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Silvanas (left) and Sans Rival Cake (right)


Piece of Dumaguete Life: Famous Delicacies and Where to Find Them

February 26th, 2021 | Share via:

Going from point to point within the Philippines is as fun and exciting as visiting places beyond the country’s borders. Given the diverse and colorful culture nationwide, every municipality, province, and region has something new to offer.

In the middle part of the country, Dumaguete City, known as “The City of Gentle People”, is considered the cultural hub of Negros Oriental. Grand celebrations of the whole island, such as the Sandurot Festival and the Buglasan Festival, are held in Dumaguete. People from all over the island go to the city to join the grand festivities during these two fiestas.

Surrounded by the festive celebrations, life in Dumaguete is the perfect balance of open doors to opportunities and a chance for a laid-back stress-free day-to-day experience. With residential communities existing in the city capital of the province, like the affordable house and lots in Lessandra Negros Oriental, there is a guaranteed “life well-lived” experience in Dumaguete and Negros Oriental.

From the advantages of living near tourist spots to the richness of life inside a tightly-bonded Dumaguete community, this provincial capital of Negros Oriental lays down compelling reasons as a perfect choice for a great home experience.

Dumaguete City in Negros Oriental
Dumaguete City in Negros Oriental


As such, this province in Negros Oriental truly thrives in its richness in terms of lifestyle, festivals, and cuisines. Aside from the grandeur of celebration brought by the continuous progress and vibrant traditions, Dumaguete is also a home of unique and authentic dishes, making people from all over the country visit the city just to get a taste of the dish they have to offer.

Foods that make your head go round

For locals and visitors, one of the things Dumaguete is widely known for is its unique take on sweets. The majority of the requested pasalubong from Dumaguete are the famous and unique pastries and treats.

With this, below are among the top three delicacies in Negros Oriental, and where to easily find them:

Sans Rival and Silvanas

Silvanas (left) and Sans Rival Cake (right)
Silvanas (left) and Sans Rival Cake (right)

Source: The Sweet Edge and Café Majstea

Sans Rival and Silvanas are some of the famous pastries in Dumaguete. Tourists who visit the city go home with packs of these pastries, either just for themselves or as requested by tons of their relatives.

Despite both having similar ingredients, the difference between the two is that Silvanas is a frozen cookie version of the Sans Rival cakes. These treats are made of meringue wafers, French buttercream, and cashews, making them loved as preferred chewable snacks not just of the locals, but also of the city’s visitors from different parts of the world.

Given the high demand for Sans Rival and Silvanas, these delicacies are accessible in the center of Dumaguete. One of the top preferred stores that sell these foods is the Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries, located in San Jose Street, Dumaguete City.


Bod-bod as sold in Painitan in Dumaguete City’s Public Market
Bod-bod as sold in Painitan in Dumaguete City’s Public Market

Source: DumagueteInfo

“Bod-bod” or “Budbod Kabog” is one of the most praised treats by residents and tourists in Dumaguete. It is similar to the famous Filipino kakanin called Suman. What makes this different is its main ingredient which is the millet or kabog, a cereal crop that has a combination of a sweet and wheaty and nutty taste.

This Dumaguete-delicacy can be found just by going to the breakfast shack known as “Painitan” in the City’s Public Market. Budbod Kabog is served wrapped in a banana leaf, and it also comes with an option of chocolate flavor. Due to its hint of sweetness, Bod-bod is also best partnered with coffee or hot chocolate, especially when dipped into the said drinks.

Puto Maya

Puto Maya with Sikwate
Puto Maya with Sikwate

Source: Happy Juanderer

Puto Maya in Dumaguete takes on a quite different appearance from the famous smooth-white puto commonly served in parts of Luzon (narrowing on the greater Manila area). This specialty treat in Negros Oriental appears to be a chunk of sticky rice cooked in coconut milk. Similar to Bod-bod, Puto Maya is also best served with a sikwate, or hot chocolate, a perfect balance to the delicacy’s slightly bland taste.

Puto Maya is also sold in the Painitan section of the Dumaguete City Public Market.

Recognizing the importance of authentic delicacies and dishes has an effect that goes as deep as the preservation of traditions and roots in a specific place or region. For Dumaguete and the province it’s located in, the foods they offer greatly reflect the lifestyle of the people within the locality.1 This makes the city an ideal place to settle and live in, given its richness in culture, assuring a high possibility for tighter community ties.

Living a perfect Dumaguete home and life

From the ever inviting appeal of delicious foods, several upside factors contribute to making the city an ideal place to live in.

Similar to other places in the country where tourism boosts the locality’s economy, Dumaguete further invites visitors through its captivating sites. With the influx of tourist from the numerous attractions and vibrant culture, there is a continuous increase in terms of business opportunities in the city, making the lives of the locals thrive within the place.

Aerial view of Lessandra community
Aerial view of Lessandra community

What is also on the rise in this City of Gentle People is the number of residential communities that provide a quality home for the prospective residents of the area. As mentioned, Lessandra Negros Oriental, located in Brgy. Cantil-e, is one of the best choices for a quality and affordable home option in Dumaguete.

Under the numerous maaliwalas communities nationwide, this Lessandra community in Dumaguete offers a peaceful home space for Filipinos and Dumagueteños. The calm ambiance within the community truly embodies the “gentle” reputation the entire city is known for.

Lessandra Negros Oriental is also close to the establishments that best cater to homeowners’ needs and wants. It is situated in a prime location where everything is accessible, without compromising the need for a nature-rich and healthy environment. This Lessandra community has quality and affordable house and lots for sale in Dumaguete, truly guaranteeing a high chance for Filipinos to live a secure and worry-free life, either as a young investor or as a retiring person.

The City of Gentle People has a lot of quality life offerings for individuals searching for a space to spend great years of their life. Adding the fact that this city is continuously progressing and innovating, the rich culture, traditions, and specialty foods it offers increase Dumaguete’s points on why it is an ideal home for everybody.

If you're searching for the ideal home in Dumaguete or the Visayas region, head to Lessandra Projects in Negros Oriental, Iloilo, Cebu, Bacolod, and Leyte. Situated in the best locations with maaliwalas communities, you are assured of getting the best home and property investment.


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