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maximalist and minimalist home interior design trends and ideas for 2021


Maximalist vs Minimalist Interior Design: Which Style is perfect for you?

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Most homeowners, if not all, place importance on their home’s aesthetics. As pleasant as it is to the eye, it also shows personality and expresses identity. To many, it gives them a similar pleasure as grooming themselves. Interior designs are not only limited to how your home looks like as it also involves how it should function which depends on whether you are living by yourself, with your partner, with kids, or without. Most importantly, it aims for comfort and practicality. Let your house be your sanctuary where you’ll find peace and, at the same time, have fun in putting your most creative ideas into reality.

Benefits of styling your home

Here are the reasons why a good interior design benefits you and your home.

  1. The interior design of your home gives you the level of comfort that you need. A cozy living room with soft textures and vibrant shades is ideal for socialization and promotes a homey ambiance. It is a great space for the family to gather and bond. A well-lit study table with a packed and functional bookshelf makes the space comfortable for an avid reader. Therefore, the style of your house will complement the things that you enjoy doing and the lifestyle that you have. You can find plenty of affordable house and lot for sale that offers lovely interior design ideas if you’d like to start your home-styling journey.
  2. The right shade of color and texture in your workspace helps increase your productivity. Accompanied with a functional and practical set of furniture and natural light, it boosts the stimulation of ideas and elicits positive emotions.
  3. It boosts your mood and improves the atmosphere of your home. Well-designed home interiors allow the natural circulation of fresh air that improves the mood by creating a pleasant climate in your home.
  4. A good interior design also impacts your mental health positively according to studies. Aside from improving your mood, as stated above, the personal space that your home offers you feels like a cradle amidst the stressful moments in life. In times of emotional shocks or pain, the natural instinct of a person is to go home. This is because your home is your sanctuary. Thus, a welcoming home does a great deal of help in improving your mental health.
  5. It increases the value of your house. For instance, if you are residing in an affordable house and lot and planning to sell it later, a good interior design will benefit you in two ways. First, you get to enjoy the comfort that it gives while you are still occupying it, and second, you’ll enjoy the financial benefit that it adds value to your property. On the other hand, if you are planning to buy a property from a listing like a townhouse for sale, a pleasant interior design will cost you extra.

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What is a maximalist and a minimalist interior design?

Among the many variations of interior design, maximalist and minimalist gained their popularity because of their extremities. The trends of both styles have given enjoyable options to pursue the taste of modern homeowners. The use of quantity is the basic factor that separates the two Each has their own style, purpose, strengths, and weaknesses. Let’s dive into the delightful details of these two popular interior design styles.


The Maximalist Interior Design

The impression that maximalism is about excessiveness and clutter is completely wrong. However, it can be visually busier and occupies the entire space. The beauty of it comes from the bold creativity that it shows through a combination of its daring patterns and colors. Moreover, you can find a lot of varieties and interesting pieces in this style. The randomness of each color, patterns, textures, and accessories are a significant contributory factor to its entirety. It is indeed the polar opposite of minimalism. In a maximalist interior, these are what you can commonly find:

  1. A mix of bright colors and intricate patterns
  2. Both useful and decorative objects are plentiful and covering every surface
  3. Every inch of the space is utilized
  4. It is ever-changing depending on the mood and purpose of the person
  5. It is often unplanned and has no intention to have a specific design
  6. It is loaded with works of art
  7. The walls are never empty. It may be loaded with works of art like paintings, animal patterns, or murals.
  8. It incorporates several layers and multiple live elements

If you prefer the idea of maximalism in interior design, here is what it means. According to psychology, a maximalist sees order within the chaos. They often collect things and display them as items of value or they tend to buy things that they don’t necessarily need. People who prefer maximalism have fun, upbeat, and lively personalities. This style is the idea of bringing life and stories to their homes. They love to add features that they feel would bring them happiness, like a collection of trinkets from their past travels. It is the freedom of loading what you like into your home and loving every bit of it.


Maximalism pros and cons.


  • There is no need to match the colors of the furniture. They just need to add what they like. It works best because of its imperfection and spontaneity.
  • It is flexible and ever-changing. A maximalist style adapts to the functionalities needed and the intentions of its occupant.
  • There is no restriction as to adding pieces of accessories as long as it is still functional.
  • Maximalists are usually collectors of what makes them feel happy and remind them of valuable experiences. Thus, keeping things helps them keep the memories alive.


