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Rattan has texture and pattern that other wood elements don’t have.


Cozy and Not Costly: Budget-Friendly Ways to Incorporate Wood into Your Interior

June 9th, 2021 | Share via:

Homemade meals, lots of cushions, and wooden interior often comprise a place with homey vibes. The first two are easy to have in your affordable house and lot; the last one needs planning though, especially if you don’t want to drain your wallet. Thankfully, there are budget-friendly wood interior designs that you can try.

How to Incorporate Wood Designs in Your Home

1. Blend some bamboo in your interior.

Bamboo is a sought-after building material in the Philippines. In a nipa hut alone, it’s used for the construction of door, windows, walls, floor, roof, and stairs. This woody grass is tapped for making furnishings as well.

Block intense brightness and heat using bamboo blinds.
Block intense brightness and heat using bamboo blinds.

Photo by geralt from Pixabay

Hardwood is made to last so expect it to be expensive. On one hand, there’s bamboo which is cheaper and lighter. However, don’t treat the latter as mere low-cost substitute.

In spas and resort accommodations, you may find bamboo benches, beds, and blinds. Some upscale hotels and restaurants in the metro also have furniture and decors made out of that grass.

Bamboo beds and living room sets are staple in many Filipino households, too. They’re well-liked for being airy and not too hard. One concern about these products, however, is that they’re a potential source of splinters. Fortunately, proper sanding and adding cushions can reduce the risk.

The price for a bamboo living room set tends to range from 2000 to 5000 pesos. It’s less expensive but looks, feels, and smells better than plastic-made ones. An upholstered loveseat may cost around 4000 to 5000 pesos. However, this will just be one piece—no center table and armchairs which form part of bamboo-made living room set. Some sets may even include additional side tables.

While not pricey, the said living room set may not suit your home. However, you can still tap other bamboo products to serve as wooden elements in your interior. For example, you can hang bamboo-made window blinds such as the ones you can get from major online marketplaces for Filipinos.

Other bamboo products include dividers, console tables, shelves, and decorative ladders. Sticks in giant pots and planters are also a feature in indoor gardens. These get even better with an actual ornamental bamboo.

There are also centerpieces, displays, and wall decors made from the grass. If you want to go the extra mile, use bamboo floor mats, placemats, coasters, trays, tumblers, and toothbrushes.

2. Refurbish with rattan.

Rattan furniture has good reputation. Like bamboo, it feels airy and not too firm. Thanks to its flexible stems, rattan products tend to come in more shapes and sizes compared to those of other woods.

In terms of the cost, bamboo tends to be more affordable than rattan. However, the latter is more durable. It’s also well-suited to modern interior. Some rattan furniture costs a fortune though.

Rattan has texture and pattern that other wood elements don’t have.
Rattan has texture and pattern that other wood elements don’t have.

Photo by bckfwd from Unsplash

What you can do is to get affordable yet still quality rattan. You might want to opt out of cushions and throw pillows if you find cheaper choices out there.

You can also mix and match a rattan center table with upholstered loveseats. Another option is to just get a pair of rattan armchairs. Or, you might want to consider an indoor swing or a corner seat made from the said material.

If you already have a living room set but still long for wood elements in your home, you can get rattan dining chairs. These are bound to remind you of traditional homes for the country’s rich.

Rattan-made beds are there, too, but can be pricey. On the bright side, you can stick to a simple bedframe then get a rattan headboard. This is usually custom-made but it won’t cost as much as buying a new bed. Instead of headboard, you can also choose to hang rattan wall decors above your bed.

Mirror frames, wall sconces, pendant light covers, and lampshades are other rattan products for your dream interior. Wicker balls made from rattan are also nice to feature as centerpiece or display for your console table. Don’t forget woven trays, plates, baskets, hampers, and planters. You can shop for these at All Home.

3. Embrace the eco-friendly and budget-friendly wood pallets.

Challenge the DIY-lover in you by making a wood pallet furniture.
Challenge the DIY-lover in you by making a wood pallet furniture.

Photo by ArtTower from Pixabay

Buying products from abroad without going there is made possible due to global shipping. This convenience has a drawback though. To make it happen, several shipping containers and pallets are utilized. More often than not, these materials are only used once or a few times.

Imagine the gigantic pollutants that many of them have become. The good news is that there are many designers, builders, woodworkers, and hobbyists who push for the reuse of shipping containers and wood pallets. A renovated shipping container may not fit in your house and lot, but repurposed wood pallets do.

With power washing, sanding, and polishing, you can use those pallets as coffee table. If you have a saw, you can cut them into halves and turn them into seats or bed frame. Just add cushions or mattress afterwards. Instead of applying wood polish, you can also coat your wood pallet furniture with varnish or paint.

With the right tools and skills, you can repurpose wood pallets into more products. You can detach the wood pieces and reassemble to make a variety of table, chair, and cabinet styles. You can also make wall art and clock. Wine rack, mug holder, vertical planter, bar cart, and divider are other woodworking projects you can try making out of pallets. Small projects include making spoon, tray, and pen holder.

