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6 Online Tools Real Estate Companies Use this Pandemic

November 18th, 2021 | Share via:

Everyone wants to have their own home someday. This is why many people go to house listings and search for houses. Other people even go to places that are far from where they are currently residing just to have their own affordable house and lot. However, the culture of going to house listings has drastically changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

There are several advancements in the real estate industry when it comes to selling houses. Most of these are done online because it can be an alternative to the traditional method of going physically to the property and selling it to a potential buyer. Here are some of the best alternatives used so potential homeowners like you can have the best experience.

1. Virtual house tours

Real estate in the Philippines today use virtual house tours as a way of providing an in-depth view of the property inside and out. Virtual home tours are a good way to lessen the house visits of a homebuyer before owning an affordable house and lot. There are several options on how a real estate company can provide virtual house tours.


For instance, Lessandra has a virtual home tour you can see on the website’s home page. During the virtual tour, homebuyers can see Arielle, Criselle, Ezabelle, and Frielle house models. The virtual tour also features Lessandra’s amenities, such as playground, basketball court, clubhouse, and park.

2. Home loan calculator

A crucial part of buying a house is knowing how much downpayment and monthly amortization a homeowner should pay for. Before, you need to go to manually compute your monthly amortization by multiplying the principal amount of your property to its amortization factors.


real estate in the Philippines is a numbers’ game and today, homeowners can easily know their needed downpayment and monthly amortization before even owning a unit using a home loan calculator using the loan calculator available on the Lessandra website.

Here’s how to use the Lessandra home loan calculator:

  1. Choose a project.
  2. Choose a house model.
  3. Choose preferred financing scheme.
  4. Choose downpayment term.
  5. Choose amortization term

From then on, you can already see how much you’re going to pay for a given period.

3. Virtual reality glasses

Using virtual reality to present affordable house and lots is a great option for the realtor and buyers. It has property descriptions where the details about the property are already displayed via the virtual world. Instead of having multiple trips to the property, the realtor can just view the house via virtual reality.

Photo: Wired

Yes, checking a house on the virtual world seems next-gen and futuristic. However, there are some downsides to when it comes to using virtual reality. First, you need virtual reality devices to have a house tour via virtual reality.

Virtual reality devices such as VR glasses and consoles are not cheap as well. In the status of real estate in the Philippines, more people would choose to have a house tour physically than buy a gadget for thousands of pesos just to see a house that they might buy or not.

4. Online portals

An online portal provides links, tools, and information for its users. In real estate, both buyers and sellers can have easier access for links that they need.

Buyers’ portal

For buyers, there is an available buyers’ portal in Lessandra you can use for online reservations. Lessandra’s buyers’ portal is user-friendly, all you need to do is fill out the application, select your preferred location and other details, then pay for your reservation fee.

Sellers’ portal

Lessandra’s seller portal on the other hand offers easy access to e-learning, detailed script guides, incentives, and promotional materials sellers can use. The portal also features Lessandra’s top sellers so everyone can get motivated to do their best in their work. There is also a sales forum where sellers can communicate with each other.

5. Online payment facilities

Online payments have been one of the tools used by real estate companies for their clients’ convenience. These services are used now more than ever because of current safety restrictions. Most real estate companies have partnerships with third-party online payment facilities to provide them online payment services for their customers.

One great example of this is Lessandra partnering with AllEasy to make your transactions more convenient.

To pay your monthly amortization, all you have to do is:

  1. Download the AllEasy app
  2. Create and/or Log In to your account
  3. Go to the “pay bills” option
  4. Choose “real estate” in the Billers Categories
  5. Select Lessandra
  6. Provide your details
  7. Pay your monthly amortization

Online payments from other facilities are also available. If you wish to know more, see the step-by-step process here.

6. Augmented reality

Augmented reality is an interactive experience where virtual world objects are enhanced with computer-generated technology. This creates the opportunity for potential buyers to have a 3D view of the affordable house and lot before even going to the property. That way, they will have a better expectation of what the property will look like.

Photo: Zillowstatic

You do not need virtual reality devices when using augmented reality. This technology is has almost the same features as virtual reality but is more accessible to customers because it can be accessed via mobile phones and tablets. That way, homebuyers can still see the features of an affordable house and lot without using virtual reality devices.

And if you are looking for a real estate company that uses augmented reality Lessandra has an AR3D app – a mobile app where you can view Lessandra’s house features and specifications at your fingertips. It is one the best options to view Lessandra’s quality yet affordable house and lots.

No one can predict when the pandemic will be over but one thing is for sure, the pandemic changed the landscape of real estate. Having a real estate company like Lessandra that adapts to change speaks its care on providing the best quality and affordable homes to its homebuyers and property investors.

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