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house design ideas for outdoor home spaces guide for 2021 for affordable homes


Guide to Creating the Perfect Home Outdoor Space

April 27th, 2021 | Share via:

After a long day of working and hustling, it feels nice to go home and get to have your well-deserved me-time. Some would want to be on their own in a cozy outdoor space, while others would prefer to have their loved ones sitting on the couch next to them while having small talks. Either way, a good space to relax in your home helps in a lot of ways. Here are a few.

The Benefits of a Good Outdoor Living Space

Before we go into the delightful details, it’s nice to know first a few benefits of having an outdoor space.

1. It improves your mood. Some days are better than the others. Studies acknowledge that being in the open air is an effective way to boost your mood. If you often work in a stressful environment, spending time in your home’s outside space would help improve your mental health as it gives you time to recuperate. It also reduces mental fatigue, which improves your work performance.

2. It benefits your physical health. Research shows that spending time in your outdoor living area have the following health benefits:

  • Increase Vitamin D levels from exposure to sunlight.
  • Prevents nearsightedness caused by prolonged use of computers and cellular phones as it gives your eyes a break from screen time.
  • Improve your memory. Giving yourself time to clear your mind in your outside living space before studying improves memory by 20% according to the University of Michigan.
  • Studies also revealed that spending time outside helps you live longer. By increasing your time being outdoor, the risk for high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases are reduced.

3. Home expansion. In as much as it benefits you, it also benefits your home. This also adds value to the house, providing professionals, entrepreneurs, and OFWs investment opportunities. Moreover, it is more comfortable for your family to have additional space in the house.

4. You get to enjoy family time more frequently. Outdoor space allows you to add entertainment activities that you can do while being at home with your loved ones. In your free time, like on weekends, you can add grilling or dining outside as a family activity. Thus, spending quality time and creating lasting memories, especially with the children.

5. A good place for entertainment. Outdoor space is great for gatherings. It is also a refreshing option where you can receive guests. No need to worry about people going anywhere in your home during celebrations. It also saves you from additional and unnecessary clutter created by guests inside your house.

6. “It lets residents bask in the natural environment and relax completely in the comfort of their own home. In tropical countries like the Philippines, where the climate is pleasant nearly all year round, these kinds of spaces are ideal.” quote.

What type of outdoor space do you want to have?


There is no need to go somewhere else to unwind. Just a quick visit to your favorite couch outside your home and you get to enjoy the peace and the breeze. Now, let’s go through the first step. You may ask yourself how you’d like your outside living space to be. How spacious would you prefer? Can the space of your house and lot accommodate it? Visualize the type of space that you want and the details of how it would look like. We will identify which type of outdoor living space suits your liking.

1. Patio

A patio is a type of outdoor living space that is generally attached to the house and extends your home’s space into the outdoors. It is usually built using bricks, stone, concrete, and pavers. For consistency, you can opt for it to look harmoniously with your interior design. It usually has potted plants, a coffee table, and a chair or two.

2. Deck

A deck is a cheaper option since it doesn’t have a solid floor or roof and it may also be attached or unattached to the house. As convenient as it is to build, it may not be suitable during wet seasons. However, you can get to enjoy the sun and the open space during dry seasons.

3. Gazebo

It has a roof and a floor but no walls. It is detached from the house and may have hanging light curtains for privacy and design. This is perfect for hosting gatherings since it expands the space to accommodate your guests up to your lawn.

4. Veranda

A veranda is an open and roofed walkway attached to the side or wrapping around the front or multiple sides of a house. It oftentimes includes railings. It is a wonderful halfway house between the inside of a house and outside.

Generally, their differences lie with the materials used, their size, the cost of building it, and the area of the house where you want it to be located. As say, “It can’t get any better than having a well-designed home with nature as a backdrop—and, in a tropical climate like ours, a spot at home where you can take a nap in a cozy daybed while feeling the cool breeze in your hair is tough to beat”.

Designer's guide to creating amazing outdoor space

Does the idea of an outdoor living space excite you? If yes, then it’s time to put the details on those plans. Let the experts help you through these easy and practical tips.

