bed.
  2. Bathing in hot springs relieve pain naturally
    If you are looking for a natural painkiller, soaking in an Irosin hot spring is a good idea. Hot springs can block pain receptors in our bodies so we do not feel body aches we may have felt before dipping. Hot spring bathing can help with ailments such as joint pain, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.
  3. Treat skin problems
    Dipping in an Irosin hot spring helps relieve skin problems like psoriasis, acne, and eczema. It can also help smooth and soften dry, rough skin. The minerals present in hot springs’ water can be beneficial to these skin problems.
  4. Relieve digestive problems
    Soaking in hot springs helps relieve pain, gas, indigestion complaints caused by gastritis, ulcer, diverticulum, and acid reflux. Hot springs also help improve metabolism.
  5. Boosts blood circulation
    Dipping in an Irosin hot spring helps with blood circulation, hypertension, nervous imbalances, atherosclerosis, and overall oxygen flow. This is because your body’s natural response to increased hydrostatic pressure is increase of oxygen flow, the same thing that happens when you exercise.
  6. Detoxify
    Soaking in a hot spring is a great way to naturally detoxify your skin. Bathing in hot springs can help release toxins in your body through sweating.
  7. Hot springs can burn calories
    Bathing in a hot spring burns 140 calories per hour, the same amount of calories one light beer has. For better results, it’s best to bathe in a hot spring after working out so you can still burn calories while relaxing your sore muscles.

Relaxed way of living in Sorsogon

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Bathing in hot springs will surely get you relaxed, but so is living in a community that provides the best way of life. Once you’re living near these hot springs, you surely won’t get enough of the relaxation it brings.

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