  • If they are to cross the thin line between adding more and having too much, it can be too heavy and overwhelming to the eyes. When visual elements are excessive, they will look cluttered and messy instead of offering a pleasurable vibe.
  • An ample amount of objects may lead to the feeling of having a lack of space in their homes because of all the things that occupy them.

Experts’ tips in rocking a maximalist home

If you prefer a maximalist design, follow these tips from the experts to rock the look on your home.

  1. Don’t be afraid to load up lots of textures and colors. This brings life to the room and is the essence of maximalism. But still, remember the thin line between putting plenty and putting too much. You can treat your house and lot as an empty canvass where you can put whatever you desire and whatever gives you joy.
  2. Get the decors that you like but never compromise comfort.
  3. Showcase a vision of what you want to express. It is a wrong notion that maximalism is just a hot mess. On the contrary, it tells a story or the occupant’s fantasies.
  4. Although it’s tempting and exciting to start decorating, don’t rush out and go buying stuff and go on a shopping spree. Instead, take your time. In maximalism, taking your time is important because it collects objects that are deeply personal.
  5. Symmetry is very important as it balances the number of visual stimuli and retains its harmony.

The Minimalist Interior Design

It has the ultimate goal of stripping away every element that is unnecessary and focusing only on the essential features. In contrary to maximalism, minimalism believes that less is more.

  • This style uses flat texture and patterns
  • It also uses a limited neutral color palette
  • It usually incorporates a minimal count of large images or frames
  • There is barely an element that can cause distraction
  • It lets only the most important element be placed in the space, making it stand out more
  • It depicts simplicity

If you like the idea of the minimalist style, you may be wondering what it means. More than just an idea of interior design, minimalism shifts the person’s mental philosophy and the entire lifestyle to focus only on things that are important in life. It also brings calmness and peace of mind. Minimalists are people who understand and can distinguish the needs from wants, and only buy items that they need. Also, they do not attach themselves to their past, and moving on works with them pretty well. Minimalism teaches people to declutter and free their minds.


Minimalism pros and cons


  • Subtle changes are easily noticed and doing so requires less effort. So, if you are planning to reposition a few stuff, it may mean a significant change in the layout.
  • Less time is spent on cleaning the house. Fewer items at home require lesser energy and effort to organize. Thus, it is ideal for people who are busy but still want order in their homes.
  • According to, it ultimately lets you save money from not buying unnecessary items. You may also visit for ways on how you can save money by becoming a minimalist and how to achieve it.
  • It is easier for them to find the things that they need because there are only be limited items around the house.
  • Minimalism helps them focus on what they are doing as the interior doesn’t cause distractions.
  • It gives them more space. This is practical when living, for example, in an affordable house and lot that has limited space. They can still enjoy a minimally decorated area where they can clear their mind.

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  • It doesn’t allow them to host a big gathering and receive a large number of guests since the items they have are usually limited to the ones that they use regularly.
  • If one thing is out of place, it will throw off the entire arrangement. They cannot easily add a piece of furniture or a lamp without putting much thought into it.

Experts’ tips in rocking a minimalist home

  1. Find your purpose. Minimalism is not limited to how you style your home. It is a state of mind. Reflect and take some time to deeply understand why you are doing it. Remember that its objective isn’t just owning less stuff, but placing value on essential things.
  2. In ready-for-occupancy (RFO) homes where the interior is already painted, you may want to select the furniture that complements it. Major alterations that are meant to just achieve a look are not necessary. All you need to do is to play with the existing tones.
  3. When you start decluttering, keep only the essentials. Ask yourself these four questions to identify which ones should go.

    · Do I need them?

    · Do I use them?

    · If I didn’t have them, what would I use instead?

    Why do I have them?
  4. Resist the temptation to buy more. When you are still on the first step of your minimalism journey, you may be tempted to buy unnecessary stuff like that pretty centerpiece at the store even though you already own one. It might sound tough at the beginning, but you’ll surely thank yourself for not giving in later.

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The Takeaway: More or Less?

Whichever interior design style you choose, always make comfort your top priority. Ask yourself questions like, does it function the way you need it to? Does it complement your lifestyle? Would your life be easier if you choose this over that? We all have different personalities and perspectives toward material things and aesthetics. What is important is that you feel happy and fulfilled with your choices. Remember that both styles don’t only apply to your home, but your lifestyle and disposition as well.

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