  1. What would your outdoor space be for? Does it have to be kid or pet-friendly? How many people will it accommodate? Would it just be a personal space to relax at? Create the vibe that you want for your outdoor space based on its use.
  2. Make the most of the scenery that your surroundings have to offer, like the sunrise or the sunset. You can also block out unsightly eyesore by placing curtains, a screen, or even a wall. Many affordable house and lot in the Philippines, like Lessandra Home, offer lovely landscapes with a view you can take advantage of. Placing the frontage of your outdoor space towards a relaxing view adds to the sense of relaxation that it gives you.
  3. Maintain the oneness of your house’s interior and your outdoor area by using the same style and color palette of furniture that you place on both. Consistency creates the feeling that the outdoors are like an extension of your home. Pick monochromatic fabrics and furniture to blend the exterior vibe with interior comfort. Play with colors that will also complement your natural surroundings. Lessandra’s affordable house and lot already have pleasing interior design, you’ll only be needing to complement it with your outdoor space layout.
  4. Plants can also contribute to the relaxing ambiance of the space. If you are not an avid gardener, you may prefer plants that are low-maintenance and easy to take care of.

You can find more handy tips about decorating and designing your dream outdoor space at

Furniture must-haves for outdoor space of all sizes


Consider the ambiance that you want to establish and the environmental condition of the area when choosing the furniture. It can be made from iron, wood, plastic, and fabric. All you need to do is mix and match. Here are a few furniture must-have ideas that are great for small and large outdoor living spaces.

1. Chairs

  • An Adirondack chair with a straight back and wide armrest is commonly used in verandas. It has such a wide base allowing you to comfortably sit back while keeping a nice posture.
  • A chair with an ottoman provides multiple uses. It is an upholstered and padded piece of furniture that has no armrest or back. It’s perfect for small sizes outdoor space since it is convertible to a chair, a footrest, and a coffee table.
  • A dining chair is best suited for patios near the kitchen. It is a good extension of the dining area where the family can have their meals or share a drink.
  • Sofas are cozy and good for sharing, which makes them ideal for a larger space patio or veranda. It provides a classy, attractive, and sophisticated look to your outdoor space.
  • Bar stools are suitable for both narrow and wide spaces like the gazebo and deck. It’s a type of tall chair with no back or arm support and consumes less space.
  • Bean bag chair is also a popular choice nowadays. However, it should be kept in roofed and walled areas like a patio or a veranda. It is a large, frameless, soft chair that molds to the contours of the occupant.
  • Stackable chairs are ideal for a gazebo where you hold parties. When not in use, these chairs can be stacked and neatly placed in one area.

2. Tables

  • Coffee tables are practical if you are not planning to have formal meals outside your home. It doesn’t take too much space and is easily movable.
  • A picnic table is perfect for a gazebo. With benches attached to the table for sitting. It is designed for having meals outside.
  • If you like spending time outside during the night, having a bonfire, or grilling, a fire pit table is best for you.

3. Racks provide a secure spot for your potted plants. This also organizes books that you may want to read and keep outdoors.

4. Sunshade mesh canopy and outdoor umbrella are suitable for decks that provide shades where you can still enjoy under the sun.

5. Floor lamps also add warmth to the mood at night. Enjoying a mellow illumination soothes and relieves tension.

6. Grillers are fitting for patios near the kitchen - spend time relaxing outside while preparing a meal.

7. A daybed is also a sophisticated option for decks. It has a roof-like structure that protects from the sunlight and is also both a bed and a sofa.

8. Panel dividers can also be added to your veranda to have some privacy as it is an inexpensive alternative wall. Additionally, it adds accent and creates coziness to your outdoor space.

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Photo by Skylar Kang from Pexels

What should I look out for in buying outdoor furniture?

With a great deal of furniture available in the market, it is very easy to find what you’re looking for (although, it’s also difficult because you have a lot to choose from). Here are some tips on how you can spot the furniture that is best for you.

  1. Know your budget, get a theme and stick to it. With this, you can determine what type of furniture you’d like to get and avoid over-decorating.
  2. Get the best value for your money. Always consider the furniture's materials and how comfortable it is for you. The changing weather can expand and contract based on the humidity and temperature. It can also cause distortion and flaking paint. Choose pieces of furniture that are washable and weather resistant.
  3. In narrow spaces, opt for smaller-scale furniture that may be used for various purposes. A coffee table that can be converted into a seat or vice versa, for example. Some affordable house and lot for sale still offer ample space for a patio. A tight area may be challenging, however, it can be addressed with a wide variety of practical furniture available in the market.
  4. Research and compare prices and quality.
  5. According to, determine what can fit in your space. We don’t want it to look too crowded.

When you’re all set, it is similarly important to know how to take care of your furniture for it to last. You need to set regular cleaning like deep cleaning, polishing, waxing to preserve and protect your furniture. Cover the surface and keep sharp objects away from it to further protect from damage.

With proper care and handling, you’ll get the most out of your furniture while enjoying your dream outdoor living space. Achieve that dream today and make your home an escape from worries and stress.

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