You can find step-by-step guides on how to make these items. Or, you can try looking for a maker of finished wood pallet projects.

If you go with the DIY route, the first obstacle you’ll face is finding wood pallets. These could be found in supermarkets but you can’t just ask away. Instead, visit Carousell to order your wood pallet online.

4. Decorate with driftwood.

Tree parts that are washed ashore are known as driftwood. These are basically clutter. However, some locals turn these into firewood while some collect these to make furniture and decors. Sizable driftwood furniture isn’t that cheap though.

Let your driftwood art stand out.
Let your driftwood art stand out.

Photo by Naim Benjelloun from Pexels

One alternative is to get driftwood yourself. You can head to less-known beaches in the country and ask locals if you can get some. Be generous enough to pay them especially if they use it for their cooking. During flashfloods, there may also be driftwood in places near other bodies of water.

Once you’ve secured some pieces, you may plan what kind of wooden elements you can add to your home. For big projects, you can refer to furniture makers in nearby areas while you can work on small projects yourself.

A sanded and polished driftwood that extends to more than 10 feet can serve as a railing for your stairs. You can also get a bench for your dining table, living room, or reading area.

Regardless of the size, a driftwood can be transformed into an art. Make sure the base is cut using a chainsaw. Cutting it using an ax will cause unevenness. As a result, the piece may not stand properly. Another thing to keep in mind is to watch out for the weight. If there are kids in your home though, it’s not advisable to get a standalone wood piece.

In case you’re all adults or you’re living alone, you can try featuring such art. It’s preferable to have it on a corner. There’s no need to paint this. You can apply varnish or just keep the natural color. Apply wood sealant for further protection. This may be optional if you’re planning to renovate again in the near future.

For the twigs, you can put them together in a vase. You can add dried flowers and tiger grasses. If there is a branch that is around 1 foot long, you can make it another standalone art. Just add a square base made from scrap wood. Decorate it with fake flowers if you want.

Using pruning shears or scissors and wood glue, you can cut the twigs then put them together to create a frame for your pictures, certificates, mirror, or wall art. A branch may be turned into a planter for succulents, cacti or any other small indoor plants.

With wood glue, you can assemble pieces to make pen holders, plant holders, and even vases. You can incorporate a slender branch for a macrame wall art or a dreamcatcher.

5. Go Scandinavian.

If you’re into minimalist interior design, you’ll love Scandinavian style. It’s characterized for putting emphasis on white color and wood elements. This tends to feature fewer rugs and wall displays, too. If there are houseplants, they small and sturdy types are often sought. The pots or planters are usually plain-looking as well.

There’s beauty in simplicity.
There’s beauty in simplicity.

Photo by Beazy from Unsplash

When you’re looking for an affordable house and lot for sale, you might see an empty interior. While inclusions like furniture and appliances can save you time from shopping, the property is often sold at higher price. An empty interior means lower cost, and at the same time, it will make you appreciate space.

Then, you can choose the furniture and appliances yourself. You can go for cheaper and more cost-effective options. More importantly, you can buy those that best suit your lifestyle.

If you’re the type who doesn’t like mess, you can take inspiration from Scandinavian interiors. You can leave your white walls as is. It’s also ideal to let more natural light is so bid goodbye to elaborate curtains. For rooms with small windows though, you might like to add more lighting fixtures. Another remedy is placing mirrors.

For your furniture, avoid leather seats; stick to wood and accent it with cushions with light-colored cases. Wood cabinets and tables with straightforward designs are also more preferable. A pair of skinny desk and chair is suitable for your minimalist workspace. Check out Scandi Home Ph to get great deals.

6. Buy used wood furnishings.

Are you renovating an old home? You might want to save the wooden parts as material for your new home. If you’re not renovating, you can ask a family member or friend if they do or if they know someone. Another option is to browse your social media feed.

Some of the things you can repurpose are wood panels, boards and furniture. The salvaged wooden roof parts are also worth gathering. Main doors and cabinet doors made from wood can be repurposed too. Avoid buying from antique shops as they tend to sell wood items at higher prices.

Make sure that nothing is rotten or infested with termites and other wood borers. Otherwise, this will spread and damage those that are still in good condition.

After collecting, you can refer to a local furniture maker to create pieces that you like to have. If you know (or want to try) building, you can start with a tray or stool.

If the wooden chairs are still sturdy, you can simply repaint them or apply varnish. You can also spice them up using cushions and/or seat covers. Dining chairs of different designs can be put together as well, especially if you prefer something eccentric for your interior. The same goes for lounge chairs in your mezzanine.

The sizable pieces may be turned into a new table, bench or cabinet. Wood panels or boards may be sanded, varnished and installed on the wall as shelves. You may also use the repurposed wood as platforms for your potted houseplants.

With the tips above, styling your home with wood doesn’t have to break your bank. Everything doesn’t have to be hardwood either. You can mix and match hardwood and soft wood elements. Not everything has to be smooth as well, unless it’s a seat or bed.

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